Norwest Virgin Active 2024

Norwest Virgin Active is a leading health and wellness center situated in the heart of Norwest Business Park, Sydney.

The facility provides a Wide selection of fitness and leisure facilities such as state-of-the-art equipment and group fitness classes as well as personal trainer services.

Virgin Active NORWEST

However, what distinguishes Norwest Virgin Active apart from other fitness centers is the emphasis on personalization.

If you Are an experienced athlete or are just beginning on your journey to fitness, the staff of Norwest Virgin Active is dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a friendly and encouraging environment.

Norwest Virgin Active Membership

In Norwest Virgin Active, there are a variety of membership Options that can be tailored to different requirements and budgets. The Options include:

  • Flexible Membership: This feature lets members pay on a per use basis without a long-term commitment.
  • 12 month membership type of membership gives members access to the gym for a whole year at a reduced price compared to paying for monthly basis.
  • 24-hour membership: This membership allows members to Use the gym all day, seven days per week. It also Offers a lower price compared to regular membership.
  • Membership for corporate: This type of membership is designed for businesses and other organizations which allows employees to use to the fitness center at a reduced price.
  • Membership for students: This Program is open to students who are full-time and comes with a reduced cost.
  • Membership for families: This type of membership lets multiple family members join this gym for a reduced cost.
  • Memberships that include accessibility to gym’s cutting-edge equipment as well as group fitness classes as well as the café. In addition members get an assessment of their fitness for free and a customized training program, as well as access to the exclusive member’s area.

It is recommended to contact the gym for exact information and prices of membership options and also to determine which is the most suitable for you.

Norwest Virgin Active – Different Classes

The team at Virgin Active do health and fitness in a different Way. Virgin Active have expertly Crafted workout experiences that offer the Perfect mix of intelligent programming and relaxing movements.

We have every thing including Yoga to HIIT to HIIT So you’ll be able to Move your body however you like.

▶ Yoga

Beautifully Created and Specifically built Yoga studios With top quality mats and accessories to help You get away from the hustle and into the zen.

Classes include: Flow, Align, Calm

▶ Boxing

With punching combos that are powerful on your personal bag, gloves that have been Cleaned with ozone and arena lighting, You Will be lost in the world and discover yourself in this exercise. Only available at Specific clubs.

▶ Reformer Pilates

The all inclusive Reformer Pilates studio that features Dynamic music your personal bed and complimentary props to see What you’re made of.

Classes include: Reformer Pilates – Intro, Reformer Pilates – Align, Reformer Pilates – Athletic

▶ Cycle

Custom designed bikes, clip in your shoes, ready for you to ride as Well as Choreographed lighting & music that is Fresh to ride with confidence. Only available at Specific clubs.

Classes include: Cycle Burn, Cycle Spirit

▶ Grid Training

High tech equipment, energizing music and Large flooring. Find Your Spot at the Grid Where teamwork is the perfect work.

▶ BodyPump™

Modern studios, upbeat music & top Quality equipment Will Inspire you to feel enthralled by exercise and reach your goals. Only at specific clubs.

Facilities – Norwest Virgin Active

The facility at Norwest Virgin Active, members are able to use a vast variety of facilities, such as an all-inclusive gym with cardio and weight training areas and group fitness studios and an indoor swimming pool that is 25 meters long.

The gym has the most up-to-date cardio and strength equipment made by top brands like Technogym, Precor, and Life Fitness.

The cardio space includes treadmills as well as bikes and ellipticals and the weight-training area has free weights, machines for resistance and functional equipment for training.

Group Fitness Classes

In addition to traditional fitness facilities Norwest Virgin Active also provides a range of fitness classes for groups.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your strength, boost the cardiovascular endurance of your body or just enjoy yourself there’s a class that’s right for you.

Classes include high intensity interval training (HIIT) yoga Pilates as well as spin and much more. The fitness studios for group members are equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems that create an intense and stimulating experience for the participants.

