LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: What’s The Difference?

Are you confused whether you should choose LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness to start your fitness journey? We’re here to aid you make an informed decision!

For the level of fitness you’d like to achieve, selecting the most effective gym is vital. In this comparison of “LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness,” we’ll delve into the primary differences to assist you in making the right decision.

LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

From the price of membership to the amenities, the range of equipment and the target audience, we’ll take a look at everything.

Let’s look over our top fitness brands to find out which one is most suitable appropriate for your needs.

What is LA Fitness?

LA Fitness is a prominent fitness business that is renowned for its many fitness facilities and facilities. Its principal objective is to offer an all-encompassing fitness experience.

LA Fitness provides a wide range of fitness equipment, as in addition to fitness classes for groups and customized fitness programs.

The luxurious environment usually features facilities like saunas, pools, and basketball courts that are a great fit to those wanting to achieve the fitness levels they desire.

The fitness center is created to provide a space that encourages and stimulates its members, which makes it an ideal option for people seeking a fun and well-balanced fitness experience.

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is a well-known fitness firm that focuses on accessibility and establishing an environment that is cozy with warmth.

With over 22,000 locations throughout the United States, it caters to those who are looking for a comfortable and enjoyable fitness and exercise.

Planet Fitness prides itself on its “Judgment-Free Zone,” providing an environment that is fun for all to exercise in a relaxed environment without worrying about the way they appear.Planet Fitness has a large selection of cardio and strength equipment, as well as the basic equipment.

While it’s not as large as gyms with larger spaces that cost more, Planet Fitness provides an affordable alternative for those who want to start their fitness journey within a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

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Cost is definitely a key aspect to take into account when making a decision between two fitness centers.

But before getting caught over the monthly cost, it is important to take into account things like taxes, initiation fees, and annual fees in order to avoid being confronted with unanticipated charges.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness costs $10/month plus tax if you sign up for the Classic membership and $22.99/month for a Black Card membership.

Annual costs of $39 are mandatory for the two plans. For a Classic membership Classic subscription, the members are required to pay an initial cost. However, it usually costs only $1.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness offers two different kinds of memberships that, include the Multi Club membership as well as one single Club membership. Each membership costs about $34.99/month plus tax, based on the location of your membership.

There’s an initiation fee of $49 regardless of the plan you choose to purchase. If you opt for a Multi-Club plan and you’re a Multi-Club member, you’ll need to pay an annual $49 fee every year.

The first and final month dues are due upon the time of signing. This brings your upfront expenses between $70 and $119.

Contract Length

The conditions of a contract aren’t something that many people think about until they are about to sign the contract.

It’s nevertheless important to know the kind of commitments you’ll have to sign before settling on an exercise facility. This can help you avoid making a snap choice or settling for an agreement that you’re not willing to sign.

Planet Fitness

Classic membership is month-to-month. Classic membership is month-to-month. It is the Black Card membership requires an annual commitment.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has standard annual and month-to-month contracts. However, it also offers shorter-term contracts of six months for six months as well.

Gym Policies

A lot of people don’t consider the policies of a gym until they’re prepared for signing a deal; however, I would suggest taking a look at the various rules of different gyms prior to deciding which to join.

It’s beneficial to know if the rules of a particular gym could hold you from progressing, and you don’t need to possibly start looking for a gym at the beginning.

Planet Fitness

As it is a gym that is not intimidating, wearing revealing clothing such as crop tops aren’t allowed to be worn at Planet Fitness.

The use of chalk or barefoot for lifting, dropping weights, and grunting isn’t allowed either. I’ve even heard of areas that ban certain lifts, such as overhead presses.

One of the benefits of Planet Fitness is its guest policy. Anyone who is a Black Card member is allowed to bring a limitless number of guests each month.

If you wish to end or terminate your subscription, then you need to fill out an application in front of the desk.

Customers with month-to-month contracts are able to change their minds at any time without needing to pay cancellation charges. Members who have Black Card members have to pay $58 to cancel their contract early.

LA Fitness

The dress code for LA Fitness is pretty laidback. Anything that’s clean, not too bulky, and doesn’t have chains or grommets is permitted.

LA Fitness also allows its members to lift weights barefoot (with socks put on) and utilize chalk, but dropping weights isn’t permitted.

Members who have Multi Club memberships can bring one person to the gym at no cost. If you’d like to bring more than one person on a single trip, it will cost an amount of around $20 for each additional guest.


The evaluation of a gym’s equipment might appear obvious. However, you must ensure that you be sure to examine all the equipment and free weights in the gyms you’re considering.

It is better to choose a gym that offers a large range of equipment that allows you to work out efficiently and progress over the long run.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has what seems like an innumerable amount of treadmills and ellipticals, as well as stationary bicycles.

