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Are you seeking an extraordinary fitness experience without the obligation to a long-term commitment? Consider Viva Fitness Guest Pass.

Through Viva Fitness Guest Pass, you will have access to top-of-the-line facilities and top-of-the-line amenities to start on your journey toward fitness.

Viva Fitness Guest Pass

If you’re a fitness fanatic or just starting out, the pass will allow you to discover the world that is Viva Fitness as well as make a sound decision on your health and fitness.

Explore the benefits that come with the Viva Fitness Guest Pass and begin a fitness journey unlike any other.


How can I obtain a Viva Fitness Guest Pass?

To apply for the Viva Fitness Guest Pass, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Viva Fitness website or contact your local Viva Fitness location.
  2. Contact us to inquire regarding the Guest Pass and mention your interest in getting one.
  3. The staff will help you through the registration process and will provide the required information.
  4. Complete any necessary forms or provide requested personal information.
  5. Based on the location in question, you may be required to present an ID or fill out the waiver form.
  6. After completing your registration after which, you will receive your Viva Fitness Guest Pass.
  7. The attendant will explain the conditions and terms that apply to the guest’s pass, which includes the duration of the pass and any restrictions.
  8. Get access to fitness facilities and amenities provided at Viva Fitness with your guest pass.
  9. If you have additional concerns or require assistance you have any concerns or require assistance If you require assistance, our Viva Fitness staff will be happy to help.
  10. Get the most out of your guest pass experience and consider whether Viva Fitness is the right choice for your fitness goals.

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What is the duration of the Viva Fitness Guest Pass?

The time frame for this Viva Fitness Guest Pass varies dependent on the location of the facility and any promotional offers.

The typical guest pass allows access to the facility, along with services, for a specific time frame, which can range from a day up to one week. The guest pass allows users to explore the fitness facility prior to committing to a membership.

The guest pass provides guests with ample time to experience the facilities, participate in classes, and immerse themselves in the fitness atmosphere alongside other members.

For the most accurate information about the exact time frame of the Viva Fitness Guest Pass, we recommend calling the nearest Viva Fitness center or visiting their official website.

Can I bring a friend along with me using the guest pass?

In general, generally speaking Viva Fitness Guest Pass is intended for personal use only. However, certain Viva Fitness centers may have special promotions or deals that permit guests to bring a companion.

It is suggested to inquire about such offers prior to obtaining your guest passes.

The staff at your local Viva Fitness center will provide you with all the information needed on the guest pass policy as well as any guest privileges associated with it.

Are there any age restrictions for obtaining the guest pass?

There are limitations on the age of obtaining access to the Viva Fitness Guest Pass. The requirements for age may differ in accordance with the guidelines for the respective Viva Fitness location.

It is advised to call the nearest Viva Fitness center directly to inquire about any age limitations that might apply.

They’ll provide the most up-to date information on guest passes and qualifications for entry, based on your current age.

What facilities and amenities can I access with the Viva Fitness Guest Pass?

With the Viva Fitness Guest Pass, you can access an array of facilities and amenities to improve your fitness experience. These are the main benefits you can avail yourself:

  1. Modern equipment: Get access to cutting-edge cardio equipment, strength-training equipment, and weights for free to customize your workout.
  2. Fitness classes for groups: Take part in various group classes taught by skilled instructors, such as Yoga, Zumba, spinning, and many more.
  3. Personal training: The benefit of training sessions that are personalized with trained trainers who are certified to make a workout program that is customized to your needs.
  4. Swimming pool: Take your refreshing swimming in the clean and well-maintained pool for a low-impact complete-body exercise.
  5. Steam and sauna rooms Relax and renew your mind and body in the spa-like steam rooms and saunas.
  6. Locker rooms: Use large locker rooms with showers and changing facilities and safe storage for your possessions.
  7. Health and wellness facilities Access additional amenities like massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and physical therapy.
  8. Social spaces: Connect with people who share your interests in the lively social spaces, encouraging an atmosphere of belonging and help.
  9. Entertainment and Wi-Fi Stay connected by using free Wi-Fi while enjoying entertainment options such as television monitors and songs.
  10. Café and juice bars: Fuel up after exercise with a variety of nutritious snacks such as smoothies, drinks, and juices.

