Top 10 Best Gyms in Chicago, IL July 2024

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Let’s talk about chicago Gyms, how much they cost, and how you can stay active. It can be challenging to find the perfect fitness center that won’t break the bank. We prefer you save your precious energy for the gym.


To simplify your search, Our team has compiled a list of the Top 10 most affordable gyms in chicago that are convenient to your home or office.

So, without further due, let’s dive into the list of the top 10 best gyms in chicago.



Top 10 Best Gyms in Chicago, IL

1. Anytime Fitness

Location pin free icon Address: 1317 N Wolf Rd Mt. Prospect, IL 60056


? Phone: (847) 376-8887

⭐  Rate: 2.5 Review: 41

Anytime Fitness guarantees to provide you with adaptable training alternatives that will assist you in determining the best path toward achieving your unique fitness objectives.

This gym offers instruction for all skill levels, from beginners to fitness and athletic specialists. They provide team workouts, personal training, and fitness advice among their offerings.

? Anytime Fitness Hours:

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Anytime Fitness Official Website

2. Mode Gym

Location pin free iconAddress : 1301 W Madison Ave Chicago, IL 60607

?Phone : (630) 869-9014

⭐Rate: 4.5 Review: 70

If you want to build a successful exercise routine or achieve overall wellness, visit Mode Gym, a 24-hour fitness facility located in Chicago.

To determine the best plans for each client and achieve the best results from expert personal training programmes, strength training exercises, aerobics, and one-on-one boxing, the fitness centre starts with a 3D body fat testing and nutritional assessment.

The best amenities are offered to every customer by Mode Gym, which makes use of the most recent technologies.

? Mode Gym Hours:

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Mode Gym Official Website

3. Fitness 19

Location pin free iconAddress: 2834 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60657-6017

? Phone: 773-868-1919

⭐ Rate: 4 Review: 263

In Chicago, there is a gym called Fitness 19 that assists people in achieving their fitness objectives.

Through its personal training programme, the company provides individualised teaching and specially designed fitness programmes.

Yoga, Zumba, aerobics, circuit training, high-intensity interval training, and 360 total body toning are among the variety of programmes offered by the facility, all of which are instructed by trainers and instructors.

The organisation also runs training programmes for seniors and young people. Over 15 years have passed since the founding of Fitness 19.!

? Fitness 19 Hours:

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Fitness 19 Official Website

4. Planet Fitness

Location pin free icon Address: 240 E Illinois St Chicago, IL 60611

? Phone: (312) 464-1010

⭐  Rate: 2.5  Review: 67

Chicago locals can use the gym planet Fitness. It provides a selection of amenities, training programmes, and fitness gear.

A range of cardio and strength machines are accessible at the gym, and the fitness instructors can help with handling them.

To assist participants in achieving their physical and health objectives, they also hold small group training sessions and develop fitness regimens.

Since it first opened in 1992, Planet Fitness has more than 2,000 locations where customers can visit the club.

? Planet Fitness Hours:

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday 7:00 am to 7: pm
Sunday 7:00 am to 7: pm

Planet Fitness Official Website

5. Wicker Park Fitness

Location pin free icon Address: 1735 W Division St Ste 100 Chicago, IL 60622

? Phone: (312) 363-3223

⭐ Rate: 4 Review: 161

Chicago’s Wicker Park Fitness offers its members cardio and free weight exercise equipment.

Classes in yoga, pilates, boxing, high-intensity interval training, and barre are offered daily at the gym.

For a price, the gym provides personal training. The gym is constantly kept clean and reasonably priced, according to client testimonials published in Time Out Chicago and Yahoo! Sports.

? Wicker Park Fitness Hours:

Monday Open 24 hours
Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours

Wicker Park Fitness Official Website

 6. Bucktown Fitness Club

Location pin free icon Address: 2100 W North Ave Chicago, IL 60647

? Phone: (773) 235-3455

⭐ Rate: 4  Review: 40

Since its founding in 1992, Bucktown Fitness Club has provided services to the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighbourhood.

We are dedicated to offering our clients the best training space with zero hassles or gimmicks.

You may achieve all of your goals here, whether your preference is bodybuilding, strength training, or simply staying in fantastic shape.

The Buckown Fitness Club is a straightforward, no-nonsense gym that offers the tools need to meet all of your objectives.

? Bucktown Fitness Club Hours:

Monday 6am–9pm
Tuesday 6am–9pm
Wednesday 6am–9pm
Thursday 6am–9pm
Friday 6am–9pm
Saturday 8am–6pm
Sunday 10am–4pm

Bucktown Fitness Club Official Website

7. Midtown Athletic Club

Location pin free icon Address: 2444 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60647

? Phone: (773) 796-6509

⭐ Rate: 3 Review:  232

By bringing under one roof the distinctions between retail, workplace, hotel, wellness, and fitness, Midtown pushes the limits of what an urban club can provide in terms of programming.

