GoodLife Fitness Prices and Membership Cost 2023

GoodLife Fitness Prices – Are you interested in the price of a GoodLife Fitness membership? If not sure, you’re not the only one.

GoodLife Fitness is one of the most popular chains of fitness centers in Canada that offers a broad range of amenities and services for its clients.

This article will look at GoodLife Fitness Prices and Membership Cost. We’ll give you crucial information to aid you in making an informed decision regarding purchasing the GoodLife Fitness membership.

If you’re considering your first time at a gym, time, or you’re thinking about changing gyms, take a look at this article to find out more details regarding GoodLife Fitness Prices and the benefits they provide.

GoodLife Fitness Prices

GoodLife Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Here is a short list of the most typical GoodLife Fitness prices for the various plans you can find at most clubs:

GoodLife Fitness  Prices & Membership Cost

Goodlife Fitness Essential Membership
Enrolment Fee $99.99
Bi-weekly Fee $29.99
Cancelation Fee Depends on the club policies
Goodlife Fitness Premium Membership
Enrolment Fee $99.99
Bi-weekly Fee $31.99
Cancelation Fee Depends on the club policies
Goodlife Fitness Ultimate Membership Cost
Enrolment Fee $99.99
Bi-weekly Fee $36.99
Cancelation Fee Depends on the club policies
Goodlife Fitness Performance Membership Cost
Enrolment Fee $0.00
Bi-weekly Fee $54.99
Cancelation Fee Depends on the club policies
GoodLife Fitness On-Demand Plus Subscription
Bi-weekly Fee $6.99
Cancelation Fee $0.00

How Much Does a GoodLife Fitness Membership Cost?

The cost of the GoodLife Fitness membership depends on many factors, like the plan you select as well as the area of the club and the duration of your membership. Below are the estimated prices for GoodLife Fitness memberships:

  • Basis Plan $24.99 — $29.99 per month
  • GoodLife Plus Plan: $59.99 – $64.99 per month
  • GoodLife VIP Plan: $79.99 – $84.99 per month
  • GoodLife Family Plan: $134.99 – $139.99 per month

It’s important to remember that the prices listed can change, and can vary based on the location of the club.

What are the Factors that Affect GoodLife Fitness Membership Prices?

Many factors could impact the price of the cost of a GoodLife Fitness membership, including:

  • The kind of plan you select
  • The club’s location
  • The term of membership
  • It is the time of year that you sign-up for the membership
  • Discounts or promotions are will be available at the time of signing-up

How do I cancel my GoodLife Fitness membership?

If you’re looking to end your GoodLife Fitness membership, here are the steps to do it.

  1. For more information, contact GoodLife Fitness customer service: You can terminate your membership by calling GoodLife Fitness customer service either in person, over the phone or via email.
  2. Include your membership details if you contact customer service to end your membership. You need to provide information about the membership you have, including your name and membership number, as well as also the reason you’d like to cancel your membership.
  3. Check out the cancellation policy: GoodLife Fitness has specific cancellation policies, which differ based on your membership type as well as the duration of the contract. Make sure you read these policies prior to making a decision to end your membership.
  4. Complete the cancellation form: Depending upon your member type as well as the reasons you want to cancel it is possible that you require completing an cancellation form.
  5. Confirm cancellation: After your cancellation procedure, be sure to verify by calling GoodLife Fitness that your membership has been cancelled and that you won’t be charged for future instalments.

It is important to remember that there might be fees related to cancelling your membership based on the conditions in your agreement. Check the policies and fees prior to you deciding to end your membership.

How to Sign Up for GoodLife Fitness Membership?

You can join a GoodLife Fitness membership by visiting their website or going to any of their gyms. You’ll have to provide certain basic details such as names, emails, and contact information.

Additionally, you will need to select the membership plan that will best suit your requirements. Once you’ve picked a plan, you’ll have to submit Your payment information for the signing-up Process to be completed.

GoodLife Fitness monthly cost

GoodLife Fitness monthly cost depends on the plan you select. In addition, unlike others, GoodLife Fitness bills bi-weekly.

The following is the GoodLife Fitness price that you can effectively pay per month for various types of memberships:

  • Goodlife fitness essential: $59.99
  • Goodlife fitness premium:$63.99
  • Goodlife fitness ultimate:$73.99

GoodLife fitness essential membership cost

You can get the basic membership for $99. You can pay an initiation cost of $99. After that, your bi-weekly charge is $29.99.

