Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

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Anytime Fitness has adjustable benches and dumbbell racks in the free weights area, so you can do exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats & chest presses.


You can choose the weight that works for you no matter how fit or strong you are. This will help you reach your fitness goals.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights.


Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

Yes, Anytime Fitness has Free Weights in all of their clubs. In fact, they have a whole section for free weights and strength training with them.

Anytime Fitness


Free weights are one of the most important tools for building strength and stamina as well as muscle mass. So, let’s see what free weights Anytime Fitness has to offer.

Why Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

There are numerous large gym chains in the US, including Crossfit, Planet Fitness, OrangeTheory, & Equinox. Another large chain that is situated in the center of all of them is Anytime Fitness.

neither the cheapest nor the priciest. If you join an organization with quality equipment & strong culture, you’re not joining a cult. With facilities, it is open 24/7. Why would you not enjoy it?

A variety of cardio equipment is available at AF along with strength training tools and classes.

There is a specific area at Anytime Fitness for free weights. Dumbbells, Olympic bars, Olympic plates, and loaded barbells are all available here.

You can find things like adjustable benches that enable you utilise free weights to perform different exercises in the well-designed space. Even deadlift platforms are available in several locations.

No matter how physically active or strong you are, you can find the weight that is most comfortable for you.

Anytime Fitness Amenities


  • 24-hour access.
  • 24-hour security.
  • convenient parking.
  • anywhere gym access.
  • private restrooms.
  • private showers.
  • health plan discounts.
  • wellness programs
  • Cardio Tvs
  • TVs And HDTVs

Types of Free Weights at Anytime Fitness


Anytime Fitness clubs have a surprising variety of free weights to meet the needs of different customers. These are some of the free weights:

  • Dumbbells that go up to 150lbs
  • Olympic plates
  • EZ curl bars
  • Pre-loaded barbells
  • Olympic bars
  • Resistance bands
  • resistance machines
  • Some locations have BandBell bamboo barbells and safety squat bars.

Basically, the Anytime Fitness clubs have most of the free weights. Most places have at least two squat racks but not all of them have platforms for deadlifts.

You can use these weights for exercises like the ones below:

  • Dumbbell chest presses
  • Dumbbell deadlifts
  • Seated shoulder presses
  • Weight squats
  • Concentration curls
  • Incline dumbbell presses
  • biceps curls
  • And many more

Most of the time, you can use free weights to work out every muscle group in your body.

You can also take free group classes & personal trainer classes whenever you want.

No matter what kind of membership you have you can use all of the weights to your benefit.If you can also check out the have pool,Bench press

How Much Do Anytime Fitness Bars Weight?

Anytime Fitness has a few different kinds of strength bars with different lengths and weights.

  • Olympic Barbell
  • Pre-loaded Barbell

Olympic Barbell

The Olympic barbell, which is 7 feet long, is the standard fitness bar. The weight is 45 pounds when it is empty, which is enough for beginner exercise.

Olympic Barbell

Then, you can put weight on the bar, starting with 2 1/2 pounds & going up to 45 pounds, which is twice the weight of the bar.

Some collars help lift the barbell bar after the weights have been added which is important for safety.

If you want to get stronger, the Olympic barbell is the best choice.

Pre-loaded Barbell

The length of the barbell that comes ready to use is between 4 & 6 feet. It has fixed weight that ranges from 20 to 120 pounds depending on the level you want & the space at the club.

Pre-loaded Barbell

If you are not sure how to use Olympic barbell bar yet the pre loaded bar that weighs less than 45 pounds is the best choice. It is also the best way to get ready for the bigger bar.

It is also the safer choice for beginners because you don’t have to remember to put the protective collars on the plates.

Reasons To Work Out With Free Weights

You can use free weights as part of your workout routine to make your muscles stronger and burn more calories.

When it comes to strength and resistance training, many people like to use free weights instead of machines. This is why:

For Functionality

The best exercises are those that help you do better even when you’re not in the gym. Most functional exercises are done with free weights.

With free weights, you can move your body in the same way you do in everyday life. Most machines, on the other hand, will have you move in a single plane. Useful, but limited.

Improve Balance

Working out with free weights not only helps you work out different muscles, but it also helps you improve your balance and coordination.

Improve Your Strength

Weights are great for strength training. Although resistance machines can also help you build strength, more muscles of the core and legs are used with free weights rather than resistance machines.

