What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field? ❤️ Official

What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

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A List Of Top 14 Companies in the Consumer Services Field

A List Of Top 14 Companies in the Consumer Services Field


Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Size: 1,608,000 employees

Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Web Development Engineer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Data Architect

Amazon is one of the first companies to use technology and create digital service experiences for consumers worldwide. The business operates as an online bazaar where customers can buy and sell goods and receive customised suggestions, publishing and streaming services, home security and virtual assistants.

Amazon Web Services is a cloud that businesses of all sizes use to cut costs, be more flexible, and make sure their data is safe. In the system, there are more than 200 data centres around the world.

Amazon is an excellent place for technology professionals to find jobs in consumer services because of the company’s large size and wide range of services.

The Amazon consumer services team also takes care of Fresh grocery delivery.

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Headquarters: Issaquah, Washington

Size: 288,000 employees

Costco is a wholesale warehouse club with a wide range of products, specialised departments, and services for its members. In 1976, the company started in San Diego as Price Club. In 1983, it merged with Costco in Seattle to become PriceCostco.

In 1997, the company changed its name to Costco. It now has hundreds of locations around the world. The company’s information systems division is based at Costco’s home office. It comprises a wide range of tech workers who do things like network technology and data analytics.

Costco is the biggest store in the world. It has stores in eight countries other than the U.S. The company offers a wide range of goods and services, such as a pharmacy, eye care, and photo printing.

The company sells goods at low prices, in bulk, and to individual customers. In exchange for a membership fee, Costco gives members significant discounts on a wide range of goods. There are more than 800 warehouses in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Korea, and other countries.


Headquarters:: Denver, Colorado

Size: 501–1,000 employees

Ibotta is a digital platform that helps people save money on groceries and online stores while they shop. Ibotta was started in 2012 and has teamed up with several big brands and stores to give people who want to save money discounts, rebates, and cashback options.

Professionals who wish for flexible jobs could look into careers in project management, software engineering, research analysis, or partnership development, where they might be able to work from home or in different states.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Size: 5,000 employees

Talkdesk is a cloud-based customer service centre that helps companies improve how they talk to their customers. In 2011, Talkdesk helped more than 1,800 businesses improve their customer satisfaction ratings and increase their productivity by making calls sound better and letting them connect with apps.

Talkdesk’s employees work in an environment that is fast-paced, based on culture, and full of new ideas. Talkdesk has a wide range of jobs for people in the IT field in many different places around the world.

Walt Disney Company

Corporate Headquarters: Burbank, California

The Walt Disney is an international business that works in media and entertainment. It includes Disney parks and products, the distribution of media and entertainment, live theatre, and platforms for streaming like ABC Entertainment.

Disney is a leader in the consumer services industry when it comes to leisure and hospitality. It uses technology to give people personalised experiences. The Walt Disney Company is a big name in entertainment. They run theme parks and help people stream their favourite shows or sports content.

Technology professionals who want to work in entertainment and media consumer services can find many jobs with The Walt Disney Company.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Size: 6,132 employees

Businesses are changing consumer services like Airbnb. Through this company, people can rent out rooms in their homes to tourists, travellers, and other people looking for a place to stay.

Airbnb has been a successful business, even though it has had some problems, like legal battles with hotel associations. It has grown into a billion-dollar company. Despite these problems, Airbnb keeps growing and is still a key part of the sharing economy.

Millions of people around the world use Airbnb. There are many jobs in customer service, from managing social media to being a host. You can also use Airbnb to make extra money.

Apple Inc.

Headquarters: Cupertino, California

Size: 154,000 employees

Apple Inc. was one of the first companies to offer products and services to consumers.

People like Apple’s cell phones, tablets, personal computers, portable music players, and other devices that help them have fun and get things done.

Apple’s subsidiary companies offer a wide range of services and products.

When you work in customer service for Apple, there are a lot of pros and cons.

Depending on what they do, some support and service staff can work from home.

Many people like working in the Apple support and service division because it is a friendly workplace, and they can always learn something new.

 TJX Companies

Corporate Headquarters: Framingham, Massachusetts

TJX Companies is a major clothes and home goods retailer in the U.S. and worldwide. The company has about 4,700 stores in nine different countries on three continents.

TJX Companies also has five different e-commerce sites with their brands. These include Marshalls, Marmaxx, HomeGoods, Sierra, and T.J. Maxx. These sites offer discounts on a wide range of brand-name and designer items that change often.

IT professionals who work well as part of a team and know how to use the latest tools, software, and methods can get jobs at TJX Companies.

Home Depot

Corporate Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia

Home Depot is a big home improvement store in North America. It has 2,300 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In 1979, the company started with two stores in Atlanta, Georgia, which is still where its main office is.

Today, Home Depot has brick-and-mortar stores and an e-commerce business that works with brick-and-mortar stores. It has over 1 million products for both do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors.

Home Depot has jobs in customer service in fields like engineering and cybersecurity. Many of these places are far away.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Size: 1,000 employees

Innovaccer is a healthcare technology company that wants to improve patients’ care by using big data analytics. Using Inovaccer’s data activation platform, healthcare businesses can better use the information they collect to make better products.