This bi-weekly price may be different at different clubs. Some clubs can get a GoodLife Fitness essential membership at the cost of a month’s membership that is as low as $20.

For more information on the exact price or to inquire about Membership options, visit the website of the club, or contact them directly.

GoodLife fitness premium membership cost

The bi-weekly cost of a GoodLife Fitness premium membership is $31.99. GoodLife Fitness premium membership is $31.99.

To set up your membership, you’ll be required to be prepared to shell out $99.99 as the initial fee.

The bi-weekly fee for premium memberships is usually the same across different locations.

GoodLife fitness ultimate membership cost

Similar to similar plans initial cost to establish a GoodLife Fitness ultimate membership is $99.99. After that, your bi-weekly fee is $36.99.

How much is GoodLife Fitness initiation fee?

GoodLife Fitness Prices

The cost of initiation for the majority kinds of GoodLife Fitness memberships is set at $99.99. This is generally identical across all locations.

For alternative plans, Goodlife Fitness Performance Membership, for instance, does not have charges for initiation.

Is GoodLife Fitness month to month?

No. GoodLife Fitness is typically not a month-to-month membership.

There’s an opportunity that some clubs have memberships that are month-to-month. If you’re interested in an annual subscription, make contact directly with them.

Can I go to any GoodLife Fitness with my membership?

If you have the GoodLife Fitness membership, you can use the entire network of GoodLife Fitness locations across Canada.

This means that you’re capable of exercising anywhere that best suits your needs, whether it’s close to Your workplace or at home or even while traveling.

GoodLife Fitness has over 400 locations across the country It’s easy to locate a gym close to your home. With 24/7 access to certain facilities, you are able to workout whenever you like your schedule.

Be aware that the specific services and facilities vary in relation to the place and the location and therefore it is best to talk to the establishment you’re planning to visit if worried about certain services.

Can I freeze or suspend my GoodLife Fitness membership?

It is true that GoodLife Fitness offers the option of putting a freeze on or suspending the membership for a certain amount of duration.

This is helpful for those who are away on vacation or fighting an injury or illness that prevents them from being able to exercise in the fitness centre.

To suspend or freeze your membership, call GoodLife Fitness customer service or visit your local club to talk to an agent. Remember that there might be a charge for suspending or freezing your membership.

Also, the amount of time you are able to freeze your membership could be restricted. It is essential to go through the conditions and terms that are part of the agreement to completely comprehend the freeze and suspension policy.

Are there any hidden fees or charges associated with a GoodLife Fitness membership?

GoodLife Fitness is transparent about the charges and fees they charge, and there aren’t charges hidden for their members.

It is crucial to remember that there might be additional fees for specific services like personal training or access to top-quality facilities.

The costs are generally well-defined and publicized to assist you in making an informed decision as to whether you’d like to avail of the services provided or not.

In addition, you should examine your membership agreement and bills regularly to ensure you know the total cost that is associated with your membership.

In case you’ve got any concerns or questions about charges or fees, do not be afraid to contact GoodLife Fitness customer service for assistance.

Can I transfer my GoodLife Fitness membership to another person?

Yes, it is possible to change your GoodLife Fitness membership to another person. There are a few conditions to meet for this to be possible.

First of all, the person you want to transfer your membership to should be a Canadian resident and does not currently have an existing GoodLife Fitness membership.

In addition, it must be a minimum of 6 months old and be in good standing. The payments need to be made on time, and there shouldn’t exist any outstanding balances that have not been paid.

To begin a transfer of membership, You will need to go to the local GoodLife Fitness club and speak with a representative for membership.

They will give you the form for transferring your membership, which needs to be filled in and Signed by you and the person to Whom you transfer the membership.

What do GoodLife Fitness reviews say about their membership prices?

GoodLife Fitness reviews are generally positive regarding the club’s facilities and services. However, some reviewers have stated that the cost of membership may be on the expensive part of the spectrum.

Many reviewers mention that the quality of the equipment and facilities is worth the price, and the gym offers a variety of discounts and promotions during the entire year.

In comparison, some reviewers might think that the cost is somewhat expensive but the majority of reviewers are in agreement with the fact that GoodLife Fitness offers good value for the money.

Is a GoodLife Membership worth it?

Whether or not you should invest in a membership to GoodLife depends on your fitness objectives, personal preferences, and available funds.

An example of a reasonably priced membership that grants access to all GoodLife Fitness facilities as well as a wide range of fitness amenities and classes is the Essential membership.

