Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool? 2024 ❤️ Official

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool? 2024

People love that their gym has a pool. Swimming is an excellent exercise and a great way to cool down after lifting weights. Not all gyms offer a pool. We will answer a common question that many people ask when considering a membership of Planet Fitness. So Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have any pools. You might wonder why Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool in their gym, and we’ll show you why Planet Fitness doesn’t have pools in their gyms.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool

Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

Planet Fitness does not have a pool.

The main reason Planet Fitness does not have a pool is that the swimming pool costs will raise the membership fee of Planet Fitness.

The addition of a pool to Planet Fitness gyms would drastically increase the price of a membership.
Because Planet Fitness advertises itself as an inexpensive gym, it will be losing a lot of its clients since most customers may not want to spend the cost.

There’s also the possibility of giving certain people the ability to judge other members.

Some members may be wary of wearing swimwear as they work out.

They might feel like they’re opening themselves up to being judged and ridiculed. Because Planet Fitness works hard to ensure that their facility is a non-judgmental zone, the pool might conflict with their goal.

Why Does Planet Fitness not Have a Pool?

Most gyms either have a pool or plan to add one in the near future, and planet Fitness may seem odd for not taking advantage of pool memberships.

There are, however, several reasons why Planet Fitness does not offer swimming pools at their gyms.
Below are a few of them.

Cost Of Maintenance

A brand new pool looks fantastic. However, it won’t stay the same for the duration of time. Maintenance of the pool is crucial in keeping your pool in good condition and looking beautiful.

The problem with maintenance for pools is that it’s expensive, particularly in the case of a public pool. Workers need to keep an eye on the pH levels of the water constantly.

If the pH is drastically altered, the effect could be detrimental to the materials in the pool and the people who swim in it. Should Planet Fitness want to avoid any health risks, they’ll be required to monitor the pool’s pH and purchase expensive chemicals to maintain it at a neutral pH.

Another crucial aspect of maintaining a pool is cleaning. The stairs, walls as well as floors of the pool will have to be cleaned regularly.

In some cases, when many users use this pool may require more frequent cleaning. The reality is that it is common for people to go to the bathroom in the pool. In order to keep the pool clean for everyone else to use, Planet Fitness would need to invest in high-end chemicals to keep the pool clean.

Since people arrive sweatily, it can affect the quality of the water.

Nobody wants to go swimming in water that is ugly or smells unpleasant.

In addition to cleaning, pools must replace their pipes, filters, and liner.

As with all machines such as this, they will begin to wear out after use.

The only way Planet Fitness could afford them was to increase the cost of membership.

This could cause some to be offended by their members.

It’s more economical and lucrative for Planet Fitness not to offer the pool service.

Liability Problems

Planet Fitness already has a handful of insurance policies to cover liability issues. They typically cover injuries resulting from equipment or damages resulting from building construction. This cost is already incorporated into the budget of the company.

Should Planet Fitness include an aquatic center, they’d have to extend their liability insurance, which could mean a higher cost for insurance.

The budgets of all budgets cannot be able to support this increase.

Swimming pools can be dangerous.

Slips and falls happen on the stairs or the deck, or even the washrooms.

Someone could attempt to take action against Planet Fitness if they faced a severe injury.

Liability insurance is required in order to keep this particular gym operational. Drowning can be a significant danger.
After training, gym members may choose to swim to cool down or continue to workout.

They might also become weak to swim as they’re exhausted.
Another risk is dehydration.

It is a common belief that they will not become dehydrated because they’re swimming.

Swimming can exhaust your body and draws out water inside your body.

Planet Fitness may not want to face the risk of liability and dangers that a pool poses.

Extra Staff

The majority of the employees employed at Planet Fitness are gym trainers or janitorial personnel, as well as receptionists. The trainers at the gym are knowledgeable regarding the equipment Planet Fitness has in their gyms. They aren’t always aware of the various water sports and exercises.

