Planet Fitness Tanning Review 2024

Think about a place where you can exercise, relax, and tan your body as well. Do not imagine since we actually have one gym with all three facilities.

That gym is Planet Fitness, where you can find tanning beds and tanning booths, as well as Hydromassage Beds, Total Body Enhancement Booths, and other spa treatments that are part of the Black Card membership.

This article focuses on indoor tanning and provides a Planet Fitness Tanning Review. Read on to find out all the details on how to tan at Planet Fitness and whether or not it is a good idea to use their tanning beds.

Planet Fitness Tanning

Planet Fitness Tanning Review

The tanning experience in Planet fitness is comparable to tanning at any other tanning booth. Planet Fitness provides tanning facilities on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are the first to go, you will be able to access tanning shortly. If you arrive late, tanning will take a while. Black card holders will have access to tanning facilities anytime during the gap time. It is necessary to schedule an appointment.

It is often possible to get Guest Passes if you know someone with a Black Card membership or simply asking.
There are many branches of Planet fitness that offer different kinds of equipment. Not all PFs offer tanning facilities.

You can visit whenever you want and take advantage of the tanning facilities. If it’s a spray tanning booth, you need to know the duration of its use on the booth space.

If it’s an outdoor tanning bed, you can be able to access it at all times before use, which ensures that it’s free of dirt. Certain branches of Planet fitness are open for all hours of the day.

You’ll have access to the tanning services whenever you’d like, but the tanning beds do have limitations in terms of time because excessive use of tanning beds can result in carcinoma.

How Does Planet Fitness Tanning Work?

There’s nothing complicated regarding using the tanning facilities offered by Planet Fitness. If you’re a black cardmember can avail yourself anytime you wish if you are in a club that provides spray-tan services.

The use of the tanning bed at Planet Fitness is available during the entire duration of the club’s opening hours. For instance, if you’re a member of a gym that is open 24 hours a day and you are allowed to use the tanning facilities during the middle of the night when you’d like.

Planet Fitness Tanning

If you’re brand new to Planet Fitness or simply haven’t yet tried these tanning beds, you need to know some basic guidelines. If you’re using those Planet Fitness tanning beds, be aware of:

  • You are using the bed to your risk. This means you have to be aware of the clothes you put on in bed and how long you remain in the rays.
  • There’s usually no person on staff at the tanning beds. Therefore, you’ll have to cooperate with gym-goers in order to determine which person will be next to take the turn.
  • There is a cleaning solution that includes paper towels in the vicinity of these tanning beds. The solution is intended to dry before a person is able to use the bed. However, as there is usually an opening, it is up to the previous owner to spray the bed and clean the device. Take care and double-check that the mattress is thoroughly cleaned and sprayed before using it.
  • If you’re a black card member, you have the right to unlimited use of tanning beds and spray tanning services if they are available in the club you belong to.
  • Many clubs offer the option of combining traditional beds and stand-up booths to tan.

Planet Fitness is a gym that promotes self-sufficiency, generally, and its tanning program isn’t any exception. When you’ve joined the gym, you control which method you’d like to use those tanning beds. If you need assistance and need help, don’t hesitate to contact any member of staff but do so.

Unlimited Tanning At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers unlimited tanning for all of their Black Card membership holders. This changed after they were ordered to pay penalty fees, and PF did not warn their clients of the dangers of skin cancer from their tanning beds.

In the wake of the court’s decision, the tanning policy of PF has been changed.

They have agreed to provide training to all employees responsible for delivering tanning services. In certain branches, one designated employee will explain the length of time that the session will be.

In the same way, they said they would not make health-related claims using their devices for red light therapy.

Their skilled staff will assist you with the equipment and ensure (relative) security.

There are no warning signs in the vicinity of tanning equipment. Eye protection is required now, and some branches provide eyewear free, while other locations need you to bring your eyewear protection before you can use these tanning beds.

Types of Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness offers two varieties of tanning beds with the exact results, but they operate differently. However, standing tanning beds can be more relaxing to utilize, and this is because lay-down tanning beds are built with the base of the glass, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

Standing Tanning Beds

Compared to laid-down tanning beds, standing beds can provide a lot of UV exposure. This is why Planet Fitness personnel will limit your time in bed. Due to the intense lighting, it could even cause skin irritation in the absence of a standard. Many people forfeit the convenience of lying down when choosing a stand-up booth. It is selected because it offers the space needed to move around quickly. It can also make lifting and lowering your arms and head turn and bending your knees easier.

The bathrooms are cleaner than beds, which will draw you. Since you won’t lie on the same bed covered in lotion, that’s the scenario.

Lay-down Tanning Beds

If you’re comfortable and relaxed and comfortable, you’ll be able to absorb UV radiation. Of course, it’s not true that you won’t be able to absorb UV rays if you’re uncomfortable. But, the experience is more fluid and effortless when you’re in a relaxed state.

