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How Much Is Virgin Active Membership?

How Much Is Virgin Active Membership? Prices for Active Membership vary according to the location and type membership you select.

The typical cost for membership is from $50 to $150 per month. This includes the possibility of additional charges for individual training or classes in groups.

However they do offer an option to pay as you go for members who are looking for more flexibility. To obtain an accurate estimate of costs for membership It is recommended to speak with the nearest Virgin Active club directly.

how much is virgin active membership

This post will walk you through the price of a Virgin Active subscription and other prices in various nations.

How Much Is Virgin Active Membership?

The price of an Virgin Active membership can vary dependent on the location you choose and the kind of membership you select. The cost of membership typically is between $50 and 150 dollars per month.

Some places may offer discounts or special promotions to new customers. Extra costs could be incurred to things like individual training or classes for groups.

Remember, Virgin Active typically requires a long-term commitment with membership contracts that range from 12 to 24 months.

However, they also provide the option of paying as you go for those who want to be more flexible. For a precise estimate of costs for membership you must get in touch with the club in your area. Virgin Active club directly.

Virgin Active Membership Fees in UK

Below is a short chart for Virgin Active prices that you can anticipate in most areas of the UK for different kinds of memberships.

Membership options can be categorised according to age groups which include. minors teenagers, teens, early adolescents seniors, adults and more.

Also, you should go over the table.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost in UK

Individual Memberships
Normal Virgin Active membership (12 month commitment)
Joining Fee £0.00
Monthly fee £81.99
Normal Virgin Active membership (Rolling monthly)
joining fee £20
monthly fee £87.99
12 month Virgin Active off peak membership
joining fee £0.00
monthly fee £69.99
16-17 year age group (Rolling Monthly)
Joining Fee £10
Monthly Fee £40
18-21 year age group (12 month commitment)
Joining Fee £0
Monthly Fee £47
18-21 year age group (Rolling Monthly)
Joining Fee £15
Monthly Fee £56
22-25 year age group (12 month)
Joining Fee £0
Monthly Fee £59
22-25 year age group (rolling monthly)
Joining Fee £20
Monthly Fee £69
65+ membership (12 month)
Joining Fee £0.00
Monthly Fee £54
65+ membership (Rolling Monthly)
Joining Fee £25
Monthly Fee £61

Apart from these standard options, Virgin Active clubs in the United Kingdom offer additional corporate family, vitality, and packages. These offer discounted memberships.

Contact your local club for more about these plans and their costs.

These are also the typical prices you will find at various Virgin Active clubs across the UK. Prices for finals can vary between clubs.

Virgin Active Membership Fees in South Africa

Virgin Active prices vary in South Africa too for different kinds of memberships. Below is a brief list of the expected monthly costs for different types of membership.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost in South Africa

Virgin Active Kids Membership
Kids Club-V Monthly Fees R99
Kids Club-V max Monthly Fees R240
Virgin Active Club Membership
Off Peak (12 month commitment) Monthly Fees R320- R860
Anytime (12 month commitment) Monthly Fees R380- R1140
Anytime (24 month commitment) Monthly Fees R320 – R930
Virgin Active Premier Membership
Premier Membership (12 month commitment) Monthly Fees R1250
Premier Membership (24 month commitment) Monthly Fees R1020
Premier Select (12 month commitment) Monthly Fee R900
Premier Select (24 month commitment) Monthly Fee R750
Youth membership (12 month commitment) R750
Youth membership (24 month commitment) R610
Virgin Active Collection Membership
Monthly Fees (12 month commitment) R1900- R2700
Monthly Fee (24 month commitment) R1320- R1820

Contact your local club to find out the cost in detail. The cost of membership varies from one location to another based on various factors like the size of the town and club facilities.

Virgin Active Membership Fees in Singapore

Virgin Active membership cost in Singapore is as you’d imagine much higher than UK, South Africa, or Australia.

Below is a list of the prices you can expect to pay for an Virgin Active membership across the country or city.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost in Singapore

Individual Memberships
Virgin Active Flexible Weekly Membership
Weekly Fee (14 days commitment) $30
Virgin Active Long termer Membership
Weekly Fee (12 month commitment) $61
Weekly Fee (24 month commitment) $51
Virgin Active Goal Getter Membership
Weekly Fee (12 Weeks commitment) $75

Virgin Active currently has Seven clubs spread across Singapore. Each club Offers top of the line facilities & nearly the same prices for all locations.

Virgin Active Membership Fees in Australia

Virgin Active has Several clubs across Australia With the majority of them situated in cities like Melbourne in the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. These are Virgin Active rates You Can expect for various kinds of memberships offered by these clubs.

Virgin Active  Prices & Membership Cost

Individual Memberships
Virgin Active Flexible Weekly Membership
Weekly Fee (14 days commitment) $20
Virgin Active Long termer Membership
Weekly Fee (12 month commitment) $41
Virgin Active Goal Getter Membership
Weekly Fee (12 Weeks commitment) $51

That’s the Weekly Virgin Active prices. You do not need to pay a joining cost If you live located in Australia and Would like to get the Virgin Active membership.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Virgin Active?

