Onelife Fitness Membership Cancellation


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Are you thinking about Onelife Fitness Membership Cancellation? Perhaps you’re moving to a new location 🗺️ or need to change your plans to your membership, cancelling it can be an easy process.

Onelife Fitness has specific policies and procedures that are in place to allow the cancellation of memberships, therefore it’s essential to be aware of the conditions of your contract as well as the steps you have to follow.

This article will provide all you should learn about the cancellation of the validity of your Onelife Fitness membership.

onelife fitness membership cancellation

How Much Is The Membership Of Onelife Fitness?

First off, they provide a free pass so that individuals may test out their offerings and determine whether OneLife Fitness is a good fit for them or not.

If you choose to join, the monthly membership plan is 39.99 euros, and the yearly membership plan costs 349.00 euros.

How To Cancel Your Onelife Fitness Membership?

You can only cancel your OneLife Fitness membership by sending an email to the OneLife Fitness facility where you were registered.

Calls and cancellation requests made through any kind of social media platform are not accepted by them. Even if you go to the club in person, they will not accommodate such requests.

Follow these instructions to discontinue your OneLife Fitness membership through the official email cancellation process.

Step 1. Look up the email addresses of the club you belong to found on the official website that is owned by OneLife Fitness. To make it easier for you here are the email addresses for every club of OneLife Fitness.

Step 2. Write an email in which you mention your name and address, as well as membership details as well as billing information. Also, include the reason for your need to cancel your membership. Include the date of the request in addition.

Step 3. Alongside these information it is also necessary to give one month’s notice. If you don’t give a month’s notice, then your credit card will be charged for the following month in addition.

Step 4. After you have filled in all of the information, forward this email to the concern gym and await the response. In the next few days, you’ll receive an email containing the details about your membership cancellation procedure.

Onelife Fitness Cancellation Policy

Onelife Fitness has a strict cancellation policy. The policy says:

  • You can request to end in your account at any point during the Commitment Period.
  • You need to Provide the club with a month’s notice to ensure that you don’t end up being charged again.
  • Your membership will continue at the conclusion of your Commitment Time
  • It is not enough just to end your direct debit request to avoid payment fees. You need to get in touch with the club.

Many complaints from customers claim that cancelling Onelife Fitness seems impossible. A few customers have been charged following cancellation.

You have to cancel at least one month before the renewal date since they’ll use the chance to take your money even if you’re just a day overdue.

Can You Cancel Via Yes/No
DoNotPay Yes
Letter N/A
Phone N/A
Online No
Personal N/A
Email N/A

Alternatives to Onelife Fitness

If you’re deciding to decide that Onelife Fitness isn’t the right gym for you, or you live in a location that doesn’t have one you might want to look into one of the options below.

1. World Gym

World Gym is one of the most favored chain gyms I’ve been to in the last couple of weeks. It’s got plenty of cardio equipment and group classes.

However, because of the large amount of free equipment and squat racks it is designed for powerlifters as well as Olympic weightlifters.

However, even if you’ve not used a barbell before you’ll feel at ease in World Gym. The staff is welcoming and friendly The gym is large and well-maintained, and the membership packages are reasonably priced.

Take a look at our complete review of the World Gym

2. LA Fitness

LA Fitness isn’t the fanciest or the most modern gym in town however it’s not the most expensive. For around $35 per month you can access equipment for strength and cardio as well as free weights, an indoor pool, saunas and basketball courts.

LA Fitness has more than 700 locations across the US and, therefore, if you frequently travel and are a frequent traveler, this could be a suitable exercise facility for your needs.

It is possible to use your membership at almost every other club in the United States.

Take a look at our full analysis of LA Fitness

3. 24 All-N-All Fitness

Similar to Onelife Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness offers squat racks as well as lifting platforms, as well as high-end plates and barbells. It’s higher priced than Onelife however, price-wise it’s still within the mid-tier gym.

24 Hour Fitness has a pool and saunas, group classes as well as a pro-shop as well as basketball courts. Alongside the extensive variety of facilities It’s also a great fitness center for those who need accessibility to gyms during normal hours.

Onelife Fitness Opening Hours ⏱️

Opening Hours ⏱️of Retro Fitness

Days  Hours
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
5:00 AM – 09:00 PM
7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Onelife Fitness Near Me Location

Onelife Fitness Social Media Account

The Final Word

If you want to cancel your membership with OneLife Fitness, you simply have to write an email that contains all the information required and also advising you of the notice period you’re expected to fulfill.

The email should be delivered via the email of the facility in which you registered your account. The remainder of the process is straightforward after you have completed the notice period.

You’ll get confirmation that your membership has been cancelled and you’ll be charged for a month.

FAQs – Onelife Fitness Membership Cancellation

FAQs – Onelife Fitness Prices And Membership Cost

⏩ What is the best way to cancel my Onelife Fitness membership?

The most effective method to cancel Your Onelife Fitness membership is to visit the local fitness center and talk to a member representative. You can also call their customer service phone number or send them an email to request the cancellation form.

⏩ How do I freeze my Onelife fitness membership?

Monthly subscriptions are able to be stopped for a period of one, two, and three month at one time.

How can I stop my subscription?

  1. Click on your profile’s circular icon at the top right-hand corner and click Manage subscription.
  2. Click Manage Subscription in your Billing settings as well as Subscription settings.
  3. Select the Pause option.

⏩ Can you cancel Onelife membership online?

If you have signed up via the site, you are able to end your membership by login to your account , and then following the instructions listed below. Please note that if you have signed up and made a payment through the website you are able to cancel only through the website (and not through apps).

This article helps you to get the complete information about Onelife Fitness Membership Cancellation and its feedback from their members.

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Disclaimer: We gather actual Onelife Fitness information from sources such as on-site visits and phone interviews. The Information reported on this webpage derives from one or more of those sources.

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