The issue of hygiene is one reason these beds aren’t highly regarded. For instance, you may enter a dirty bed because the previous owner did not clean the bed. The team of Planet Fitness, on the other hand, will ensure that the tanning facilities are clean and make sure that the time there is enjoyable.

Another factor to consider is that mattresses are glass, which can be uncomfortable. Additionally, you’ll create tension points on your body and between the glass tanning when you put your body against the glass, resulting in tanning wrinkles, which can be unpleasant on the skin.

Spray Tan Booths

Spray tans are an excellent option for tanned, and they’re much more healthy than tanning beds. A spray tan will give you instant bronze and radiant skin, and the result is quick and can last for up to one week.

But it’s not a suntan and does not provide the benefits associated with a suntan. Certain areas, such as the knees, fingers, elbows, feet and wrists, can be unevenly tanned with cracks and streaks.

Spray tanning is entirely secure, but be careful not to inhale the solution for spray tanning.

Benefits of Tanning At Planet Fitness

Although tanning can be risky, it has more advantages, especially when it is done with PF.

1. It’s possible to use it for as long as you want in the event that you’ve already made the membership payment. However, don’t assume that you’ll be at the gym every day or even multiple times per day, and there’s a limit to the risk involved.

2. It can help you enhance your exercise. It is possible to schedule a tanning session after exercising, which will aid in the recovery process.

3. Beds are simple to use. If they’re creating anxiety, the staff will be there to help you make the most of your experience.

4. You don’t have to schedule an appointment beforehand in some cases. If you have the equipment, there is a chance to utilize it.

5. Since tanning is always available in Planet Fitness, the results will be fantastic. Also, you’ll maintain your glow throughout the year since your visit often during the week.

Risk Associated With Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

It could be exciting to access these devices. However, there are significant risks involved.

Planet Fitness Tanning

Do not ignore the warnings.

Be sure to read and comprehend these guidelines to know what you’re getting yourself into. The dangers that come with getting sunburnt on the premises of Planet Fitness include the following:

  • Skin damage – The tanning bed at Planet Fitness will produce UVA and UVB Rays that simulate the sun’s rays and cause your skin to get tanned. These beds could be harmful to the skin. Avoid using them for too long.
  • In case of contamination from other people – a cleaning spray, as well as paper towels, have been included to clean the beds before and after using. However, you cannot be sure that the beds are truly clean. In order to effectively clean your beds, the disinfectant must be allowed to dry completely. In reality, people do not have enough time to wait. Also, make sure to shower before your tanning session!
  • Increases the risk of skin cancer Risk of developing skin cancer rises when you are in the act of tanning. This is not limited to sun tanning and indoor tanning, which exposes your body to UV radiation. Individuals who don’t comprehend how tanning functions may be spending too much time tanning to achieve radiant skin.

The warnings and guidelines are located in the areas of the tanning beds. They even have employees responsible for reducing the UV radiation reflected to the clients. They inform customers about the amount of time they are able to spend in the tanning booths.


Essential Details About Indoor Tanning

The indoor tanning method is a great way to get that perfect tan you’ve imagined, regardless of the time of year. Many of us feel better with glowing, gorgeous, beautiful and tanned skin.

However, getting a tan, whether it’s through indoor tanning machines or outside in the sun, causes harm to your skin. Tanning is the body’s natural reaction in response to UV damage, and Tanning can accelerate ageing and may also cause skin cancer.

This is especially true for people who abuse their beds by staying in all day. The machines for indoor tanning produce highly intense light (up to 26 times the power of sunlight! ).

It’s only necessary to be in the light for a short period. Most people don’t know about this, which is why excessive exposure is considerable danger.

The majority of tanning salons have staff who help their clients with how to use tanning salons. This was the root of Planet Fitness’s previous issues. In permitting customers to use the machines with no surveillance, PF neglected to explain the dangers that customers were exposed to.

The main point is that everything we do, such as walking along the streets and driving a car, comes with dangers.

It’s a method to get that perfect tan you’ve imagined regardless of the time of year. Many of us feel more beautiful with radiant and gorgeous complexions that are tanned.

There are many benefits of tanning. Some people simply like the feeling of a natural tan regardless of whether it’s UV-tanned.

We strongly advise you to be aware and be aware of the dangers.

Are the Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Any Good?

There are many opinions among members regarding tanning at Planet Fitness. Many love the beds and would highly recommend them. However, some have reported poor experiences not always with the bed or booths but with the entire process of using tanning beds.

Here are two of the biggest complaints about Planet Fitness Tanning:


Most Planet Fitness branches expect customers to tidy up their mess before and after using those tanning beds. Because of the various tanning lotions for indoor use by customers, oils may be accumulated even when customers take care to tidy up.

