Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna? 2024 ❤️ Official

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna? 2024

With over 2000 clubs and an affordable gym membership, it’s no surprise that Planet Fitness is so popular. There are a variety of fitness and fitness facilities, but The question is, Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna

Planet Fitness gyms are not all the same, but most Planet Fitness branches do not have a sauna because they want to maintain low membership fees. The Planet Fitness Black Card tier membership ($22.99 per month) includes tanning and hydro-massage.

Why Is There No Sauna In Most Planet Fitness Gyms?

Unisex Steam Rooms and Saunas Are Not Allowed in the U.S

Furthermore, steam rooms that are not gender-neutral saunas aren’t permitted within America. The United States. So, to construct and run steam saunas, Planet Fitness has to spend at least double the costs of building and installing sauna structures and equipment.

Operating Cost

Operating expenses are also a significant problem. Also, you must wash saunas and steam rooms every 30 minutes since they are prone to attracting lots of dirt and other debris. Most Planet Fitness gyms have only one maintenance staff each shift.

The company is unable to afford the cost of this type of expenditure and offers memberships for a small amount. If it ever decides to build steam rooms or operate them in its gyms across the nation, it will need to raise membership costs.

A large majority of its members don’t want this. Therefore, there is no Planet Fitness steam room in the typical Planet Fitness gym.

It Isn’t Easy to Monetize Saunas

Furthermore, it’s not simple to make money from saunas. Because it’s illegal to run unisex saunas within the United States, you must build one for women and one for males. Planet Fitness’s financial capabilities do not allow it to expand into this market.

Costly to Install and Run Steam Rooms

Planet Fitness’s primary goal is to offer affordable memberships to people who wish to stay fit. Therefore, they can only provide essential gym equipment. It’s costly to build and operate steam rooms, particularly on a commercial scale.

If each Planet Fitness gym had a sauna, a pool, a basketball court, etc., membership fees would skyrocket.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna In Select Locations?

As we’ve mentioned, while the number of Planet Fitness gyms across the United States, many don’t have steam or sauna facilities.

There are a few variations. In specific gyms, the steam room or sauna may be available, and the sauna located at Planet Fitness may be your traditional steam room, or they might also have saunas with infrared heating.

Planet Fitness gyms are individually owned and operated by Planet Fitness. This is why some gyms might offer additional amenities that others don’t.

It’s going to depend on the gym’s owner as well as the space limitations.

The majority of Planet Fitness gyms with saunas are located in areas that cater to more expensive customers. If most gym chains in the region have saunas, the gym’s owner of that particular Planet Fitness gym may install one of their own to compete with gyms.

Planet Fitness is a worldwide brand, and saunas might be more prevalent in other countries than the US.

If a sauna is an integral part of the attraction of joining a gym, probably Planet Fitness won’t be for you. It’s worthwhile to call the local branch as it’s likely they’ve got one.

What Are Alternative Gyms With Saunas and Steam Rooms?

If you’re interested in signing up for a gym that includes facilities such as steam rooms and saunas, then you must first and foremost be prepared to pay a more expensive monthly fee. In some instances, the cost of membership can be as high as $115 per month. If you’re not concerned with the price, there are gyms worth considering are listed in the following sections:

LA Fitness

LA Fitness is a mid-range alternative to look into if you like to go above Planet Fitness but not quite as massive as the largest gyms listed that are on the list. But the less expensive fees for membership, which can be at least $50 per month–means there aren’t saunas or steam rooms at all of their gyms.

It is recommended to visit LA Fitness’s LA Fitness website to find the nearest location and then look through the available facilities. However, you’re more likely to enjoy their steam room or sauna experience than Planet Fitness.

Equinox Fitness

It’s another of the top gyms you can find nowadays, and it’s not surprising that they provide everything, including steam rooms and saunas. Additionally, you’ll find the most attractive swimming pools in their clubs. There are just 100 of them in the nation, making them difficult to locate.


If you’re searching for an exercise chain with the same uniformity of its facilities, avoid the YMCA. Although some of their facilities are bare-bones facilities like Planet Fitness, others come equipped with all kinds of facilities, from steam rooms and saunas to pools and courts for basketball. This is a different alternative look up the location to find out the facilities available before enrolling.

Life Time Fitness

Life Time gym locations are well-known for their beautiful waterslides and pools, but there are also saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs. The family-friendly atmosphere can mean a lot of traffic during peak times and on weekends. Membership fees are higher than 100 dollars per month.

24 Hour Fitness

This mid-range gym offers steam rooms and saunas in their diverse locations. The facilities are generally efficient and clean; however, the experience may differ between different locations, similar to the ones above.

Alternatives to Saunas and Steam Rooms

As previously mentioned, Planet Fitness has its Black Card membership program. The Black Card membership includes access to the spa, which offers services like Tan beds and spray tanning provided by Planet Fitness, and amazing Hydromassage.

Conclusion: Does Planet Fitness Have a Steam Room or Sauna?

It also requires enormous money to create or maintain steam rooms, which could be the primary reason why most clubs do not include them.

However, Planet Fitness offers another option to replace saunas. This is the Red Light Therapy. It’s the latest update to Planet Fitness amenities, and it’s a great alternative to an indoor sauna.

Here are some advantages of Planet Fitness’ Red Light Therapy:

  1. Improve Joint Health
  2. Slow Down Aging
  3. Reduce Pain
  4. Improve Healing of Wounds
  5. Reduce Depression and Body Fatigue

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