How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weight at Planet Fitness? 2024 ❤️ Official

How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weight at Planet Fitness? 2024

Unlike other racks or other free weights, Smith machines are complicated mechanisms with moving parts inside the instrument, and they are the most secure way to lift any powerlifting move.

It is the Smith Machine Weight Bar. It is affixed to bearings, clamps, guide bars, and rollers, which means it is not possible to check the bar’s weight on the scale as you would with a standard bar of weight. Olympic bar.

How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh

Additionally, when exercising on the Smith machine at Planet Fitness, the bar’s weight will not just be one of the things preventing your movements.

There are many other elements like the angle of your workouts as well as the friction, counterbalance weights, and so on. which can hinder or help your movements.

Therefore, in the instance of the Smith machine bar, it’s better to know the mass of the Smith bar; taking into account all relevant aspects is more beneficial than learning the entire bar’s weight.

The plates you load on the Smith machine don’t transfer directly to the bar, which means that the bar doesn’t have to be as robust as the regular Olympic bar.

Furthermore, only novices, as well as intermediate-level lifters, can use the Smith machine to perform rep maximum lifts. Lifters of higher levels prefer using the Smith machine for additional work with moderate or low intensities.

Therefore, it is lighter than the Olympic bar, and the Smith bar for the machine is typically smaller than the bar weight of an Olympic bar.

The 7-foot Olympic weighs around 44 pounds (20 kg), and the average weight for that Smith machine bar ranges from 30 and 35 pounds.

What is Smith Machine?

The Smith machine is a training machine with the barbell mounted on a set of steel rails that allow it to only move up and down on an upward (or close to vertical) route.

The barbell of the Smith machine comes with two hooks with one hook on each side. They move so you can secure the bar in place by using a series of locking points.

This lets you start with the bar in different sizes and offers a degree of safety for the person lifting it, as they can close the bar and quit the exercise.

The primary purpose of the Smith apparatus is to remove the need to stabilize the bar from the problem.

This is not only beneficial for those who are new to the sport and may experience instability issues when performing barbells that do not have weights; however, it also permits you to concentrate on the main muscles that are targeted by every exercise.

For instance, you can focus on your quads and glutes without worrying about balance, leaning forward, or sliding back with back squats.

Another intriguing aspect unique to the Smith device exciting part is that many have a lighter starting weight than the Olympic barbell.

A typical Olympic barbell is always 45lbs (except for female Olympic bars). If you have a Smith machine, the bar could weigh between 6 and 45 pounds (although fifteen to 25 pounds is considered the standard for Smith machines in commercial fitness centers).

The weight difference comes directly from how it is made. Smith machine is built…
Although most Smith machines have barbells fixed and safety hooks, specific Smith machines utilize counterbalance mechanisms (which can also differ in the amount it counterbalances). The angle of the bar and rail material also varies.

You have likely come to this article to learn more about a Smith machine bar’s actual weight. Let’s dive into the details and find out the differences between the manufacturers and how to determine the weight of the Smith machine bar you are using.

How much does the bar weigh at Planet Fitness?

The robust and durable Smith machines in Planet Fitness have a strong bar fitted on them, and this bar is larger than the previous Smith machine. The bar’s weight for this Smith machine is about 35 pounds (15.9 Kgs).

The bar that is on the Smith machine could differ in weight. Contrary to Olympic barbells, which are rated at 45 pounds, the barbells on the Smith machine are usually not very heavy. They’re typically just heavy enough to support the capacity of the equipment.

What are the benefits of knowing the Smith Machine Bar Weight? 

Many of you may be asking whether it’s essential to know the Smith machines bar’s weight. I’d say yes, sure.
Find the reason why it’s crucial to know the bar’s weight for the Smith machine, in case there is no chance of finding the correct answer.

You can consider knowing the Smith machines bar’s weight just as crucial in the same way as knowing how heavy dumbbells or barbells are.

If you’re looking to gradually increase your workload (like increasing the amount of weight you’re lifting every session or week), it is essential to know the amount you’re lifting, and this should include the importance of the bar.

If you know the exact amount of weight on the Smith machine bar, you are able to determine the appropriate starting weight for various exercises.

For example, if you are able to do shoulder presses using an oversized 40lb dumbbell, the Smith machine’s weight can assist you in determining how much additional weight to put onto the barbell.
Then, it’s that easy.

That is crucial to progress if you’re looking to get precision from your lifting, and it is essential to know the weight you’re lifting.

