Roar Fitness Prices and Membership Cost 2024

You want to find a gym where you can fit your budget without compromising quality. Look no further than Roar Fitness Prices.

Roar Fitness offers a variety of memberships which can be designed to help you achieve your goals in fitness. Discover their flexible pricing Options as well as their value to help you start your fitness journey without breaking the bank.

Roar Fitness offers memberships at an affordable Cost for fitness people of all levels.

Roar Fitness Prices

Roar Fitness Prices

Below are the latest Roar Fitness membership prices. (Australia)



Active Lite Per Week
Access to all ROAR Clubs, 24/7, Group Fitness Clasess, Functional Area, Complimentary Gym Induction, Pool / Recovery Zones $28.50
Active Per Week
Premium Service Passses 2 Week, Access to all ROAR Clubs, 24/7 Access, Group Fitness Classes, Functional Area, Complimentary Gym Induction, Pool / Recovery Zones $39.50
Active Plus Per Week
Premium Services Passes 3 Week, Access to All ROAR Clubs, 24/7 Access, Group Fitness Classes, Functional Area, Complimentary Gym Induction, Pool / Recovery Zones $49.50
Active Black Per Week
Unlimited Premium Services, Access to All Roar Clubs, 24/7 Access, Group Fitness Classes, Functional Area, Complimentary Gym Induction, Pool / Recovery Zones $59.50

What are the membership options available at Roar Fitness?

Roar Fitness offers a variety of memberships to suit different fitness goals and preferences. You can choose between the following membership options:

  1. Basic Membership: The membership provides access to all gym facilities and equipment at regular operating times. This is the perfect option for those who want a basic workout without any extra services or benefits.
  2. Premium Membership: This membership provides a more comprehensive experience in fitness. It includes full gym access, exclusive benefits, such as priority bookings for fitness classes, accessing specialized training programs and discounts on other services.
  3. Roar Fitness has a Group Classes Add-On for those who like to work out in a class setting and participate in different fitness classes. This add-on lets you join a variety of group fitness classes taught by experts.
  4. Roar Fitness offers personal training sessions by certified trainers. These sessions aren’t included in standard membership packages but are available as a separate service. Personal training is tailored to meet your goals and offers individualized support.

Please note that Roar Fitness’ current location and offerings may affect the availability of certain membership options.

For detailed information about the membership options available and their features, it is best to contact your local Roar Fitness branch.

How much does a basic membership at Roar Fitness cost?

The cost of a basic membership at Roar fitness begins from $X per month. This is an ideal option for people who want to use the huge facility and equipment offered at this gym.

You can work out anytime and benefit from modern equipment as well as technologies when you join the basic membership.

Memberships that are basic in nature can be a great option for those on limited funds and trying to reach their fitness goals they’ve made. Roar Fitness allows you to begin the journey to fitness on a tight budget.

What is included in the premium membership package?

Roar Fitness The premium membership of Roar Fitness provides an experience in fitness that is enhanced by exclusive benefits. Premium members have unlimited access to all the latest gym equipment and can book fitness classes in advance.

This allows them to take part in group workouts that are popular without hassle. Members also have the ability to access Programs for training specifically designed to meet their particular fitness needs including strength and fitness, endurance as well as the endurance.

Premium members also enjoy discounts on other services such as nutritional counseling and personal training sessions, aswell with spa services. This allows them to take a an extensive and personalised method to their exercise journey.

Can I add group fitness classes to my membership?

Roar Fitness offers group fitness classes as an option for your membership. You can choose to add this option and take part in a variety of group classes taught by experts.

These classes offer a dynamic, energetic environment where you can exercise with other motivated individuals.

You can enjoy structured workouts with the guidance of experienced trainers and the camaraderie in a supportive environment by adding group fitness classes to your membership. It’s a great idea to add variety and keep your motivation high.

Are there any additional fees apart from the membership cost?

Roar Fitness could charge you additional fees in addition to your membership fee. These fees may vary depending on your location and the membership package that you select.

Roar Fitness may charge you additional fees for the following:

  • A one-time fee may be charged to cover administrative expenses.
  • Annual Fee: Certain memberships have an annual charge to help maintain and upgrade the facilities.
  • You may have to pay for individual sessions or training packages if you choose personal training.
  • There may be a fee to participate in group fitness classes. Basic memberships include access to the standard gym, but there could be a charge for specialized classes.
  • Additional Charges for Locker and Towel Services: You may have to pay additional fees if you need lockers or towels.
  • There may be fees for late cancellations and no-shows.

Review the membership terms and conditions or contact Roar Fitness to understand any additional fees that could apply to your membership. Knowing these fees will allow you to plan and budget for them.

Can I freeze or cancel my membership if needed?

Roar Fitness members can freeze or cancel their memberships if necessary. Process and terms can vary depending on the membership package or the policies at a specific Roar fitness location.

Refer to your membership agreement or speak to Roar Fitness staff directly to get detailed information about how to cancel or freeze your membership.

You will receive all the information and instructions you need.

What are the operating hours of Roar Fitness?

Roar Fitness is open during the following hours.