Innovaccer is looking for people in engineering, talent acquisition, sales, and product management all over the United States to improve health care for patients.

It started in 2014 and is a good choice for people who want to improve health care for patients.


Headquarters: New York, NY

Pfizer is one of the largest companies in the world that makes medicines. In 1849, two Germans who had moved to New York started the business. They sell different kinds of

Medicine is made all over the world. Their COVID-19 vaccine was one of the first to be approved because it used mRNA technology. Pfizer also works with a pharmacy benefits manager to make sure that good pharmacies get their drugs.

With more than $80 billion in sales in 2021, Pfizer is a giant in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Pfizer has many different kinds of jobs, from research and development to marketing.


Corporate Headquarters: Heathrow, Florida

Since its founding in 1902, AAA has fought for driver education, vehicle safety, safer roads, and travellers’ rights. Since 1897, the Automobile Club has been a leader in making sure people travel safely.

AAA has 61 million members, 32 auto clubs, and more than 1,000 branch offices across North America. AAA provides various services, from roadside help and insurance to booking travel.

AAA has a lot of jobs in travel technology, data analytics, and software engineering for people who want to work in customer service.


Corporate Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In 1963, Comcast began as a single-system cable operator in Tupelo, Mississippi. Today, it is a global media and technology company that includes Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky (its European media and entertainment branch).

The company offers Xfinity internet, mobile, TV, media and entertainment, and home management services. NBCUniversal creates, makes, and sells news, entertainment, and information worldwide.

Comcast offers a wide range of services that need a lot of technology experts, like those who work in network security and DevOps.

Herc Rentals

Headquarters: Bonita Springs, Florida

Size: 5,000 employees

Herc Rentals is a well-known business with over 265 locations in many countries. It rents out equipment that is safe, efficient, and effective. Herc Rentals is a place where people can find equipment used in the facilities and construction industries.

At Herc Rentals, you can rent, among other things, power generators, trucks, trailers, air compressors, and tools for working with concrete and brick.

At Herc Rentals, there are many jobs available in sales, marketing, management, repair services, and information technology.

What Is the Consumer Services Field?

Human resources (HR), computers, and information technology (IT) are used in consumer services to help customers.

In contrast to clothes, toys, cars, and appliances, these services involve processes, results, and experiences. Consumer services companies are concerned with transactions, customer service, and how people use services.

Consumer services, like online shopping, health and social services, and entertainment, are all powered by people and technology.

For example, Netflix’s online streaming platform uses HR and technology to offer original content and a monthly streaming subscription. There are jobs in consumer services in almost every industry.

The types of Consumer Services Companies

Consumer services are important in all fields, such as banking, transportation, education, and the hospitality industry. When you are preparing for your future career, you need to know about the different kinds of companies that serve customers. Here are three different kinds of businesses that offer services to consumers.

Hospitality Companies

In the hospitality industry, customer service is very important. People will come into contact with you every day if you work in a restaurant, hotel, park, or bar. The goal is to make sure that every customer has a good time and gets top-notch service. You can work in any of these areas of hospitality, since they all have something to do with customer service.

Insurance Companies

People always want insurance, whether it’s for their health, their home, their car, their jewelry, or their house. Some go so far as to buy life insurance. Insurance companies are always trying to get new customers, so customer service is important to their growth. You could be a salesperson for insurance, a customer relations officer, a manager of the customer experience, or a lot of other things.

Entertainment Companies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that the number of jobs in the entertainment industry will grow by 22.4% between 2020 and 2030. This means that there will be more jobs for people just starting out and more chances. You could work in customer service and also be in charge of customer service. There is a box office ticket agent, a reservations agent, and many more.

How to get a Job within the Consumer Services Field

Qualifications are essential in every field and will affect how likely you will find a job in that field. Employers like to hire skilled and qualified people who know how important it is to put the customer first. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting a job in the consumer services field.

Learn about the field. 

Before looking for jobs, you should know what consumer services are. Are they the same in every area? How can you tell the difference between good services and those that aren’t? If you know the ins and outs of the business, you can pick the kind of business that fits your needs best.

Learn to learn. 

Education is essential because it helps you understand how people act as customers, attract loyal customers, and make sales. You can get the skills you need by attending a traditional college, taking online courses, or attending a sales boot camp.

Develop your skills. 

Employers look for specific skills when they hire people. In the field of consumer services, the most critical soft skills are listening, being able to solve problems, and being able to organize things. It would help if you also showed that you have hard skills like knowing about your product, being able to type and use a computer, and being able to deal with customers.

Create a professional resume that is well-written. 

Your resume could give you an advantage over other people who are applying. All you have to do is make a CV that stands out and a cover letter that explains what you can do for the company. In the consumer services field, employers look for people who have experience, use specific skills, speak the correct language, and pay close attention to details.

Be prepared in advance for an interview. 

Get ready ahead of time for an interview. This means researching the company and learning as much as possible about the role you might be given. You should also work on your confidence and show your interviewers that you will provide all potential clients with excellent customer service.

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