What Is The Starting Weight Of A Smith Machine? 

The first step is to start by defining this starting from scratch. There isn’t a standard weight for the Smith barbell machine. In contrast to Olympic barbells, they are an internationally-standard weight of 20kg (45 pounds).

So, the weight of the Smith machine (it signifies that the plates and bar do not come with it) will be based on the specific Smith machine you’re using.

Additionally, an excellent benefit that is unique to the Smith machine is that most of them are constructed with less weight at the beginning than many Olympic barbells. For instance, an Olympic barbell weighs about 45 pounds (apart from Olympic bars for women).

However, A Smith machine typically weighs between 6 and more than 45 pounds (although the weighted average of most Smith machines in commercial gyms ranges from 15-to 25 pounds).

It’s my pleasure to assist you in finding out the weighted average of the most commonly used Smith machine models and how you can determine the weight yourself if your Smith machine isn’t identical to the models I’ve discussed here.

Pro Tips: Many Smith machines have an indicator on the side of the machine that displays the bar’s weight. This means you can look on the side of the inside of your Smith machine to see if it has a label.

If you don’t find it, go to the site where you purchased your Smith machine online to check whether the manufacturer has provided the weight of the barbell or not.

The weight of the bar will depend on different factors such as the following:

Materials of Smith Machine

The material used could significantly influence the bar’s weight. The Olympic bar is made from high-strength steel. But, the bar that is used on the Smith machine doesn’t need to be made of high-strength steel.

Because of the supports on both sides, this bar doesn’t have to endure the same bending strain compared with a free-weight bar. This means that it can be made lighter, and you’ll still be able to use weights with confidence.

It is possible that it weighs 30-40 lbs by itself, and adding the weight of bearings and hooks could increase the weight.

Counterbalancing of Smith Machine

Another thing that could influence the bar’s weight in The Smith machine is the counterbalancing. This means that even though the bar weighs between 30-40lbs by itself, it may appear more light to the user.

This is all due to the pulley system and counterweights as well as cables used in Smith’s Smith machine. It’s hard to see this when looking at one, but they could be covered.

Because of this, the bar’s weight could be like a lightweight 6 pounds depending on the counterbalancing mechanism used.

Keep in mind that the Smith machine was designed specifically for people who are just beginning their journey. This lighter-weight machine is ideal for people who are brand new to lifting weights.

While the bar’s perceived weight can be altered to make it appear lighter, the manufacturer doesn’t give the impression that it’s not weighing anything whatsoever.

This is because it can harm the equipment. The bar might appear light, but it will still need some weight.

Angle of Rails of Smith Machine

The Smith machine model used in fitness may include guide rails at an angle and on an inclined. The rails are placed to ensure that the motion corresponds to the natural movement more closely.

The angle helps form and also ensures the safety of the user.

The angle can alter the bar’s weight. If the incline is steep, like in the vertical Smith machine, the bar will have more force required to lift it since you will feel the bar falling upon your body due to gravity.

If the angle changes to a more flatter angle, the force required to move the bar is reduced. The incline of the Smith machine will absorb the load, and it will feel less complicated for the bar to be pushed.

Imagine pushing a container on the tabletop which is tilted.

Even if the box seems heavy, a portion of the burden is carried by the tabletop, so it is easy to move it up an inclined angle instead of carrying the entire box and then moving it vertically.

A Guide To Measuring Smith Machine Bar Weight

There are methods to determine the weight of the Smith machine bar by using either a rope or a scale and weight. I’ll use the scale method because it’s more convenient, and this is how I measured it.

Option 1: Scale

The first step is to find an object or box that can be used to prop the bar from the safety stops on the base. You can then place an instrument on the top of the box and place the bar on the top of it. The reading on the scale will show that the bar is weighing.

If you don’t own a box or a scale, you can put your scale down on the ground, step on it while maintaining the bar, and record the weight. Please take a second measurement without the bar, and subtract it from the initial measurement.

How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh

In the course of that test, it displayed an 18-pound weight. Because it’s an old analog scale, I also measured a 20, 30, or 40 lb dumbbell in order to determine whether it was calibrated. Each of them read approximately 2lbs lower. Therefore, the bar likely weighs 20lbs.

Based on the advice of an equipment manufacturer, according to an equipment supplier, the bar must be able to carry a start weight of 25 pounds. So, every machine is unique, and wear and tear can alter how much resistance the bar has as time passes.
In the event that you don’t own a scale, you’ll have to choose the second option.