The boxing and interval training areas are located on the third floor, which acts as a barrier between the busy club and the peaceful hotel. Views from and through the structure are made possible by a glass transition from the exercise plinth to the hotel box floating above.

? Midtown Athletic Club Hours:

Monday 5am–11pm
Tuesday 5am–11pm
Wednesday 5am–11pm
Thursday 5am–11pm
Friday 5am–11pm
Saturday 6am–9pm
Sunday 6am–9pm

Midtown Athletic Club Official Website

8. Cross Town Fitness

Location pin free icon Address:  3600 N Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60613

? Phone:  312-550-9923 

⭐ Rate: 4.9 Review: 569

At its facilities in the West Loop and on the North Side, Cross Town Fitness offers more than one hundred group exercise classes each week.

High-intensity interval training, TRX training, aerobics, yoga, and even stand-up paddle boarding are among the classes that are offered.

At both sites, the gym provides child care, personal training, and corporate wellness programmes. Members dine in the gym’s café, which also serves vegetarian and gluten-free options made using locally sourced ingredients.

? Cross Town Hours:

Monday 10am–10pm
Tuesday 10am–10pm
Wednesday 10am–10pm
Thursday 10am–10pm
Friday 10am–10pm
Saturday 10am–10pm
Sunday 10am–10pm

Cross Town Fitness Official Website

9. Vaunt Fitness

Location pin free icon Address: 6255 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60638.

? Phone:  (773) 234-1492

⭐ Rate: 4.5  Review: 51

A gym serving the Chicago metro area and other adjacent areas is called Vaunt Fitness.

The company offers a personal training programme in which a trainer creates and puts into action a client-specific workout schedule.

Furthermore, its staff runs programmes including kids’ camps, power hours, strength & conditioning, and functional interval training.

Additionally, the business provides yoga, sauna, vitamins, and custom protein shakes. Lori, the head trainer of Vaunt Fitness, has over 4 years of experience as a strength and conditioning instructor.

? Vaunt Fitness Hours:

Monday 5am – 10pm
Tuesday 5am – 10pm
Wednesday 5am – 10pm
Thursday 5am – 10pm
Friday 5am – 10pm
Saturday 7:00 am to 7: pm
Sunday 7:00 am to 7: pm

Vaunt Fitness Official websit

 10. Galter Life Center

Location pin free icon Address: 5157 N Francisco Ave Chicago, IL 60625

? Phone: (773) 878-9936

⭐ Rate: 4  Review: 138

The only accredited medical fitness facility in Chicago is Galter Life Center. We are dedicated to inspiring members of our community to grow in mind, body, and spirit through physical activity, a balanced diet, and a fit lifestyle. We would adore having you with us!

Galter LifeCenter has two pools, four studios for classes, and more than 150 cardio and weight-training equipment. We make sure that all of our equipment complies with the strictest safety and cleanliness requirements.

? Galter Life Center Hours:

Monday 5am – 9:30pm
Tuesday 5am – 9:30pm
Wednesday 5am – 9:30pm
Thursday 5am – 9:30pm
Friday 5am – 9:30pm
Saturday 6:30am – 4:45 pm
Sunday 6:30am – 4:45 pm

Galter Life Center Official Website

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 FAQ – Top 10 Best Gyms in Chicago, IL


? What gym has the most chains?

The biggest privately owned fitness chain is 24 Hour Fitness. There are 400 or more of these clubs (as well as “California Fitness” clubs in Asia) spread over 17 states.

The first company on the market to provide 24/7 access, 24 Hour offers a wide variety of fitness courses and a selection of clubs with everything from high-end amenities to simple services.

? Why is Planet Fitness so popular?

Because of its extensive national presence and rising public knowledge of its unique marketing strategy targeted at people who don’t regularly use gyms, Planet Fitness faces unusual competition. Cowen and Co.

? What is the minimum term for Anytime Fitness?

For customers who can’t commit to a 7-day trial and want to pop by and work out for just one day, Anytime Fitness offers a single-entry pass.

Call the club to find out more about their one-day pass policy and cost after finding your gym online.

? Which is better fitness first or Anytime Fitness?

According to ratings from Anytime Fitness clients, the brand is ranked #631 out of the top 1000 global brands.

According on ratings from Fitness First customers, the brand is ranked #- in the Global Top 1000 Brands list.

? Does Fitness 19 have rowing machines?

You can use the rowing machine to increase your strength and endurance while losing weight (up to 11 calories per minute).

The perfect low resistance, high intensity activity to add to your training routine is the rowing machine. Your aim?

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