Norwest Virgin Active – Personal Training

  1. Individualized workout plans designed to meet your fitness goals.
  2. One-on-one training sessions with experienced Personal trainers who are certified.
  3. Regular assessments are used to assess the Progress made and to adjust the plan of training as required.
  4. Access to a range of facilities and equipment like equipment for cardio, weights and fitness classes for groups.
  5. Support and nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals.
  6. Flexible scheduling Options to accommodate your busy schedule.
  7. Help and motivation to keep You focused and on track to meet Your goals.
  8. Different training styles to choose from such as cardio, strength training, HiIT, and many more.
  9. Training that is tailored to Specific goals such as the loss of weight, building muscle and athletic performance.
  10. Access to the Virgin Active group of trainers, members and staff members for assistance and motivation.

Norwest Virgin Active – Swimming Pool

Virgin Active Norwest

  1. Convenient location: Norwest Virgin Active swimming pool is situated in a convenient position, making it simple for members to use.
  2. Dimensions and layout The pool is decent size and an excellent layout. There are various areas to engage in different things like laps of the pool or leisure swimming. There are also games in the pool.
  3. Cleanliness The pool is clean and well-maintained, which means that swimmers can have an enjoyable and clean swimming experience.
  4. Amenities: The swimming pool is complete with amenities like changing rooms, showers and lockers. It is simple for guests to change clothes and put away their items.
  5. Lifeguard supervision The pool is monitored by certified lifeguards throughout the day, who ensure the safety of swimmers as they are swimming.
  6. A variety of classes: Norwest Virgin Active offers a wide range of swimming classes that include lessons for adults as well as children, aqua aerobics and water soccer.
  7. Access to additional facilities: As members Norwest Virgin Active Norwest Virgin Active, members are able to use other facilities , such as spa, gym, and sauna.
  8. Affordable membership: Norwest Virgin Active offers affordable membership options that make it affordable for those with any budget.


  • Childminding is available on Norwest Virgin Active for members who have children from the age of 3 months to 12 years.
  • The service is offered during the time of the club’s operation Which allows parents to exercise while their children are being watched.
  • The area for childminding is filled with games, toys and other activities that keep kids active and engaged.
  • The personnel Who supervise the childminding section are trained in child security and care, making sure that children are taken care of taken care of.
  • Parents are able to leave their children at the drop-off point for up to two hours per day. This gives them the opportunity to exercise or take classes.
  • The service is offered at a cost of a small amount and discounts are available for multiple children and frequent use.
  • Parents must fill out an application for the form as well as provide an emergency contact numbers prior to letting their children leave the area of child care.

The childminding services are a great and safe choice for parents who wish to be active and healthy and also ensure their children are taken care of.

Norwest Virgin Active – Café

Virgin Active NORWEST - CAFE

  1. The cafe is conveniently located: It is located inside Norwest Virgin Active gym. Norwest Virgin Active gym making it convenient for gym users to grab a snack or drink prior to or after their exercise.
  2. Healthy choices Cafe offers various healthy options for drinks and food such as smoothies and salads as well as sandwiches and salads.
  3. Internet access is available for free. The café offers free Wi-Fi access to patrons which makes it a perfect spot to work or study while having an aperitif or snack.
  4. Plenty of seating There’s ample seating and makes it simple to find a space to sit down and relax.
  5. Free to all non-members The cafe is accessible to everyone and not only gym members. Anyone is welcome to stop in for a bite or drink.
  6. Staff is friendly The staff in the cafe are welcoming and friendly and makes customers feel welcomed and at ease.


In Norwest Virgin Active, we believe that wellness and fitness should be available to all. We Provide various facilities and services catering to any fitness level and interest.

With modern equipment, skilled personal trainers and an incredibly welcoming and supportive community, we’re committed to helping Our members reach their objectives and enjoy the best lives.

It is our pleasure to invite you to experience the personalized service at Norwest Virgin.

FAQs – Norwest Virgin Active

FAQs - Norwest Virgin Active

Q: Can non-members use the café at Norwest Virgin Active?

A: Yes, the café is accessible to everyone, not just gym members.

Q: What type of food and drink options are available at the café?

A: In addition to a variety of healthy food options such smoothies, salads, and sandwiches, the café also serves a number of different drinks.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available at the café?

A: Yes, customers can use the café’s free Wi-Fi.

Q: Are there any discounts or special offers available for gym members at the café?

A: This Varies so it’s best to inquire about any current discounts or member-only special offers with the café staff or the gym membership desk.

Q: How friendly and helpful is the café staff?

A: Customers are made to feel welcome and comfortable by the café’s helpful and pleasant personnel.

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