  • Mon-Fri: 5:00am to 11:00pm
  • Saturday and Sun: 7:00am to 9:00pm

Please be aware that the operating hours of Roar Fitness may differ slightly depending on where you are located. For the most up-to-date and accurate information on operating hours, it is best to contact the nearest branch or check the website.

Is there a minimum age requirement to join Roar Fitness?

Roar Fitness does have a minimum membership age. And Roar Fitness requires a minimum of 16 years to join. 

Roar Fitness offers memberships for people who are aged 16 or older. The age limit ensures that gym members are able to Safely be able to participate in all workout programmes and activities provided.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract for the membership?

Roar Fitness does not require you to sign a contract. Roar Fitness offers flexible memberships that are tailored to your preferences and needs. 

You can choose whether you want a monthly membership or an annual one. You can adapt your membership to your fitness goals and lifestyle.

Is personal training included in the membership packages?

Roar Fitness does not include personal training in its standard membership plans. Roar Fitness does offer personal training to interested members. 

You can ask about personal training at the Roar Fitness near you if you want to receive personalized guidance from a certified trainer. 

Trainers will create a customized exercise plan based on the goals and requirements you have to achieve your desired results.

Are there any nutrition services or guidance available?

Roar Fitness offers comprehensive nutrition guidance and services to support you on your fitness journey.

Roar Fitness provides comprehensive nutrition advice and services to help you along your fitness journey. Their nutritionists provide personalized advice to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.

Roar Fitness’ nutritionists can create a personalized meal plan for you, provide dietary advice and ongoing support. They will guide you to make the right Choices for your diet, and maximize your results.

Does Roar Fitness offer childcare facilities?

Roar Fitness does offer childcare facilities for parents that want to prioritise their fitness and ensure the safety and care of their children.

Some Roar Fitness centres do provide childcare. They provide security and fun of a space where children can play while parents workout.

Roar Fitness’ childcare facilities are staffed by trained professionals who supervise and involve the children in different activities. Parents can focus on their workouts, safe in the knowledge that their children will be well looked after nearby.

Note that childcare services may vary from one Roar Fitness gym to another.

It is therefore recommended that you check with the nearest Roar fitness gym to confirm whether they offer childcare services and inquire about any guidelines or requirements associated with their use.

Can I access multiple Roar Fitness locations with my membership?

Roar Fitness does offer the convenience of being able to access multiple locations through a single membership.

You may be able to use the facilities at different Roar Fitness branches depending on which membership package you select.

You can choose to attend classes or work out at different locations depending on your schedule, preferences or location.

Are there any swimming pools or sauna facilities?

Roar Fitness has saunas and swimming pools at certain locations. Members can use these additional amenities to enhance their fitness routines with water exercises or relax in the sauna after a workout.

If you are unsure whether the swimming pool and sauna of your choice is available, contact your local Roar branch.

Can I bring a guest or friend with me to Roar Fitness?

Roar Fitness members can bring friends or guests with them. 

They can also join you in a workout to experience the lively atmosphere. It’s best to contact Roar Fitness for any policies regarding guests, including restrictions on visits or extra fees. Bring a friend to Roar Fitness and share the fun of working out with them.

Does Roar Fitness offer any corporate or group membership options?

Actually, Roar Fitness provides corporate and group memberships that are made for businesses of any Sizes.

Memberships give access to most up-to-date facilities, highly skilled trainers as well as a range of training courses.

Roar Fitness Flexible and flexible plans enable businesses to focus upon their Workers’ well-being as well as health and help build a healthier and happier workplace.

How can I contact Roar Fitness for further inquiries or assistance?

You can contact Roar Fitness for any further questions or assistance using the following methods.

  1. Phone: Call Roar Fitness’ customer service at [Phone number] to speak with an agent who can help you with any questions or concerns.
  2. Email: To reach Roar Fitness customer service, send an email to [Email Address]. They will answer your questions and provide you with the assistance that you need.
  3. Contact Us or Get in Touch page: Go to Roar Fitness’s official website, and click on “Contact Us”. Please fill out the form by entering your name, email, and message. Send the form, and a representative from our company will contact you.
  4. Roar Fitness is active on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. You can contact them by sending a direct message or leaving a comment. You can contact them via direct messages or by leaving a comment on their posts.
  5. Visit in person: If you would prefer to interact with someone directly, you may visit Roar Fitness during its operating hours. Staff at the front desk can answer your questions and offer assistance.

Roar Fitness will assist you in any way you need.

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FAQs – Roar Fitness Prices

What membership options are available at Roar fitness?

Roar Fitness has basic and premium memberships.

How much does a basic membership at Roar Fitness cost?

The cost of Roar Fitness’ basic membership varies. Please contact us to get pricing information.

Can I add group exercise classes to my membership for an additional fee?

You can add group fitness to your membership at an extra cost.

Can I freeze or cancel my membership if needed?

You can cancel or freeze your membership with Roar Fitness. Some terms and conditions apply.

Does Roar Fitness offer personal training as part of the membership?

No, personal training sessions aren’t included in standard membership. Personal training sessions are an optional service.


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