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Looking to join a gym in Riverside, CA? Wondering about Planet Fitness Riverside, CA? Curious about their Membership Prices, Free Trial, Hours, and Reviews? Planet Fitness Riverside has you covered!

Discover everything you need to know about membership costs, trial offers, operating hours and real member reviews right here.


Whether you’re seeking budget-friendly memberships or a free trial to kickstart your fitness journey, or simply want to explore the gym’s hours and hear what others have to say, this article has all the details you need.

Dive in to uncover the comprehensive information about Planet Fitness Riverside, CA to make an informed decision about your fitness destination!

Planet Fitness Riverside,CA


Planet Fitness Membership Prices 

The membership prices at Planet Fitness Riverside, CA vary based on the plan you choose.

Planet Fitness Black Card Membership Prices at Riverside, CA

Planet Fitness Black Card Riverside Prices And Benefits

Startup Fee $1
Monthly Dues $24.99
Annual Fee $49
Commitment no
  • Every two weeks, the bill is due. the monthly dues are $24.99
  • A $49.00 annual fee for membership is due within 8 weeks of the time that the membership has begun.
  • A PF Black Card without a contract can be canceled at any point.
  • The total cost for one year is $618.40 which includes the annual membership fee the weekly installment, and the transaction cost. There are limitations and rules. Planet Fitness has a few age limits, so you should find out Planet Fitness age limit.

Planet Fitness Riverside Black Card Membership Benefits

With a Planet Fitness Black Card, you can:

  • Use of Hydromassage
  • Worldwide Travel Deals
  • Use of Total Body Enhancement
  • 50% Off Drinks
  • Use of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide
  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of Tanning
  • Bring a Guest Anytime
  • PF Black Card T-Shirt
  • Free Fitness Training
  • Use of Massage Chairs
  • 20% off at
  • Smith Machine Weight Bar

Planet Fitness Classic Membership Prices at Riverside, CA

Planet Fitness Classic Riverside Prices And Benefits

Startup Fee $1
Monthly Dues $10
Annual Fee $49
Commitment no
  • A $10.00 fee is due each two weeks.
  • The minimum price for per two weeks is $12.
  • A $49.00 Yearly Membership Fee is due approximately 8 weeks after membership is established.
  • A traditional membership without a contract can be terminated at any point.
  • Like many well-known fitness centers and gyms, Planet Fitness has an annual cost and, as such, there is no need to create an extra hole in your wallet since Planet Fitness has an annual cost that is affordable.

Planet Fitness Riverside Classic Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • PF App Workouts
  • Free Fitness Training
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Free WiFi

Planet Fitness Riverside, CA Free Trial

Great news for fitness enthusiasts in Riverside, CA! Planet Fitness Riverside offers a Free Trial for those eager to experience their facilities and services firsthand.


This trial period allows you to explore the gym, try out the equipment, and get a feel for the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere that sets Planet Fitness apart.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to see if Planet Fitness Riverside aligns with your fitness preferences before committing to a membership.

Take advantage of this Free Trial offer and kickstart your fitness journey with a sneak peek into what Planet Fitness has to offer!

Planet Fitness Riverside, CA Location

Contact Info.

4135 Chicago Ave, Ste 190

Riverside, CA 92507


United States

Ph-951) 779-2977

Planet Fitness Riverside, CA Hours

Monday 24 hrs
Tuesday 24 hrs
Wednesday 24 hrs
Thursday 24 hrs
Friday 24 hrs
Saturday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Planet Fitness Riverside, CA Holiday Hours


December 31st: Closed at 3:00 PM

January 1st: Closed New Year’s Day

January 2nd: Reopen at 6:00 AM


July 3rd: Closed at 3:00 PM

On July 4th: Closed

July 5th: Reopen at 6:00 AM


April 16th: Close at 3:00 PM

On April 17th: Closed

April 18th: Reopen at 6:00 AM


May 29th: Closed at 3:00 PM

On May 30th: Closed

May 31st: Reopen at 6:00 AM


September 4th: Closed at 3:00 PM

On September 5th: Closed

September 6th: Reopen at 6:00 AM


November 24th: Closed at 3:00 PM

On November 25th: Closed

November 26th: Reopen at 6:00 AM


December 24th: Close at 3:00 PM

On December 25th: Closed Christmas Day

December 26th: Reopen at 6:00 AM

Planet Fitness Riverside, CA Review

When it comes to reviews of Planet Fitness Riverside, CA, the consensus often revolves around its welcoming environment and diverse range of facilities.

Members frequently praise the gym for its affordability, cleanliness and supportive atmosphere that encourages individuals of all fitness levels to pursue their goals comfortably.

Additionally, many appreciate the convenience of its operating hours, catering to various schedules.

However, specific experiences can vary, so it’s advisable to explore firsthand or consider individual testimonials to gauge if Planet Fitness Riverside aligns with your fitness aspirations.

Planet Fitness Riverside, CA Perks

  • Bring a Guest Anytime
  • Access to 2,400+ Locations
  • Exclusive Tanning Benefit
  • Relaxing Massage Chairs
  • HydroMassage™ Beds
  • Red & Infrared Light Therapy
  • 50% Off Select Drinks
  • Exclusive Partner Rewards & Discounts
  • Premium PF+ App Workouts
  • Unlimited Home Club Access
  • Trainer-Led Workouts & Free Fitness Training

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