A wide variety of amenities and classes are available to members of the Performance membership level, including saunas, pools, tanning beds, squash courts, MindDen rooms, towel service and Hydro Massage on demand.

One must weigh their expectations against the cost of a gym membership. GoodLife is a great choice if you want to join a gym without Breaking the bank but still have access to a variety of workout locations and basic equipment.

Is it hard to cancel GoodLife Fitness membership?

Canceling the cancellation of a GoodLife Fitness membership is generally simple and painless.

Cancel your membership at any time by reaching out to their customer care team by telephone, email, or in person at any of their locations.

GoodLife Fitness also offers a 10-day cooling-off period that allows new members to terminate their membership for a complete refund in the event that they are not happy.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the cancellation of your membership prior to the start of the time duration of your membership could cause a cancellation fee.

It’s generally an excellent idea to read through the entire conditions and terms of your contract and contact GoodLife Fitness customer service if you have any questions or concerns regarding the cancellation of your membership.

GoodLife Fitness On-Demand Plus subscription Prices and Perks

On-Demand Plus subscription service provides access to intense workouts. The subscription costs approximately $6.99 and is charged every two weeks.

This subscription gives you access to workouts and fitness programmes that can be completed from anywhere, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals regardless of your location.

The workouts are designed to be challenging and Effective, allowing you to see gradual improvement and results.

In addition, the subscription grants you access to support and resources that can help you remain motivated and on track throughout your fitness  journey.

Goodlife Fitness Guest Pass

Guest passes are one way that GoodLife Fitness welcomes new members. People can try out the club and its facilities with these guest passes before they decide to join.

The price of a guest pass changes based on where you are and what kind of pass you want.

It does, however, usually include access to the gym, group fitness classes, sauna, pool, and hot tub.

Before you sign up for a membership, these passes are a Great way to get to know the GoodLife community, meet certified trainers, and see if the club is a good fit for you.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Guest Pass (Free) 3 days 18 YES NO
Day Pass 1 day 18 YES NO
Bring a Guest 1-day 18 YES NO

All passes are subject to the club rules and may have restrictions. These guest passes may or may not be available in your area, and their Costs may vary by location.

GoodLife Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

Personal trainers at GoodLife Fitness are classified into different levels based on their level of education and expertise. Individual sessions with a trainer will cost more if they are with a higher-tiered professional.

The base rate for trainers at levels I, II, and III is $60 per hour. These educators just have the rudimentary knowledge and skills necessary to do their jobs.

Even if they have a certification in personal training, it may be a more basic one, and they may Not have as much expertise.

However, the price for trainers at the level of IV or V is far greater, at $85 or more each hour. This group 🤗 of instructors is more well educated and experienced than its peers.

They might also have more experience and credentials than you have. The fitness expert is more equipped to help you achieve your objectives.

Not all trainer credentials held by GoodLife employees have the same weight in the fitness industry, so it is crucial to research a trainer background and reputation before committing to a session.

In addition, before making a final choice, it’s smart to get some recommendations.

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GoodLife Fitness Hours

GoodLife Fitness

Day Hours
Monday 5.30AM–11PM
Tuesday 5.30AM–11PM
Wednesday 5.30AM–11PM
Thursday 5.30AM–11PM
Friday 5.30AM–11PM
Saturday 7AM–8PM
Sunday 7AM–8PM

GoodLife Fitness Locations 

Final Words

That’s the GoodLife Fitness costs you will see at the majority of their gyms. Although there is a small variation in some clubs based on their facilities, prices will generally be within the same range as we’ve described.

You can also visit their website or reach any neighborhood GoodLife Fitness club to learn not only the most exact rates but also about current specials and special offers.

GoodLife Fitness – FAQs

How much does a GoodLife Fitness membership cost?

GoodLife Fitness offers several different membership options, with prices varying depending on the type of membership. The Essential membership starts at $29.99 every other week and the Ultimate membership starts at $39.99 every other week and the Performance membership starts at $54.99 every other week. There may also be a one-time joining fee.

Can I cancel my GoodLife Fitness membership at any time?

The standard cancellation notice period for GoodLife Fitness is 30 days. There may be a penalty charge if you terminate your membership before the end of your contract term.

Are there any additional fees for personal training at GoodLife Fitness?

In addition to the monthly membership price, GoodLife Fitness does charge for personal training sessions. Sessions with a personal trainer can range in price depending on their level of expertise and certifications.

Is the joining fee refundable at GoodLife Fitness?

No, the GoodLife Fitness membership cost is non-refundable.

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