Lucille Roberts Prices and Membership cost

Lucille Roberts gym prices are very affordable and highly reasonable considering top-notch equipment, world-class facility and amazing staff who will work with beginners!

A few gyms exist for women all over New York City, but there’s no need when they offer services at Lucille Roberts too. If accessibility, there are many gyms located in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The latest information is always available online so make sure not to miss out by checking the website.

How about we take a look at Lucille Roberts membership prices and find out how the things charge up here.

Lucille Roberts Prices

Lucille Roberts Monthly Membership

Red Membership

Registration (Red Membership) $1.00
Dues (Per Month) (Red Membership) $26.00
Card Fee (Per Month) (Red Membership) $0.00
Contract (12-Month) (Red Membership) $0.00

Gold Membership

Registration (Gold Membership) $1.00
Dues (Per Month) (Gold Membership) $31.00
Card Fee (Per Month) (Gold Membership) $0.00
Contract (No Contract) (Gold Membership) $0.00

Lucille Roberts Yearly Membership

Red Membership

Registration (Per Year) (Red Membership) $1.00
Dues (Per Year) (Red Membership) $312.00
Card Fee (Per Year) (Red Membership) $0.00

Gold Membership

Registration (Per Year) (Gold Membership) $1.00
Dues (Per Year) (Gold Membership) $372.00
Card Fee (Per Year) (Gold Membership) $0.00

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Lucille Roberts Membership Fees

There are two types of membership being offered at Lucille Roberts: Red Membership and Gold. The former requires commitment for one year, with access to over 30 classes a week throughout all locations as well as bringing guests without restriction; however, if you wish to cancel before the end date, then it’s no problem!

Gold, on the other hand, doesn’t require any upfront payment but does come at an expense since there will still be ongoing costs associated, such as food/ beverage purchases or taking home workout clothes (if applicable). But this is also perfect if they want more flexibility regarding when & where workouts take place.

Lucille Roberts Membership Benefits

You’re never too old to get fit! The Lucille Roberts memberships offer a wide variety of classes that are perfect for people of all fitness levels.

There is Bikini Boot Camp, Piloxing and more if you want intense cardio or weight loss training in an individual setting with supportive coaches by your side every step along the way.

For those who prefer cross-training types workouts, there’s Body Shred which works on strength development but also has fun dance routines at times, so it doesn’t feel like just another workout session–Cardio Smackdown will burn calories as well as build endurance through HIIT (high-intensity interval sprints) sessions lasting about 20 minutes each time; House Party Fitness Cross-Training.

At Dance Club, there’s something for everyone. From Belly Dancing to Zumba and dance classes in between like Fierce Funk or Middle Eastern Dance; the list goes on! In contrast, Toning And Relaxation centres around Slow Burn power yoga team training a toned ready routine.

Target Training also offers great options, with Abs & Arms among many others such as Core And More, Power Yoga Kinetics Pilates etc…

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Lucille Roberts Prices

Check out some other Lucille Roberts membership benefits below.

👉 First, members receive discounts on all products and services. This includes everything from our signature fitness classes to our popular line of nutritional supplements.

👉 Second, members have access to our online health and wellness portal, packed with helpful resources, including exercise demos, weight loss tips, and healthy recipes.

👉 Third, members can attend free monthly educational workshops on nutrition, stress management, and weight loss. These workshops are led by experienced professionals who can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

👉 Finally, members have access to a supportive community of like-minded people dedicated to healthy living. This community encourages members to stay motivated and overcome their fitness challenges.

There are many other reasons why joining Lucille Robert’s is a great choice, but these four benefits will give you an idea of the advantages that come along with membership. If you live near one of our gyms or would like to take advantage of our online health portal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them by phone or email today!

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Lucille Roberts Locations

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How Much is Lucille Roberts?

Gold membership costs only $31 a month, while Red membership is just $26 a month.

How much is a yearly membership at Lucille Roberts?

  • A Red Membership (Yearly Membership) costs $312 a year.
  • A Gold Membership (Yearly Membership) costs $372 a year.

How much are registrations at Lucille Roberts?

  • A red membership (registration) costs $1.00 per person.
  • A gold membership costs $1.00 per person.

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