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Robert Downey Jr’s is an American actor and producer. Diet and exercise are simply a part of Robert Downey Jr’s lifestyle. As a result, the purpose of this article is to provide you with information on Robert Downey Jr’s Diet Plan & and Workout Routine.

Downey grew up inManhattan’s Greenwich Village”. His mother, Elsie Ann, was an actress. Robert Downey Jr’s began acting in his father’s films.

First a theatre actor, he was hired by SNL in 1985 but fired a year later. Tuff Turf and The Pick-Up Artist” were Downey Jr.’s big breaks.

In the 1990s, he starred in Chaplin and many other films. Years of drug offenses led to his sentencing to a California rehab and prison.

Robert Downey Jr’s Diet Plan

Robert Downey Jr’s Diet Plan

To better fit the characters he plays on screen, Robert Downey Jr’s diet is occasionally modifies his food and nutrition regimen.

For example, he had to eat more to play the part of Iron Man, whereas he had to lose weight to portray Sherlock Holmes. His protein consumption, though, remained constant.

He often consumes a lot of protein and carbohydrates”. Especially during filming for Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. devoured 5,000 calories daily.

He was able to build a body fit for a superhero, largely thanks to his healthy, balanced diet.

Robert doesn’t eat all of his macronutrients at once. His trainer has broken his diet into carbs, proteins, and fat.

Robert Downey Jr Diet Plan

Robert Downey Jr’s Meal Plan

Breakfast Boiled/ scrambled eggs, two slices of bread (seasoned with fruit), three Tomato pieces and skimmed milk.
Lunch Two whole bread slices, salad from oz chicken with mayonnaise, unsweetened coffe/tea and green leafy veggies.
Dinner Broccoli, carrots green beans, lean pork, fish, chicken or beef.

What food does Robert Downey Jr’s eat?

• ✅  All Vegetables
• ✅  Legumes
• ✅  Leafy Greens
• ✅  Broccoli
• ✅   Nuts
• ✅  Plant-based Protein
• ✅  Fruit
• ✅  Green Tea
• ✅ Whole Grains
• ✅ Bread
• ✅ Eggs (previously
• ✅  Water
• ✅  Coffee
• ✅  Chicken (previously)
• ✅ Animal Products (previously)
•  ✅  Meat (previously)

What food does Robert Downey Jr’s avoid?

•❌  Junk Food
•❌ Fast Food
•❌  Refined Sugar
•❌  Alcohol
•❌  Animal Products
•❌  Processed Foods
•❌  Chemical Additives
•❌  Artificial Ingredients

Robert Downey Jr’s Supplements

Robert Downey Jr. eats nutritious vegan meals and also takes significant supplements. Here are a few of the vitamins he usually takes:

✦ Protein Powder:

To aid recovery after exercise, vegans are best served by ingesting a mixture of rice and pea protein. Hemp protein is another choice; it has a good amino acid profile.

✦ Multivitamin:

Given Robert Downey Jr.’s rigorous exercise regimen, a multivitamin is necessary.

✦ Omega fish oil:

This pill improves the way your brain works and lowers inflammation.

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Robert Downey Jr’s Stats

Born April 4,1965
Height 5’8”
Weight 175 lbs

Robert Downey Jr’s Workout Routine

Robert Downey Jr workout routine

” Brad Bose”, a personal trainer, has long worked with Robert Downey Jr.

•  We learned from multiple interviews that bodyweight exercises and circuit training are heavily utilized. Robert Downey Jr workout are done 3 day per week.

• Given that Robert Downey is much older than his co-stars, a large portion is undoubtedly due to the necessity of complex exercises.

• Additionally, gaining muscle mass can be more challenging as you age.

• However, several topless images show that he has improved his muscles.

✦ Monday:


Leg workouts emphasize moderate motions and core exercises. And here’s Monday.

  • Leg raises (5×25)
  • Crunches (5×25)
  • Bicycle kicks (5×2)
  • Slow bodyweight squat (5×8)
  • Leg press (5×12)
  • Hamstring curls (5×12)
  • Calf raises (5×15)

✦ Tuesday:

Yoga And Cardio:

Yoga and exercise are vital to maintaining a strong physique for guys in their 50s.

Sixty minutes of yoga targets all muscle groups; 20 minutes on the treadmill is terrific cardio.

✦ Wednesday:

Upper Body:

We’ve seen videos of his intensive total-body routines.

These complex exercises [1] make workouts more intensive.

  • Romanian Deadlift (5×12)
  • Shoulder press (5×12)
  • Standing Arnold press (5×12)
  • Bodyweight pull-ups (5×20)
  • Lat pulldowns (5×12)
  • Bench press (5×12)

✦ Thursday:

Martial Arts:

Robert Downey Jr. trained in Wing Chun, a Bruce Lee style.

It’s difficult to learn and demands a strong body, but it’s a terrific way to vary your workouts.

Do 60 to 90 minutes of martial arts to toughen up and learn kicks and punches.

✦ Friday:

Full Body:

OK, it’s the last day of the week to lift weights, and it’ll be a tough hour or two. Targeting muscles all over the body will leave you sore.

  • Lateral raises with kettle bells (5×12)
  • Crunches (5×25)
  • Bent over rows (5×12)
  • Bodyweight push-ups (5×25)
  • Bodyweight squat (5×12)
  • Hanging leg raises (5×12)

✦ Saturday/Sunday:

Rest Days:

OK, here’s another Iron Man workout.

Your body requires rest to rebuild muscle. Rebuilding strength allows you to continue working out at a fast rate.

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Robert Downey Jr workout routine


Downey Jr. lost weight to play Sherlock Holmes before becoming Iron Man. During Iron Man training, he gained 20+ pounds of muscle.

He ate every 3 hours, or 5,000 calories a day. He ate 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbs. After decades of abusing narcotics and his body, Downey Jr. went vegan in early 2020 out of concern for the Earth.

FAQ – Robert Downey Jr’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine

? Is Robert Downey Jr a vegetarian?

According to Robert Downey Jr., he is becoming a vegan “for legumes.” The 2020 movie “Dolittle,” which his wife Susan Downey is producing, stars the Iron Man actor.

? What is Rdj diet?

Robert Downey Jr. is making a significant adjustment in his career after “Iron Man”: The famous actor has switched to a plant-based diet.

? How does Rdj stay in shape?

Brad Bose, Downey Jr.’s trainer, says, “We cut significantly back on cardio and substantially boosted the weight he was lifting.”

Downey Jr. put on 25 pounds of muscle after putting in 5,000 calories daily for several months and working out hard to get his figure.

? Why does RDJ hide food?

According to the article, Robert Downey Jr. frequently brought his food to the set and hid it so he could eat it while filming various scenes.

This resulted from the demands of playing the leading guy, which frequently required an exhausting work schedule without much time for breaks.

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