It has a few pieces of equipment that can be selected but don’t include any plates, barbells and squat racks, or deadlift platforms.

There are a handful of benches and pre-fixed barbells and barbells with EZ curls. Additionally, you can find dumbbells; however, at the majority of places, they are only available as heavy as 60 lbs.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has a large selection of cardio equipment, such as stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, and step climbers. There is also equipment that can be selectorized to isolate nearly every muscle category.

LA Fitness has dumbbells that can be used up to 120 lbs, easy curl bars, and straight bars that are prefixed. The facility has complete bench press equipment along with standing benches that are freestanding, racks for squats as well as deadlift platform.

Additionally, you can locate rubber-coated plates and barbells; however, not all places include bumper plates.


The gym should offer an atmosphere that’s welcoming and makes people feel at home, no matter if you’re an absolute novice or have been training for years.

If it’s an area that you enjoy going to and enjoy, you’ll likely return more frequently and have a better time sticking to your regimen.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness caters almost exclusively to casual and beginner members of the gym. 

Because of its absence of equipment for strength training and bizarre policies regarding using weights (which I’ll discuss later), It’s not the best option if you’re looking for lifting weights, Olympic weightlifting, or perhaps just regular strength and conditioning. It’s also not a suitable gym for HIIT or CrossFit-style workouts.

Planet Fitness also has the Lunk alarm, which the staff will sound in the event that they see you do something that they believe is too scary for others.

Certain staff members at specific places are more likely to activate the alarm than others. However, it is important to be aware of an option in the event of a mishap (like falling and dropping an object) within the fitness center.

LA Fitness

Based on my experiences, the ambiance of LA Fitness is ever-changing based on the number of people who are there at any time of the daytime. 

It can also depend upon the population of the region. Certain gyms are geared towards young adults and college students in other locations, while some cater to a more mature crowd.

It’s also possible to see a large number of bodybuilders as well as powerlifters. However, LA Fitness does have groups of members who are beginner as well as more casual fitness enthusiasts. 

It doesn’t have an overwhelming community feel and, therefore, if you’re trying to make new friends in the gym, this isn’t a good location for you.


Today, a variety of commercial gyms do all they are able to do in order to help make exercising easier for their members.

Based on the gym you belong to, you could get someone to look after your children and eat after your workout or just unwind in the sauna following an intense workout.

But there are some gyms that don’t offer many amenities. Prior to deciding which gym to join, you’ll have to be aware of whether certain amenities are not negotiable or if you’re comfortable with not having access to specific amenities.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness doesn’t have swimming pools, courts for sports saunas, or pools. 

There is also no childcare. However, it has tanning and red light therapy, smoothie bars, as well as massage chairs. The locker room and shower facilities are accessible.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has pools, courts for basketball, racquetball as well as childcare along with smoothie bars. There are saunas in some locations.

It is possible to pay to reserve time slots on tennis and basketball courts and also use childcare facilities. However, the majority of other facilities are completely free.

There are locker rooms and showers that are available to all members. However, LA Fitness doesn’t provide towels or toiletries.

Personal Training

If you’re just beginning to learn about training or simply want to change up your routine, having a personal trainer may be worth the investment.

However, there aren’t all trainers worth the money, and you’ll have to be able to judge those at your favorite fitness center before signing to a series of training sessions.

Planet Fitness

While Planet Fitness has personal trainers, they’re not available for training one-on-one. They offer PE@PF classes and can offer assistance with the equipment should you require it.

They can also provide consultations should you require nutritional or fitness advice. However, they won’t be in the gym leading you through your exercise routine.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has certified personal trainers. However, some are more effective than others.

This is the case for personal trainers of any big chain gym, however, LA Fitness, in particular, seems to have a lot of differences in the training quality of its trainers.

Trainers must be certified in personal training. However, they don’t need to have a college degree or any other relevant additional education as a requirement.


Although the majority of people focus on the distance a gym is close to their office or home, it’s also important to determine the number of locations there are and if you are able to use your membership in multiple locations.

The lack of reciprocity is an issue if you live an active lifestyle and like to go to the gym when traveling.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has more than 2000 places. The majority of locations are located in the US. However, you’ll also find locations across Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Panama.

Members who have Black Card memberships can visit any of the locations in these countries.

LA Fitness

There are approximately 700 LA Fitness locations in the US and Canada. 

Anyone with a Multi-Club membership can visit the majority of locations, though certain exclusive clubs do not accept members from other locations.

Hours of Operation

If you’re looking to hit the gym at a time that is early morning or late in the evening to avoid crowds or simply don’t have the free time to work out, then you’ll have to find a gym that has flexible times. They’re not difficult to find as many gyms are open 24 hours a day.

