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Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Planet Fitness focuses on making people healthier and is a space that will help you enhance your fitness and health. They’re an exercise facility, but they have a distinct style from their competitors. They are regarded as a “Fitness Club.” .”

If you plan to incorporate weights as part of your exercise routine, you have to inquire, ” Does Planet Fitness have free weights?”. Short answer: “yes, Planet Fitness has free weights at their gyms.

Why? Free weights will provide the best results in sculpting your muscles while also giving you total exercise for your body. Planet Fitness offers weights that come in various sizes to ensure that everyone is able to find the perfect size for their needs.

Apart from the free-weights program, Planet Fitness also has various weight machines and cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, Stairmaster, etc.

Below, we’ll talk about the various free weights available as well as discuss some of the related subjects.

Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights

Why Does Planet Fitness Have Free Weights?

Planet Fitness is the home of all the exclusive gym equipment. It’s loaded with necessary gym equipment, including dumbbells, cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, fixed barbells, loose barbells, and plates.

Free weights are more about your posture understanding and muscle tension.

You will find all the well-maintained free weights at almost every Planet Fitness gym.

In a variety of ways, they are versatile exercise equipment.

You can also use barbells or dumbbells to strengthen your biceps at planet fitness. As well as improving your balance, you can use them to make your squats more challenging.

Types of Free Weights at Planet Fitness

The kinds of free weights available at Planet Fitness are dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, and TRX straps.


It is the most well-known exercise tool. The most popular free weights are employed in strength training programs for both women and men.

You can utilize them to do bicep curls, shoulder raises, military presses as well as squats, to mention some exercises. They are available in sets ranging between three and fifty pounds or more per hand based on the amount of weight you’re looking to lift.

The heavier sets will be more challenging, but they’ll be more beneficial. Lifting lighter ones is ideal for those who are just beginning or want to add variety when it comes to your workout.


Barbells appear as if they are bars and can be utilized to perform various exercises. They’re typically straight bars made of metal equipped with a weight plate at the ends, though specific models have handles attached to the ends.

You load them with pounds until you reach the amount you want and then do your exercises.

Smith Machine 

Smith MachineSmith Machines are made to provide support when lifting weights. There’s no worry about falling or losing control during the lifting. It can only move up and down in a fixed direction, which is safe to use, but it does not allow for a lot of variety in squats, shoulder shrugs, bench presses, etc.

There are different equipment like cable stations, where cables offer resistance at various angles.

TRX Straps 

TRX Straps are two straps with handles on their ends secured to the ceiling. The straps are secured enough to withstand the weight of your entire body and will help your body weight.

TRX Straps can be used for various types of exercise with your body weight, and It can be used to work the entire body’s muscles such as legs, arms, abs, core, and so on.

What is the Maximum Weight at Planet Fitness?

You’ll have all the freedom to train wherever you’d like to your preferences in the gym.
There are no limitations, and weights are readily available every day.

But, once you’ve completed your ideal fitness regimen and are strong enough to take on the load, the gym will set the weight limit.

The maximum weight limit will be 75 pounds for expert trainees.

Benefits of Free Weights at Planet Fitness

Weights that are free, like barbells and dumbbells, are an excellent way to build strength, and they aren’t just for strengthening muscles. Fitness experts suggest that it’s essential to keep your body healthy and good balance.

Many people want to use this by going to the gym and using the free weights, but often they do not know what or how they should do with them.

If you need assistance with weight training, one possibility is to have individual training sessions with an experienced trainer from Planet Fitness.

They will show you precisely what you need to do and teach you the proper technique so that the chance of injury diminishes and you can see the improvement in the results faster.

Planet fitness knows how difficult it is to find time, and hectic schedules to get to fitness classes can prove challenging. Therefore, they provide a wide selection of services that include individual training sessions you can participate in from your home.

Planet Fitness’ free equipment lets people get the most out of their gym experience without fear. This allows people who are new or have little experience to make the most of their services.

Free weights create a place where everyone is welcome, whether they’re starting or lifting for many years.

Free Weights vs. Machines: Do You Really Need to Choose?

You’ll have access to various free weights and machine weights in a gym.

If you’re worried about choosing the best choice from the two options and struggling to make it work.

It’s an impressive improvement you can achieve for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Before deciding whether to select free or machine weights, it is essential to know the benefits of these two options.

Weights that are free of charge are all about your understanding of posture and tension in your muscles.

You are not free or have a specifically commanded action.

You need to know the proper posture for using the weights. Also, get some guidance from a trainer.

While machine weights give you some support and it helps you maintain the perfect posture, you pay less attention to your body control.

It doesn’t require any particular attention or support. For the best training experience, experts recommend an assortment of both weights.

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Overall, weight training can improve your strength and help you lose weight if done correctly. Furthermore, free weights at the gym help develop core muscles, which are often neglected during cardio workouts.

Free weight training burns 20% more calories than working out solely with machines. 

If you do not have the money or the time to buy your equipment, Planet Fitness offers free weights to help you stay fit.


Does Planet Fitness have free weight bench press?

NO, Planet Fitness doesn’t have a free-weight bench press.

Are there weight machines at Planet Fitness?

Even if a good workout doesn’t require them, adding weight to exercises effectively measures and makes progress, planet fitness has plenty of machines, cardio equipment, dumbbells, fixed barbells, and other random items.

How heavy are the dumbbells at Planet Fitness?

Most Planet Fitness locations will offer dumbbells up to 50 pounds. You can do quite a good arm workout without using the barbell and the heavier weights.

Does Planet Fitness have barbells?

YES, Planet Fitness have barbells.

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