The cost to join Virgin Active, just like the monthly cost, is dependent on the country you’re in.

In the UK there is a requirement to pay PS20 in the event of taking a month-to month membership and there is no membership fee if choose a 12- month commitment.

This is the typical Virgin Active joining fee in the UK. For memberships that are not special you can avail specific discounts. Additionally, only the month-to-month memberships require a fee to join and not long-term commitment types.

When it comes to Virgin Active in South Africa From what we’ve learned there aren’t any charges for initiation or any other type of membership.

This is also the case in Australia in which you do not be required to pay a fees to start your membership. This applies to clubs both in Sydney as well as Melbourne.

In Singapore also, only the flexible membership comes with an activation fee. will be to be around $100. For other plans that are longer-term there is no activation cost in place.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost

Virgin Active Monthly Cost

The cost per month of the membership fee in each country is based on a variety of elements like the facilities of the club, the size of towns and management policy.

We Can however provide an approximate estimate regarding Virgin Active prices in various nations.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost in UK

The basic Virgin Active monthly cost in the event that You select the 12-month commitment is PS81.99 If You choose the monthly rolling membership and pay monthly the cost is PS87.99.

They were among the highest Virgin Active membership Plans. In addition, for the other age groups, the monthly costs are also cheaper.

For instance, the monthly charge for those aged 16-17 is just PS40. There are also discounts for those who are aged between to 25 years old and for those over 65.

To find out the exact cost per month you can contact your local Virgin Active club.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost South Africa

There are three different kinds of memberships available in Virgin Active South Africa.

  • The Cost of the Virgin Active “club” membership ranges from between R270 and R1140.
  • For a top Virgin Active membership in South Africa it is going to Cost approximately R750 to R1250 per month.
  • The ultimate membership which is their Virgin Active ‘selection’ plan is a monthly cost of R1320 between R1320 and R2700.

The final costs are contingent Upon your commitment period and other club related factors.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost Australia

If you join Virgin Active Australia, you will pay an annual fee, instead of a monthly fee. There are a total of three membership choices.

One of the most fundamental Virgin Active membership in Australia is the flexible 14-day commitment. It comes with a fee per week of $25. This is if you keep it for one month, will cost you $100 per month.

The next option is the long-termer plan which costs $51 per week which is effectively 204 dollars per month. This is a 12-month commitment, and clearly, comes with more benefits over the flexible plans.

The most expensive membership option through Virgin Active Australia is the 12-week commitment “goal-getter” membership that will cost you $67 per week , or $268 for the month.

Virgin Active Monthly Cost in Singapore

Singapore is, perhaps the most expensive Virgin Active prices. The “once-a-week” flexible membership is $30 for a week. This should you stay for one month is $120.

The long termer plan Costs $51 and $61 weekly for a 12 and 24 month membership. month memberships respectively. The monthly Costs for each will be $244 and $204.

This is the ultimate goal seeker’ Virgin Active plan in Singapore is $75 per week or $300 per month. It Comes with a two week commitment.

How Much Does Virgin Active Cost?

Virgin Active Prices differ not just from country to nation, but too within a particular country depending on the location. However, you can expect the majority of clubs within a nation to be priced similarly.

It is believed that the United Kingdom has one of the largest amounts of Virgin Active clubs. Pricing can vary with as little at PS30 each month, for teens and go up to more than 110 pounds for certain clubs for adults.

Between these extremes, is the cost of membership at the majority of Virgin Active clubs.

The monthly cost for a twelve month contract with Virgin Active membership in the UK costs approximately PS81.99 And if you’re not interested in the commitment, then you can choose the rolling monthly’ option which will cost PS87.99 each month.

If you’re willing to compromise some of your time, and are willing to go to the club during off-peak hours, your cost will be reduced by PS69.9 monthly.

In addition to the normal adult plans, people of different ages receive specific reductions on their month-long costs.

Below is the discount costs for memberships for various age groups:

  • 17-17 years olds. PS40 each month for the rolling monthlyor month-to-month plan
  • 18-21 year aged people: PS47 to sign up for the 12-month commitment as well as PS56 to sign up for the month to month plan.
  • 22-25 year young people: PS59 in the twelve-month plan. PS69 for the month-tomonth plan.
  • 65+ years old 65+ year olds: PS51 for 12-month commitment, and PS61 for month-to-month commitments.

For all 12-month plan commitments, there is no fee for membership activation however for the rolling monthly’ or’month-to-month plan the plan will have an initiation charge. The cost of initiation can range anywhere between PS10 and PS25.

The price in South Africa, Virgin Active rates are slightly lower than is the case in UK. Prices begin with R320 monthly for non-peak, 12-month commitment memberships and can rise all the way in price to R2700 for the highest end plans.

These were the Extremes of the spectrum with most prices falling somewhere in the middle.

The most basic plan of membership that is available at Virgin Active clubs in South Africa is Called the “Club Plan Then is the ‘premier’ as well as the ‘collection’ plans.