The Viva Fitness Guest Pass equips you with a complete fitness experience, helping you meet your health and fitness goals effectively.

Can I try all the group fitness classes with the guest pass?

Yes, you can, and with this Viva Fitness Guest Pass, you can take advantage of all the thrilling fitness classes that are provided through Viva Fitness.

This pass provides access to an array of classes that are designed to accommodate different levels of fitness and interest. You can choose from high-intensity fitness and dance-based fitness or body-mind exercises.

Guests pass permits you to participate in any fitness group that you are interested in.

It’s a great way to try new things to, challenge yourself and identify classes that match with your goals for fitness and personal preferences.

Is personal training included in the guest pass?

Personal training isn’t usually included in your Viva Fitness Guest Pass. In addition, Viva Fitness offers personalized training sessions that are available on their own.

The sessions aim to provide you with personalized guidance and assistance that caters to your specific fitness goals and requirements.

You can improve your technique, receive personalized attention, or are looking for an individualized workout program.

The personal training options offered by Viva Fitness can help you get the results you want.

Are there any additional charges or hidden fees associated with the guest pass?

There are no additional fees or hidden charges related to your Viva Fitness Guest Pass. The pass gives you access to the facilities and amenities with no extra charges other than the initial cost of the pass.

With honesty and customer satisfaction at the forefront, Viva Fitness ensures that you’ll be able to take pleasure in your fitness experience without unanticipated financial burdens.

Be secure, knowing that the guest pass will provide an easy and comprehensive experience with no additional costs.

Can I use the guest pass at any Viva Fitness location?

Yes, you can, and it is true that the Viva Fitness Guest Pass typically lets you access every Viva Fitness location.

It means that you are able to make use of your guest card at any Viva Fitness center of your preference, giving you the freedom to visit different locations and benefit from the features and amenities.

Before visiting a specific Viva Fitness location, it is advisable to check for any limitations or restrictions that align with their individual center policies.

What happens if I lose my guest pass?

If you lose your Viva Fitness Guest Pass, it is crucial to inform the staff right away. They will help you navigate the steps necessary to deal with the issue.

In the majority of cases, Viva Fitness will issue a replacement pass at a small cost. Be sure to present a valid ID and include any pertinent details to facilitate an easy process.

It is essential to secure your guest pass so that you can enjoy the benefits as well as access to the amazing services of Viva Fitness.

Can I upgrade to a full membership after using the guest pass?

Yes, absolutely! After you have experienced the advantages of using the Viva Fitness Guest Pass, you are able to upgrade to a full-time membership. Viva Fitness offers a range of membership options that are flexible to meet your fitness requirements and objectives.

If you’re seeking an initial commitment that is shorter in time frame or a long-term contract, their expert staff will guide you through the process of upgrading and provide all the details you require.

Utilize their guest passes to visit the fitness center, and then move seamlessly to an ongoing membership that gives you access to the latest facilities, including group classes, individualized training, and much more.

Are there any discounts or offers available for guest pass holders?

There are usually discounts and special offers for guests with guest passes in Viva Fitness. These deals are exclusive and can offer more value and savings to those who are interested in joining.

The discounts and deals could differ based on area and the current promotions. It is recommended to inquire about any current discounts or specials when you purchase your guest passes.

Viva Fitness aims to provide guests with outstanding rewards and benefits to help them improve their fitness.

Can I use the guest pass on weekends and public holidays?

Absolutely, you are able to make use of your Viva Fitness Guest Pass on weekends and on public holidays. Viva Fitness understands the importance of allowing the facility with flexible access, which means you are able to get the most out of your fitness routine in the time that suits you.

It doesn’t matter if are looking to exercise on a Saturday morning or take advantage of a day to work in your physical fitness as well as overall health.

This guest pass will grant access to top-quality facilities and amenities at these hours. Take advantage of the flexibility and enjoy your fitness journey by using your Viva Fitness Guest Pass, even on public holidays.

Can I book a guest pass online?

You can indeed book a Viva Fitness Guest Pass online. Viva Fitness provides the convenience of booking online, which allows you to book guest passes from your home.

