GoodLife Fitness Prices and Membership Fees – Latest 2022

There are numerous fitness centers and exercise centers to help individuals with this. One such spot is the GoodLife Fitness, situated in Canada. Hold up till you catch wind of the GoodLife Fitness Prices, and you may go crazy.

It is the universally acclaimed and most significant fitness and gym chain, working more than 300 areas the country over. 

Since its origination, this gym chain has remained unimaginably famous among the exercise center goers and wellness cracks and recognized for its adaptable enrollment plans, training projects, and fitness classes alongside an assortment of supplies running from quality hardware to cardio and freeloads types of gear.

GoodLife Fitness Prices

the GoodLife Fitness Prices are the most focused in today’s country that encourages wellness oddities to locate a definitive enrollment that suits their needs and spending plan.

In this way, regardless of whether you are hoping to get to the advanced fitness types of gear and preparing projects or just need to invest energy at the best wellness club in Canada without breaking your record, GoodLife Fitness is there at your administration.

Service Cost

Goodlife Fitness Monthly Prices

Basic Prices  (One Club Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00
Monthly Fee $59.49
Cancellation Fee $99.49

Premium Prices (Unlimited Clubs Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00
Monthly Fee $69.49
Cancellation Fee $99.49

Goodlife Fitness Yearly Prices

Basic Prices (One Club Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00
Annual Fee $719.49
Cancellation Fee $99.49

Premium Prices (Unlimited Clubs Access)

Initiation Fee $00.00
Annual Fee $839.99
Cancellation Fee $99.99

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GoodLife Fitness Prices & Features

Goodlife Fitness Prices are sensible and give individuals boundless access to all clubs and each advertised assistance. Goodlife Fitness Ultimate Membership is priced at $ 34.99 / bi-weekly + $ 49.99 enrollment gives you to access 255+ clubs
And offers features like Group Fitness, Virtual Fitness, Rewards, Premium Equipment, Hot Yoga, Towel Service, Mind Den, and Squash.

While Goodlife Fitness’s One-Club Membership is priced at $ 25.99 / bi-weekly + $ 49.99 enrollment with features like Group Fitness, Virtual Fitness, Rewards, and Premium Equipment.

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GoodLife Fitness Hours

Day Hours
Monday 5.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 5.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 5.30AM–11PM
Thursday 5.30AM–11PM
Friday 5.30AM–11PM
Saturday 7AM–8PM
Sunday 7AM–8PM

GoodLife Fitness Locations

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