GoodLife Fitness Prices and Membership Cost 2023

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GoodLife Fitness is a leading fitness club in Canada, known for its affordable prices and variety of membership options.

The Essential membership is the most basic option, providing access to all GoodLife Fitness locations and a wide range of fitness equipment and classes.

The Ultimate membership includes additional perks such as a complimentary fitness assessment, priority access to group fitness classes, and discounts on personal training.

The Performance membership is the most comprehensive option, offering unlimited access to all GoodLife Fitness locations, as well as exclusive access to a dedicated training zone and personal training sessions. With the range of options available,

GoodLife Fitness is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness at a price that fits their budget. The Membership cost and prices are very reasonable which make it accessible for everyone.

So, Let’s take a look at GoodLife Fitness prices and membership costs and find out how much the things charged up here

GoodLife Fitness Prices

GoodLife Fitness Memberships Prices

GoodLife Fitness offers a variety of membership options to meet your requirements and budget. 

  • Essential Membership
  • Ultimate Membership
  • Performance Membership

These memberships allow access to our modern facilities, equipment and classes.

GoodLife Fitness Essential Membership

Membership Price Billing Joining Fee
Essential $29.99 every other week $49.99 one time fee

GoodLife Fitness Essential membership costs you about $29.99 every other week and is reasonable for people looking to build their fitness. this membership gives you accessibility to every GoodLife Fitness location, as well as a variety of gym equipment and classes.

You can choose your gym and additional facilities like the On Demand Basic service, Pools, and Sauna. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of GoodLife Rewards. The joining cost is $49.99 is a one-time cost that’s a good deal considering the advantages of membership.

GoodLife Fitness Ultimate Membership Membership

Membership Price Billing Joining Fee
Ultimate $39.99 every other week $99.99 (one-time)

With the GoodLife Fitness Ultimate Membership, you will have access to all of their 200+ gyms over Canada, giving you the flexibility to workout anywhere.

This membership also includes access to a wide range of extra amenities such as On-Demand Plus, swimming pools, saunas, squash courts, tanning beds, MindDen rooms, towel service, and Hydro Massage.

Additionally, you will have access to various programs including group fitness and classes, recovery, and empower.

Some of the perks of this membership includes GoodLife Rewards, family add-ons, and free membership holds.

There is a one time joining fee of $99.99. With all these benefits, the GoodLife Fitness Ultimate Membership is perfect for those who want to take their fitness to the next level and have the flexibility to workout wherever and whenever they want.

GoodLife Fitness Performance Membership

Membership Price Billing Joining Fee
Performance $54.99 every other week $99.99 (one-time)

The greatest benefit of this membership are the you will get additional benefits with it. You will be able to access on-demand saunas, pools tanning beds, squash courts, MindDen rooms, towel service as well as hydro massage.

These facilities make your workout more enjoyable and gives you the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate.

The Performance Membership also grants you access to a broad selection of programs, such as classes and group fitness such as fitness classes for recovery, Empower, Empower HIIT, REGYMEN, PEAK Training United, Hot Yoga, and Craft Boxing. These programs can be used to meet the fitness targets you have set, regardless of whether you are looking to shed pounds, build muscle or simply get more fit.

The membership includes additional benefits such as GoodLife Rewards Family Add-Ons, Family Add-Ons and free membership holds and the normal advantages. Through the GoodLife Rewards program, you will be able to enjoy discounts on the products and services you purchase when you go to the gym and collecting points.

Family Add-Ons allow you to include family members in your membership at a reduced rate. Free Membership Holds allow you to place your membership in hold should you wish to stop for a while.

The only negative aspect of it is the fact that members will have to pay the $99.99 joining fee. It’s only one-time cost. However, when you consider all the advantages and benefits that come from this subscription, joining fees is a fair price to cover the complete fitness experience.

GoodLife Fitness On-Demand Plus subscription Prices and Perks

On-Demand Plus subscription service provides access to intense workouts. The subscription costs approximately $6.99 and is charged every two weeks.

This subscription gives you access to workouts and fitness programmes that can be completed from anywhere, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals regardless of your location.

The workouts are designed to be challenging and effective, allowing you to see gradual improvement and results.

In addition, the subscription grants you access to support and resources that can help you remain motivated and on track throughout your fitness journey.