Just visit the official Viva Fitness website, navigate to the guest pass section, and follow the steps to reserve your pass online.

This simple process guarantees the smoothest experience possible and will save you time once you are at the center. Make use of the online booking feature and set off into your exercise journey at Viva Fitness.

What are the cancellation policies for the guest pass?

The cancellation policy of The cancellation policies may differ based on the specific terms and conditions imposed in every Viva Fitness location.

It is advised to contact the nearest Viva Fitness center for detailed details on their cancellation policies. They’ll give you all the information and guidance you need for any cancellation request related to your guest pass.

It’s essential to become familiar with the cancellation policy to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Are there any locker facilities available for guest pass holders?

It is true that Viva Fitness provides locker facilities for guests who have a guest pass. The lockers provide a safe and convenient space to keep your possessions secure as you exercise.

It is possible to keep valuables, including keys, wallets, and mobile phones, secure and easily accessible during your time in.

The lockers will ensure that you are in a position to relax and enjoy your exercise and focus on your workout without concerns about the security of your personal items.

Can I access the swimming pool and sauna with the guest pass?

If you are a Viva Fitness guest pass holder Viva Fitness, you can generally access the sauna and pool.

Guests can enjoy these facilities as part of their benefits, allowing them to take an enjoyable swim or indulge in the sauna to enhance their exercise routine.

It is important to remember that the specific policies might differ depending on your Viva Fitness location.

It is recommended to check the accessibility and availability of saunas and swimming pools while obtaining the guest pass. Contact your local Viva Fitness center for more details.

Do I need to make an appointment to use the guest pass?

It is highly recommended to set up an appointment prior to making use of this Viva Fitness Guest Pass.

Scheduling an appointment ensures a knowledgeable staff member will guide you through the registration process and provide a private tour of the facility.

Setting an appointment will also allow staff members from the Viva Fitness team to better serve your needs and give you the most enjoyable experience possible when you visit.

Contact your local Viva Fitness center to schedule your appointment. This will ensure that you get the most from your pass to guests.

Are there any limitations on the number of times I can use the guest pass?

There are usually no restrictions on the number of times that you are able to use this Viva Fitness Guest Pass.

It is possible to enjoy many visits and enjoy the full benefit of all the amenities and facilities provided through guest passes.

This allows you to discover Viva Fitness and experience their fitness facility without limitations. You are at ease to make the maximum from your pass to embark on a fitness adventure that fits your timetable and lifestyle.

What happens after the guest pass expires?

When when the Viva Fitness Guest Pass expires, users are able to keep their journey going by becoming full-time members.

Staff at Viva Fitness will provide detailed details about the different membership options that are available, including various plans and prices.

They will help you navigate the steps of choosing the right membership plan that is compatible with your goals for fitness and personal preferences.

If you switch from a guest’s pass to membership, you will continue to enjoy the best facilities, as well as group fitness classes, private training sessions, and many other special benefits offered by Viva Fitness.

Make your fitness a lifelong commitment and reap the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Viva Fitness Guest Pass – Location

Can I bring a guest to Viva Gym? 

In the event that your account is due to be late or was removed (including because of arrears) then you cannot enter the Gym. 24. 

Based on our own discretion,, you are permitted to bring a companion to participate in your training upon receipt of the guest’s fee and submission of the guest registration. All guests must follow these rules.

How can I obtain a Viva Fitness Guest Pass?   

Check out the official Viva Fitness website or contact the nearest Viva Fitness location to request an invite pass.

What is the duration of the Viva Fitness Guest Pass?   

The length for the guests pass can be different. Check at your nearest Viva Fitness center for specific information.

Can I bring a friend along with me using the guest pass?   

The guest pass generally is good for one person only. Some centers have special offers that permit guests to bring a guest. Ask at the nearby Viva Fitness center for more details.

Are there any age restrictions for obtaining the guest pass?   

Age restrictions can vary based the location and local laws. Visit your local Viva Fitness center for specific age-related restrictions.

What happens after the guest pass expires?   

When the guest pass expires then you are able to join as a full member by choosing a suitable membership plan. Our Viva Fitness staff will guide you through the process and give you all the required information.

FAQs about Viva Fitness Guest Pass


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