Free Weight Exercises Are Efficient

Have you ever lost your balance when you were working out with free weights? That’s actually a good thing, because the other muscles in your body, especially the larger ones and the core, work together to make sure you don’t fall even if you wobble.

That means you don’t just strengthen one muscle; you also work out other parts of your body. People say machines are safer because they only go in one direction or follow a set path.

Now you don’t have to worry about the motion. This is a lost chance to work out your other muscles, too.

Burn Lots Of Calories

You can also burn more calories when you work out with free weights. You will gain muscle, speed up your metabolism, and improve your health as a whole.

Free Weights Vs Machine Weights

Free weights are portable in the sense that they can be moved from one place to another. On the other hand, machine weights are always the same & the muscles to be worked are already set.

The strength equipment is different because of how their names describe them. Let’s talk more about how the two types of weights are different and how they might be the same.

Similarities Between Free Weights and Machine Weights

  • First of all, they are both weights, so they have the same effect on the body, which is to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance.
  • Whether you use free weights or weights on a machine, you will burn a lot of calories and lose a lot of body fat. This helps lower your cholesterol level.

Differences Between Free Weights and Machine Weights


Free weights make the body work hard to keep going which works out specific muscles as well as other muscles so they are good for the whole body.

But machine weights only work out the targeted muscles So they are great for getting benefits for those muscles.

Free weights take up less space & are cheaper to use at home especially if you want to work out there.

Machine weights, on the other hand, are mostly only found in gyms.

Machine weights are good for beginners because they tell you how to stand and move. On the other hand, beginners can get hurt if they are not careful with free weights.

With the same set of free weights, you can do many different exercises for different parts of your body. With machine weights, you can only do a few exercises on each machine.

How Heavy Should The Weights Be?


If you choose to work out with free weights, one of the first things you’ll wonder is how much weight you should use. Well that really would depend on how fit you are.

There are a lot of things to think about like your fitness level, the exercise you’re doing, & how you’ve trained in the past.

If you’re still not sure if the weights are enough ask yourself if you can feel them. Does it really work? Or does the weight not seem to make much of a difference?

To avoid picking something too heavy, you should also ask yourself if you can really do the exercise with that weight in the right way and for the right number of sets.

How many reps and sets can you do if your form is good? If you can only do one that weight might not be the best for that exercise.

Don’t think that you have to go straight to heavier weights. As your strength grows,you should gradually add more weight.

Final Words

Free weights are one of the basic gym tools that are in all Anytime Fitness clubs. So you will always find them in racks, no matter where the club is.

Free weights are great for exercising because they give you more freedom and help you work out more than one muscle group at once. The best thing about Anytime Fitness clubs is that their trainers are known for being friendly and helpful even if you are just starting out with weights.

Anytime Fitness Hours

Day Time
Monday 6:00 to 8:30am
Tuesday 6:00 to 8:30am
Wednesday 6:00 to 8:30am
Thursday 6:00 to 8:30am
Friday 6:00 to 8:30am
Saturday 6:00 to 8:30am
Sunday Closed

Anytime Fitness Holiday Hours

holiday hours

  •  New Year’s Day
  •  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  •  Valentine’s Day
  •  Presidents Day
  •  Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  •  St. Patrick’s Day
  •  Good Friday
  •  Easter Sunday
  •  Easter Monday
  •  Cinco de Mayo
  •  Mother’s Day
  •  Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  •  Father’s Day
  •  Independence Day (4th of July)
  •  Labor Day
  •  Columbus Day
  •  Halloween
  •  Veterans Day
  •  Thanksgiving Day
  •  Black Friday
  •  Christmas Eve
  •  Christmas Day
  •  Boxing Day (December 26)
  •  New Year’s Eve

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FAQ – Does Anytime Fitness Have Free Weights?

What kind of free weights does Anytime Fitness have?

In the free weights area, you’ll find resistance machines, barbells, plates that go up to 55 lbs, dumbbells that go up to 150 lbs, and EZ curl bars. There are BandBell bamboo barbells and safety squat bars in some places.

Why do gyms not have free weights?

Most likely, insurance and liability concerns are the main reason why Planet Fitness doesn’t have these heavier free weights.

If someone tries to bench press 300 pounds, they are much more likely to get hurt than if they use a Smith machine.

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