Goodlife Fitness Guest Pass

Guest passes are one way that GoodLife Fitness welcomes new members. People can try out the club and its facilities with these guest passes before they decide to join.

The price of a guest pass changes based on where you are and what kind of pass you want.

It does, however, usually include access to the gym, group fitness classes, sauna, pool, and hot tub. Before you sign up for a membership, these passes are a great way to get to know the GoodLife community, meet certified trainers, and see if the club is a good fit for you.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Guest Pass (Free) 3 days 18 YES NO
Day Pass 1 day 18 YES NO
Bring a Guest 1-day 18 YES NO

All passes are subject to the club rules and may have restrictions. These guest passes may or may not be available in your area, and their costs may vary by location.

GoodLife Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

Personal trainers at GoodLife Fitness are classified into different levels based on their level of education and expertise. Individual sessions with a trainer will cost more if they are with a higher-tiered professional.

The base rate for trainers at levels I, II, and III is $60 per hour. These educators just have the rudimentary knowledge and skills necessary to do their jobs. Even if they have a certification in personal training, it may be a more basic one, and they may not have as much expertise.

However, the price for trainers at the level of IV or V is far greater, at $85 or more each hour. This group of instructors is more well educated and experienced than its peers. They might also have more experience and credentials than you have. The fitness expert is more equipped to help you achieve your objectives.

Not all trainer credentials held by GoodLife employees have the same weight in the fitness industry, so it is crucial to research a trainer background and reputation before committing to a session. In addition, before making a final choice, it’s smart to get some recommendations.

Is a GoodLife Membership worth it?

Whether or not you should invest in a membership to GoodLife depends on your fitness objectives, personal preferences, and available funds. Memberships to GoodLife Fitness can be purchased at a variety of price points, and each tier provides access to a unique collection of features and services.

An example of a reasonably priced membership that grants access to all GoodLife Fitness facilities as well as a wide range of fitness amenities and classes is the Essential membership.

The Ultimate membership offers access to all of GoodLife’s 200+ gyms across Canada and additional amenities like On-Demand Plus, swimming pools, saunas, squash courts, tanning beds, MindDen rooms, towel service, and Hydro Massage.

A wide variety of amenities and classes are available to members of the Performance membership level, including saunas, pools, tanning beds, squash courts, MindDen rooms, towel service, and Hydro Massage on demand.

One must weigh their expectations against the cost of a gym membership. GoodLife is a great choice if you want to join a gym without breaking the bank but still have access to a variety of workout locations and basic equipment.

GoodLife is also worthwhile if you’re in the market for a high-end gym membership that provides entry to a variety of extra amenities and programmes. It’s up to you to figure out which membership plan works best for your situation and budget.

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GoodLife Fitness Hours

Day Hours
Monday 5.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 5.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 5.30AM–11PM
Thursday 5.30AM–11PM
Friday 5.30AM–11PM
Saturday 7AM–8PM
Sunday 7AM–8PM

GoodLife Fitness Locations


How much does a GoodLife Fitness membership cost?

GoodLife Fitness offers several different membership options, with prices varying depending on the type of membership. The Essential membership starts at $29.99 every other week and the Ultimate membership starts at $39.99 every other week and the Performance membership starts at $54.99 every other week. There may also be a one-time joining fee.

Can I cancel my GoodLife Fitness membership at any time?

The standard cancellation notice period for GoodLife Fitness is 30 days. There may be a penalty charge if you terminate your membership before the end of your contract term.

Is there a guest pass available at GoodLife Fitness?

You must be 18 years or older to use the GoodLife Fitness 3-day visitor pass. There is also the option to purchase a day pass or a pass that allows you to bring a visitor.

Is the joining fee at GoodLife Fitness refundable?

No, the GoodLife Fitness membership cost is non-refundable.

Are there any discounts available for GoodLife Fitness memberships?

At particular seasons of the year, GoodLife Fitness may run sales or other promotions. In addition, members of GoodLife Rewards have the chance to accumulate points redeemable for savings on future purchases.

Are there any additional fees for personal training at GoodLife Fitness?

In addition to the monthly membership price, GoodLife Fitness does charge for personal training sessions. Sessions with a personal trainer can range in price depending on their level of expertise and certifications.

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Disclaimer : GoodLife fitness Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local GoodLife fitness center.

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