Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks?

Would you like to improve your legs’ strength by squatting and lifting heavier weights? Then a squat rack is an excellent piece of gym equipment. A squat rack is used while doing squats so you can carry a barbell.

Even though most gyms have squat racks, you may be wondering: does Planet Fitness have squat racks? There’s a sort of answer to that question.


There are no squat racks at Planet Fitness, but there are Smith Machines that are useful for similar exercises. We explain why Planet Fitness removed the squat racks from the newer gym branches and why they no longer have them.

Also, we will show you some Smith Machines you can use to perform squat-rack-like exercises.


Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks

Does Planet Fitness Have Squat Racks? 

Gym equipment that’s not common to most Planet Fitness clubs is the squat rack.


There were Planet Fitness clubs that had the Squat rack in the past. Today, however, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever come across the squat rack at Planet Fitness.

If you correctly place the safety pins or bars, a squat rack could be used with no human spotter. This could be a valid reason why Planet Fitness had them previously.

Also, working your legs which comprise the most significant muscle mass within the human body, is a fantastic way to be fit. The squat rack is a piece of great exercise equipment that should be in every fitness centre.

Why are there no squat racks at Planet Fitness?

Although squat racks can be great, they’ve been omitted from most Planet Fitness clubs because they are considered intimidating. Keep in mind that Planet Fitness isn’t your usual gym.

It’s not designed meant for bodybuilders, but it is designed for regular gym users. These are more geared towards those who don’t wish to be confronted or criticized by the various gym equipment.

In addition, using squat racks, free weights are utilized. The heavy consequences could be hazardous. Sure, a lot of people can safely use them.

However, the majority of customers who join Planet fitness are not experienced. This means that there is an increased risk of injury in the first place. Planet Fitness doesn’t want that to be a liability. It also means a higher cost of insurance.

Planet Fitness doesn’t target bodybuilders who have experience with the various equipment used in gyms. PF is geared towards beginners.

The owners pick the more accessible, non-frightening, safer equipment for gyms, such as rowing machines. PF is seeking out people who will not trigger the alarm that sounds like a lunk.

Usually, it’s normal for Planet Fitness choice of gym equipment changes over the years.

Although squat racks are absent, practising more difficult Squats in Planet Fitness is still possible. There is alternative equipment that you could still utilize.

The most popular is the Smith machine. Smith machine and it is a multi-purpose machine. Smith Machine is a multi-purpose machine that is able to function as a machine for bench pressing or squat rack, and so on.

They have a weight attached to the machine, making them safer to use than other models with no spotter or spotter.

Some don’t like people don’t like the Smith machine because of its restricted range of movement. But, it’s beneficial and can be utilized to build muscle in your legs. In addition, Smith machines are safer and easier to use, and Smith machine is less dangerous and simpler to master, even for beginners.

An alternative is to employ the free weights when you do your lunges and squats. These weights aren’t just beneficial for your biceps or triceps. And they can make other exercises such as lunges and squats more difficult.

It is also possible to use this leg presses machine. Although it’s not the exact replacement for squats, it can help you strengthen your legs.

It’s only a matter of the fact that the leg press is concentrated on the movement of the legs. However, different muscle groups such as hips and abs are also employed when you do squats.

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Planet Fitness used to have racks for squatting. They decided to take them off their equipment list because they were deemed intimidating. They also took them off and replaced them with easier-to-learn machines to ensure their safety.

Focusing on the muscles of the lower extremities remains feasible with the many gym equipments available in Planet Fitness. Additionally, there are free weights that can be carried while performing lunges or squats in order to increase the amount of challenge.

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