Planet Fitness

Most Planet Fitness locations are open all day, every day. The ones that aren’t usually open from 5 am and are open until 11 or 10 midnight.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness centers generally open from 5 am to 11 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays and 8 am until 8 pm on weekends, although hours can differ based on the location.

Group Classes

Group classes are fun ways to exercise for those who don’t enjoy working out on their own or if you have trouble motivating yourself.

However, the exercise experience for group members at every gym differs and, therefore, if you’d like to join a group class, then you’ll have to check with the gym you prefer to see if it offers classes that you’re interested in.

Planet Fitness

Instead of classes for groups, Planet Fitness has classes called PE@PF. These are small training sessions for groups that comprise three kinds of workouts:

  • Introduction classes for those who aren’t sure how to use the various machines
  • Express circuits for those who don’t have lots of time
  • Classes that are targeted and go through a set of exercises designed to strengthen muscle groups like the Biceps and back as well as shoulders and legs

LA Fitness

LA Fitness offers Zumba, Pilates, spin, and yoga classes for free to every member. Some locations also provide boxing, aqua aerobics, and fitness classes.

If you’re looking to learn more about CrossFit and want to learn more, you can attend the same classes offered at LA Fitness called HIIT by LAF. 

They combine endurance training, intervals, and barbell exercises. Additionally, you can wear an electronic heart rate monitor if you’re looking to keep track of your performance in real time.

The classes are only offered in certain locations and are priced at an additional $125 per month.

Pool / Spa Area

LA Fitness: The majority of places include an indoor pool as well as a spa or sauna area.

You’re likely to be swimming laps in LA Fitness, though hot saunas and tubs are a bit more contingent on the location. These facilities are free and are offered to everyone who is a member.

Planet Fitness: It does not have steam rooms, pools, saunas, or steam rooms at any of its locations.

LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: Quick Comparison Table

LA Fitness vs Planet Fitness: Quick Comparison Table:
Item: LA Fitness: Planet Fitness:
Target Audience Beginners and Advanced Beginners
Amenities Standard gym equipment, pool, basketball courts, etc. Standard gym equipment
Classes Varied Limited (PE@PF Class)
Pricing Starting from $30 Starting from $10
Guest Policy Limited with additional costs Unlimited with Black Card membership
Opening Hours Varies by location 24/7
Staff Friendliness Great Great
Best For A wide range of gym-goers Beginners

LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: Which is Better & How to Choose?

If you are making a decision to choose between LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, Take into account the following aspects:

  1. Price: Planet Fitness often offers lower fees for membership as compared to LA Fitness.
  2. Ambiance: LA Fitness offers luxurious amenities, while Planet Fitness focuses on a non-judgmental space.
  3. Equipment LA Fitness provides an array of equipment options.
  4. Personal Training LA Fitness offers customized training. Planet Fitness provides general assistance.
  5. Class: LA Fitness has more variety of classes for groups.
  6. Accessibility Planet Fitness has many more locations across the country.
  7. The target audience for HTML0 is LA Fitness caters to the most serious gym-goers. Planet Fitness is beginner-friendly.
  8. Special Features LA Fitness offers additional benefits, while Planet Fitness keeps it simple.
  9. Online presence LA Fitness might offer more complete online sources.
  10. Selecting: Decide based on the budget, your goals, and the ideal environment to have a pleasant fitness experience.

Similarities between LA Fitness vs Planet Fitness

LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, two major gym chains, have some similarities. They both offer a variety of fitness equipment and group fitness classes catering to different levels of fitness.

Also, They place a high priority on keeping clean and tidy surroundings to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers.

They also offer websites and apps that provide convenience in accessing fitness plans and tracking the progress of their members.

It’s important to keep in mind that even though there are some similarities but each gym has its distinct characteristics and target market, which allows individuals to pick which one best aligns with their goals for fitness and lifestyle.

Are there any discounts available for students or seniors at LA Fitness and Planet Fitness?

Yes both LA Fitness and Planet Fitness frequently offer discounts to seniors and students. The discounts may vary based on the location and current promotions provided.

Students who have valid student IDs and seniors 65 years old and above could be eligible to receive reduced rates on membership or discounts.

We recommend reaching out to the nearest LA Fitness or Planet Fitness branch to ask about specific available discounts and the necessary documents for these discounts.

This could be a wonderful option for seniors and students to gain access to fitness facilities at lower costs.

Pros and Cons of LA Fitness and Planet Fitness

If you locate a well-organized gym with knowledgeable staff, If you find a gym that is well-run and has experienced staff members, you’ll to be a great fitness center that will help you achieve your goals.


