❤️ What Time Does Planet Fitness Open – Close 2024?

If you compare it to the other gyms in existence, Planet Fitness hours are perhaps the most efficient. This is partly because most locations have hours that run all hours of the day most of the time, even on the weekdays.

This has resulted in Planet Fitness remaining one of the most well-known fitness centers globally since members can visit their local gym anytime. This is attractive to those struggling to find the time to go to the gym in traditional times.


Certain Planet Fitness hours will differ between locations; however, they are operating at the exact schedules for the time. Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to confirm the hours of operation at Planet Fitness to be on the safer and secure side. This is especially useful when you’re working out from town.

Planet Fitness Hours & Location

What Time does Planet Fitness Open?

The majority of the time, Planet Fitness hours for opening will be the same, typically all day, every day from Monday to Friday. On weekends they are open from 7 am.


What Time Does Planet Fitness Close?

Similar to their opening hours, Most Planet Fitness hours for closing are precisely the same – that is, they close on weekends! As they’re open all day in many places, the weekend is the only day of the week when the gym is closed, and it is usually between 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Planet Fitness Locations


If you’re looking for the nearest Planet Fitness location, all you have to do is check their website and use their locator for clubs. It’s in the middle of their homepage, and you are sure to find it and click the “Find a location” tab to search or you can contact Planet Fitness Customer Service department.

You can search for Plant Fitness locations based on your current address, address, state or. When you have your results, you can find the most precise information about each Planet Fitness club’s hours of operation.

For Planet Fitness Locations, CLICK HERE.

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