In order to make up for it, Planet Fitness would need to recruit more employees.
The reality is that not every gym has the money to pay that many staff. They may have to cut back on their gym trainers and janitorial personnel, impacting the quality of other services they offer.

Some believe that having specific water-based exercise classes could reduce some costs; however, this is only true when members of the gym are interested in joining the courses.

People who reside in colder areas in the country might not want to take part in swimming classes in winter.
In the end, Planet Fitness would still require their specialist in aquatics to ensure they are available for the summer months.

They’ll require more than water exercise experts, but also.
They’d require security staff.

Lifeguards ensure that swimmers swimming in the pool are protected even when classes aren’t in session.
The classes could be a challenge for gym participants.

Individuals who don’t want to participate in the classes but would like to go to the pool to exercise might be frustrated if the pool isn’t accessible.

Planet Fitness would run the possibility of causing frustration to its members and losing money because of the growth in employees.

Not Enough Space

The main reason Planet Fitness doesn’t have a pool is that they don’t have enough space. A Planet Fitness gym would need to relocate to a larger area to accommodate an aquatic pool.

The reality is that not every gym has the money to make the expense of such a move like this. There’s also the possibility of losing family members if they relocate.

Many gym users prefer Planet Fitness because it’s in an ideal area.

They’re usually located in areas near the suburbs.

They’re right next to food stores and eateries so that you can visit the gym more conveniently.

Moving to a location where they can have enough space for a pool could necessitate them to move out of the city center.

Current Planet Fitness locations don’t have enough space to build a pool.

The building they’re in doesn’t permit the use of a pool, either.

Planet Fitness can’t support a pool due to the shortage of space.

What are the most relaxing amenities Planet Fitness Have?

Although Planet Fitness lacks aquatic amenities, there are ways to relax at the nearby Planet Fitness gym.

Showers, Lockers, and Toilets

Planet Fitness thankfully has showers and locker rooms available to members and guests. So you can clean up your stress, relax, and unwind after a long workout.

The chain views showers as an added benefit that they can’t refuse. Often, more expensive gyms don’t offer locker rooms, and some smaller chains might not have showers.

While a shower is a primary relaxation method, it’s undoubtedly a more beneficial benefit than the gyms offer.


If you’re a lover of hot tubs, you’d prefer to try a HydroMassage instead?

Instead of sitting in the hot tub’s jet and relaxing it out to take care of the knots on your lower back, sit onto a HydroMassage mattress instead.

A HydroMassage is a method of targeting your muscles and soft tissues using water-massaging jets. It’s designed to help to cool down and loosen after an exercise.

HydroMassages are different from the regular message that a bed or chair can give you. It’s worthwhile to try any of them.

(You’ll require a Black Card membership to access this benefit.)


If you’re a fan of getting tanned and would like to unwind after a workout, go to any Planet Fitness’ tanning beds. Letting your body relax while bronzed and warmed up is undoubtedly a wonderful way to relax after a hard workout.

It’s quite an exciting bonus you’ll get on the website Planet Fitness, so make sure you use it If you’re curious.

There aren’t many gyms that allow tanning in your membership.


A limited number of Planet Fitness gyms across the country have saunas. However, not every gym does, so if you’re interested in using the sauna at Planet Fitness, you need to check with the specific gym in your area.

You may need to buy a membership with a Planet Fitness gym in a more developed area.

The reason that not every Planet Fitness has a sauna is that each gym has a different owner.

While it’s a chain, each specific gym has its local regulations and amenities. Some owners may not want to deal with the added cost of a sauna. Others may not have room for them.

Those that do have a sauna either have one that’s steam-based or infrared. Steam-based saunas have a reputation for being relaxing.

It uses hot steam to fill an enclosed area.


The Planet Fitness gyms do not have swimming pools.
Pool building, maintenance, and staffing costs are too high to maintain and remain affordable for their members.
However, Planet Fitness does offer other amenities to its members.
Some of those amenities are only available to Black Card members.
If you consider paying more for your Planet Fitness gym membership, evaluate the amenities above.

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