A few people do not wash the tanning beds well enough, which means there’s usually still dirt over the bedding. In the branch you are in where they are located, certain staff members will wash the tanning beds, whereas others don’t bother.

Bulb Maintenance

A few customers have also reported that there are branches that tanning beds can cause burning. The bulbs of tanning beds need to be checked regularly and replaced, and some branches leave them out for extended periods.

It could be why it is possible to get burned you are tanning.

Additionally, if you spend too long in tanning beds (particularly in the event that you do not follow the guidelines regarding timing), it is more likely to suffer burns.

One of the main reasons people would use tanning beds at Planet Fitness is the Black Card offerings. By signing up for one membership, you gain access to many benefits.

If you do not like Planet Fitness, you can learn how to end your membership here.

In the end, most clients get tan at Planet Fitness because their Black Card membership lets them. Thanks to membership benefits, members believe they are getting an excellent value for what they pay for worth.

While it might not be as well-maintained and neat as a salon dedicated to tanning, The Planet Fitness tanning beds are excellent and could make it cheaper for customers.

What the Customers are Saying About Planet Fitness Tanning

Customers who have tried Planet Fitness tanning came to some agreed-upon conclusions that might be useful to think about. These are the most important suggestions made by clients:

  • Cleanliness customers have complained that since Planet Fitness expects customers themselves to clean and spray the tanning beds after every usage, they can become highly filthy. The members say that staff rarely ever cleans the equipment themselves, and the beds get dirty in time.
  • Burning members have reported that, based on the club, you may have to be cautious to stay clear of burning. The lamps in beds for tanning are designed to be changed every day. Many customers have complained that their bulbs inside Planet Fitness beds are often left unattended. If you’re not aware of the time they replace, they could cause burns when you stay there all day.
  • Value The main reason people use the tanning services offered by Planet Fitness is because of the value. With one subscription, you can enjoy all gym access as well as unlimited tanning. This can cut out what can be an expensive cost for regular and constant tanning in salons.

They say that the quality of the tanning offered in Planet Fitness is what keeps returning. While the level of cleanliness and the degree of security isn’t the same as what you get at salons specialising in tanning, you can undoubtedly get substantial savings when you use the tanning facilities in Planet Fitness.

Safety Tips While Tanning At Planet Fitness

If you opt to use either the tanning bed or the stands-up booth for tanning, you will require protection from excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. Here are some things you must do:

Figure Out Your Skin Type

Different types of skin react differently to tanning beds in different ways. Some skin types can get tanned in the tanning bed for a more extended period than others before they begin to burn. Find out your skin type (use your Fitzpatrick Scale) to determine the limits to tanning.

Fitzpatrick Scale Source: Wikipedia

Use Eye Protection

Eyes should be secured while using tanning machines. There are UV protection goggles that can be worn when lying down, and there are also others affixed to your nose for use in tanning booths with a stand-up design.

Time Your Sessions

Don’t blindly opt to get the perfect bronze. Make use of a timer to precisely know how long you’ve been in the sun’s rays. Although you’re entitled to all the time in the booth to get tanned, you must still be aware of the limits.

Avoid Tanning Daily

It’s not recommended that UV get tanned every day, and you are able to keep and increase your tan when you do not use machines for tanning every day. If you’re constantly tanning, it will end with a skin blemish. It’s best to wait 36-48 hours between your tanning sessions.

Use the Beauty Angel Afterward

When you’ve finished the tanning bed, head over to The Beauty Angel RVT30 Total Body Enhancement machine to get some treatment, the units utilize vibration and red light therapy to revitalize and restore your skin.


How Long Can You Lay In The Tanning Bed At Planet Fitness?

If you have a lighter complexion, The first session you have will be between 6 and 7 minutes. Then, the next session will last 15 minutes.

If you are darker in complexion, it is possible to remain on the mattress for as long as 30 minutes.

Is There A Safe Way To Tan In A Tanning Bed?


Make sure you are using an indoor tanner, and make sure that your body is well-protected in the appropriate places.

What Is A Good Tanning Schedule?

It is recommended to do this for around three days per week until your tan has healthy and well-developed. Then, repeat it every two weeks to ensure maintenance. Be careful not to expose yourself to too much.

Do You Have To Flip Over In Tanning Bed?

Yes. So your back areas will have the colour they need, and you’ll have the same results across your entire body.

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To utilize the Planet Fitness tanning beds, simply lay down on your back and stretch out your body. After that, you should turn back and then turn to your opposite side before leaving. The sequence should yield the most effective results and will leave you looking stunning.

Be aware that tanning can be detrimental, so be careful not to overexpose your skin. It is better to do it regularly but not to the extent that you harm your beautiful skin.

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