Here is an estimate of the cost these plans are typically Priced:

Virgin Active club membership ZA:

  • R320-R860 for off-peak membership
  • R320-R960 for anytime 24 month commitment
  • R30-R1140 for anytime 12 month commitment

Virgin Active premier membership ZA:

  • R1250 for 12 month commitment
  • R1020 for 24 month commitment
  • R900 for premier select 12 month commitment
  • R750 for premier select 24 month commitment.

Virgin Active collection membership ZA:

  • R1900- R2700 for 12 month commitment
  • R1320- R1820 for 24 month commitment

Apart from the plans mentioned above, Virgin Active South Africa offers memberships for youth (up to the age of 26) priced at R750 and Rs610 for 24 and 12 month commitments, respectively.

For more information on the amount you will have to pay to join a club, call the one you’d like to join and inquire about the final cost.

When it comes to Singapore, Virgin Active prices may be more expensive than other countries. In lieu of charging an annual fee fees, Virgin Active Singapore has weekly costs.

  • The most basic plan for membership on offer at Virgin Active Singapore is the Flexible plan which only requires 14 days of commitment. It is just $30 per week for this plan, however, your benefits of membership will also be restricted.
  • The next option is the long-term membership, which costs $51 and $61 per week for 24 months and 12 month commitments , respectively.
  • The most expensive membership at Virgin Active Singapore is the “goal-getter” plan, which has a an obligation for 12 weeks and is priced at $75 per month.

Like Singapore, Virgin Active Australia also charges on an annual basis.

The median prices are:

  • A weekly cost of $20 is included for 14 days of commitment plan that is flexible
  • $41 a week for 12 months commitment to a long-term plan
  • $75 per week to participate in a a 12 weeks commitment to a goal-setting plan.

They are the recurring costs which you have to pay each month or week in order to purchase Virgin Active membership in different countries. Additionally, you can enjoy great discounts with corporate, family and vitality memberships, and more.

For more information about deals and discounts, you can contact the club by calling their customer service phone number or by going to their club on the premises.

Remember that if you want to terminate your membership before the time limit for commitment expires there may be early cancellation charges.

As you observe, Virgin Active membership cost is generally more expensive in Singapore and less expensive than in South Africa; which is due to the differences in costs of living.

No matter what nation it is, Virgin Active offers fantastic services to its members.

Virgin Active 12 Month Commitment Cost

Virgin Active Deals & Discounts

Given below is the Virgin Active 12 month commitment cost in different countries.


  • £81.99 (normal membership)
  • £61.99 (off peak)
  • £47 (18-21 age group)
  • £59 (22-25 age group)
  • £54 (65+ age group)

South Africa

  • R320- R1140 (Club membership)
  • R1250 (Premier membership)
  • R900 (Premier select membership)
  • R750 (Premier Youth)
  • R1900- R2700 Collection


  • $61 per week (Long Termer Plan)


  • $41 per week (Long Termer Plan)

You will be paying monthly in Virgin Active in the United Kingdom and South Africa. In Australia and Singapore on the other hand, it will be weekly payment.

Virgin Active Deals & Discounts

Virgin Active may offer a wide range of discounts and offers on membership. The discounts and promotions offered by Virgin Active may vary based on the area, season and other variables.

A few examples of discounts and deals that are offered by Virgin Active include:

  • New member discounts: Certain places might offer discounts or waive charges for new members signing to a long-term contract.
  • Student discounts: Some venues may have a discounted fee for students who are full-time.
  • Corporate discounts: Some places might offer reduced membership rates to employees of certain organizations or companies.
  • Off-peak discounts: Certain locations might offer discounted rates to those who exercise during non-peak times.
  • Family discounts: Some facilities might offer discounted rates to families that sign up together.
  • Pay-as-you-go is a payment option. Virgin Active also offers a pay-as-you go option for customers who want to be more flexible.

It is important to note that these offers and discounts are subject to change and may not be offered at all places. If you want to know the discount or promotions currently available in your local area you should contact the nearest Virgin Active club directly or visit their official website.

Virgin Active Vitality Discounts

There are a lot of discounts available on Virgin Active through vitality. It is usually a discounted rate of 50%, but the most significant discount on weekly and monthly costs can reach even 100 percent..

However, the specific discounts will be contingent on the type of your Vitality subscription and the policies of your gym. Therefore you should contact your gym and talk to them.

Virgin Active Near Me Location

Virgin Active Contact Number

Virgin Active Customer Support Number:
 0860 200 911 (in SA)
 00 27 21 684 3000 (outside SA)

Virgin Active Social Media Link

FAQs – How Much Is Virgin Active Membership? 

FAQs - How Much Is Virgin Active Membership? 

▶ What is the typical cost of a Virgin Active membership?

The cost of an Virgin Active membership can Vary according to the location and what type of membership you pick. In general the cost of membership ranges between $50 and $150 per month.

▶ Does Virgin Active require a long-term commitment?

Absolutely Virgin Active typically requires an ongoing commitment for a period of time with Contracts that range between 12 and 24 months.

The average cost for the gym’s monthly subscription will be $37.71. The range of costs is $31.00 and $44.42. Prices for gym memberships at a budget range between $40.00 up to $70.00 each month. Premium gym memberships start at $55.00 to $80.00 per month.

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