  • Variety of strength and cardio equipment
  • Most places allow chalk
  • The majority of group classes are included for members of any kind.
  • Members of Multi Club can utilize their membership at any location
  • Excellent selection of amenities


  • The cleanliness of the environment can be a problem.
  • Some members don’t do a good job of cleaning up the mess.

Who is Planet Fitness For?

Planet Fitness is a good gym that can be used for:

  • Beginning
  • Anyone who favours cardio exercises over lifting weights
  • Anyone looking for an affordable gym membership
  • Anyone who would like access to Red light therapy
  • Anyone who would like all-hour access to our gym

Who is LA Fitness For?

LA Fitness is a good gym to:

  • Bodybuilders
  • Powerlifters
  • Anyone who wishes to play basketball or use the pool courts
  • Parents who require childcare during their work hours
  • Anyone who wishes to join a group class

What are the differences in membership tiers between LA Fitness and Planet Fitness?

Sure, there are some different membership tiers for LA Fitness and Planet Fitness which are presented in a point-wise manner:

LA Fitness:

  1. Basic membership: Provides access to gym equipment, facilities as well as fitness classes for groups.
  2. Multi-Club Access: Some membership tiers provide access to several LA Fitness locations, ideal for those who travel often or have multiple gyms within a short distance.
  3. Signature Clubs: These premium levels provide extra facilities like basketball courts, saunas, whirlpools and more.
  4. Personal Training Packages: Provides one-on-one training sessions for a nominal cost that is tailored to your personal fitness goals.
  5. Family Plans: allows multiple family members to be included in one membership, typically at a discounted rate.

Planet Fitness:

  1. Classic Membership: Gives access to the gym’s facilities and equipment and unlimited fitness classes.
  2. Black Card Membership: Additional benefits include access to every location, privileges for guests access to massage chairs, as well as discounted drinks.
  3. PF+ Member: This tier is the most expensive and includes all Black Card benefits along with additional benefits like access to tanning facilities and hydro massage.
  4. No Commitment Option: There are many tiers of Planet Fitness offer a no-commitment option that lets members quit at any time and without penalty.
  5. Discounts and Promotions: The Planet Fitness website offers discounts and promotions. Planet Fitness often runs special promotions or discounts on membership fees, which makes it affordable.

It’s crucial to examine the membership options offered by the two LA Fitness and Planet Fitness to determine which level aligns most closely with your goals in fitness and personal preferences.

Which gym is more cost-effective?

In terms of value for money, Planet Fitness tends to be the best option for budget-conscious people.

Through its classic membership, which provides an affordable gym membership with access to standard facilities as well as unlimited fitness training, people on a smaller budget will appreciate Planet Fitness.

In addition, memberships like the Black Card and PF+ Memberships come with additional benefits at a reasonable cost which makes it a desirable option for those who want to avail of additional facilities.

Although LA Fitness offers a wider selection of services and facilities, it typically is a more expensive fee. So, for those who are looking for a cheaper fitness facility without sacrificing the basic facilities, Planet Fitness is the best option.

Final Verdict

In the final determination the choice of LA Fitness and Planet Fitness will ultimately be based on your personal fitness goals, your budget and your individual preferences. 

LA Fitness caters to those seeking a full fitness experience, which includes an array of facilities, numerous classes, and customized training options. 

But, it comes at an increase in price. It is worth it. Planet Fitness excels at offering a low-cost, non-judgmental atmosphere that is perfect for those who are new or seeking basic facilities. 

Membership levels, which include choices such as those offered by the Black Card and PF+ options, are worth the investment. 

Evaluate your needs, irrespective of whether you’re a fervent athlete or a novice, and consider the options in relation to your budget to make the best decision to achieve your fitness goals.

FAQs About LA Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

Why is Planet Fitness so cheap?

Here are a few of the reasons as to why Planet Fitness membership is so inexpensive: No-frills gym: Planet Fitness is an all-inclusive gym with basic facilities and equipment. There aren’t any amenities such as saunas, pools or basketball courts which help keep costs affordable.

Is Planet Fitness only for beginners?

The answer is no, although Planet Fitness is beginner-friendly, anyone of any fitness level will benefit from its welcoming environment. It’s designed to provide an environment that is comfortable and not intimidating to everyone.

Can I use my Planet Fitness membership at any location?

It’s true, the majority of Planet Fitness memberships allow you access to any of their facilities across the United States, allowing you the flexibility and convenience to your exercise routine.

Are there family membership options at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness primarily offers individuals’ memberships. However, certain locations may offer special discounts or deals for families. It is recommended to contact the branch closest to you for more information.

Does LA Fitness offer a free trial membership?

A few LA Fitness locations may offer the opportunity to try a trial for a short period giving you the chance to try the facilities, services and amenities in person. It is recommended to inquire at the local gym to find out whether this is an option.

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