Option 2: Rope & Weight

To measure this, you’ll require a thin rope about 10 feet long and a set of 10 5 and 2.5 pounds weight plates. Connect one end of a string to the center of the bar. Then throw the other end of the rope over the top crossed bar on the device.

Then, move the bar towards one of the highest hooks until the free end is lying on the floor. At this point, you can tie some plates for weight. Then, remove the bar and check if it is balanced.

You can add weights or subtract them until you are in an ideal balance. When the bar is in balance, the weight attached to the rope should be the same as the bar’s weight.

How Much Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh

I want to point out that there are problems with this method.
First, you’ll only be as accurate as of the most compact weight plate available. Most likely, it will be more or less 2.5 pounds.

In addition, the interaction between your rope and the bar can make the bar appear like it is a bit heavier than it is. That means you may be off by 3lbs or more.

Types of Smith Machines

There are two significant kinds of Smith machines to make things easier for you: commercial Smith Machines and Commercial Smith machines.

In general, the features of commercial and residential Smith machines are as follows…


  • Perfectly linear
  • Bushing glide system
  • No counterbalance
  • Bar takes standard or Olympic plates (so 1 inch or 2 inch sleeves)
  • Bar weight = ~30+lbs
  • The residential Smith machines generally have a weight limit of 400 pounds. Capacity.


  • Angled (7-12 degrees)
  • Bearing glide system
  • Counterbalanced
  • Bar takes Olympic plates (2 inch barbell sleeves)
  • Bar weight = 6-25lbs
  • Smith machines for commercial use. Smith machines come with a maximum weight capacity of 600-1000lbs.

In addition to these two categories, which are numerous sellers as well as minor differences in design, You can also find All-in-One Smith machines as well as 3D Smith machines.

All Smith machines are similar to regular Smith machines, including cable pulleys, a movable bench, and various other accessories. They are available in multiple qualities, and they are often very expensive and costly and could feature an inclined rail.

The starting weight of the smith machine bar

The most effective Smith machine Bar weight will be the minimum amount that you are able to use for any workout using the equipment. Different machines have diverse bar weights, and this Fitness equipment manual to discover the bar weights of several famous Smith machines.

If you aren’t sure of the mass of your bar on your Smith machine, you can suppose an approximate average bar weight of fifteen pounds (6.8 Kgs) for machines that are counterbalanced and thirty (13.6 kgs) pounds for machines that are not balanced.

How much does the bar weigh on a Marcy smith machine?

The bent Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G Smith machine isn’t equipped with a counterbalance weight. The barbell’s weight on this machine is 25 pounds (11.3 Kg), and the bar is able to support up to 400 pounds of weight.

How much does the bar weigh on a Matrix smith machine?

The Matrix Magnum Magnum MG-PL62 model does not come with the bar with the purchase. If you purchase the recommended bar on your own and then add it to the device using the balancing weights, you’ll get the bar counterbalanced to about 25 pounds (11.3 Kg).

How much does the bar weigh on a Nautilus smith machine?

The Nautilus Smith machine is an example of an inclined Smith machine that doesn’t have weights that counterbalance. The bar on the Smith device is light that it doesn’t require an offset weight, and the bar weighs just 15.4 pounds (7 kg).

How much does the smith machine bar weigh at La Fitness?

The bent Smith machine bar available at the LA Fitness center can hold enough weight to allow intense workouts. However, the Smith machine is able to do exercises with a starting weight of 20lbs (9 Kgs) since the weight of the Smith machine is 20 pounds.

How much does the bar weigh on a Body Solid smith machine?

The Series Body-Solid Smith machine has a large diameter fast-to-respond bar that all levels of lifters can use. The bar weighs just 25,5 pounds (11.3 Kg).

How much does a Life Fitness smith machine bar weigh?

The Life fitness Smith apparatus was built to give you a similar experience to the movement of free weights. In order to replicate the action as closely as is possible, the bar’s weight is identical to that of the Olympic bar. Its weight for the Life Fitness Smith bar weighs 44lbs (20 Kgs).

How much does the bar weigh on a Hammer Strength smith machine?

Its Hammer force Smith machine bar is positioned at 7 degrees from the vertical, corresponding to the natural angle. It weighs around 20lbs (9 kgs) and can support up to 700 pounds (295 kgs) of weight.

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