Planet Fitness Avon,OH-Membership Prices, Free Trial, Hours and Review

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Planet Fitness Avon,OH

About Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is geared toward regular people who want to get in shape and live healthy life. PF is one of the gyms you can join that won’t break the bank.

Planet Fitness Avon,OH tries to make sure that everyone feels welcome and respected when they work out. Because of this, they make sure our club is clean and friendly, and their certified trainers are always ready to help.

Whether it’s your first time at the gym or you’ve been going for years, you’ll always feel welcome in the “Judgement Free Zone.”

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Planet Fitness Membership Prices and Additional Costs

Planet Fitness membership prices are highly reasonable, considering the cutting-edge physical fitness equipment and world-class services that come with your membership. 

With monthly membership fees as low as $9.95, Planet Fitness is definitely one of the most affordable gyms.

Planet Fitness Avon offers low startup fees, no-commitment options as well as the Planet Fitness Black Card where you can get all the perks in the Judgement Free Zone. Check out their affordable gym memberships. Clean and spacious with tons of equipment.

Planet Fitness Black Card Membership Prices at Avon,OH

Considering all the facilities and unlimited access, a PF Black Card is actually cheap.

Planet Fitness Black Card Avon Prices And Benefits

Startup Fee $1
Monthly Dues $24.99
Annual Fee $39
Commitment no
  • Billed every two weeks, the Monthly Dues is $24.99
  • A $39.00 annual membership fee will be charged about 8 weeks after the membership starts.
  • A PF Black Card with no contract can be stopped at any time.
  • The total cost over a year is $618.40, which includes the membership fee, the weekly payment, and the transaction fee. There are some rules and restrictions. Planet fitness has some age restrictions, You can check Planet Fitness age limit.

Planet Fitness Avon Black card Membership Benefits

With a Planet Fitness Black Card, you can:

  • Use of Any Planet Fitness Worldwide
  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of Tanning
  • Bring a Guest Anytime
  • Use of Hydromassage
  • Worldwide Travel Deals
  • Use of Total Body Enhancement
  • 50% Off Drinks
  • PF Black Card T-Shirt
  • Free Fitness Training
  • Use of Massage Chairs
  • 20% off at
  • Smith Machine Weight Bar

Planet Fitness Classic Membership Prices at Avon,OH

Planet Fitness Classic Avon Prices And Benefits

Startup Fee $39
Monthly Dues $10
Annual Fee $39
Commitment no
  • A $10.00 payment is due every two weeks.
  • The minimum cost every two weeks is $12.
  • A $39.00 Annual Membership Fee will be charged about 8 weeks after the membership starts.
  • A classic membership with no contract can be stopped at any time.
  • Like all very famous gyms and fitness centers, Planet Fitness has an annual fee, For this, you don’t need to make a gap in your pocket because Planet Fitness has an annual fee that is very affordable.

Planet Fitness Avon Classic Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to Home Club
  • PF App Workouts
  • Free Fitness Training
  • Free T-Shirt
  • Free WiFi

Planet Fitness Avon,OH Free Trial

Planet Fitness Free trial is a great way to test their facilities and services before joining the club.

With the Planet Fitness free trial membership, you can use the gym’s facilities, equipment, and classes. When you sign up to be a member, there is no fee for leaving.

So the question is, can you try planet fitness for free at Avon? The simple answer is yes. With a day pass, you can try the gym for free without becoming a member and decide on your own if it has what you need.

👉For a free trial, You can check out their Free trial information HERE.

Planet Fitness Avon, OH Hours

Monday 24 hrs
Tuesday 24 hrs
Wednesday 24 hrs
Thursday 24 hrs
Friday 12:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday  6:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday  6:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Planet Fitness Avon,OH Holiday Hours


December 31st Closing at 7:00 PM

January 1st Reopen at 6:00 AM


July 3rd Open Regular hours

July 4th Closing at 1pm. Reopening July 5th at 5am


Open regular hours for the holiday


Sunday May 29th Open Regular Hours

Monday May 30th Closing at 1pm

Tuesday May 31st Reopen at 5:30am


Open regular hours


Thursday Close at 12:00 PM

Friday Reopen at 5:00 AM


December 24th Close at 1:00 PM

December 25th Closed for Christmas Day

December 26th Reopen at 5:00 AM

Planet Fitness Avon,OH Location

35015 Chester Rd

Avon, OH 44011

United States

Ph-440) 468-6667

Planet Fitness Avon,OH Facilities and Services

You can get a gym membership that fits your needs no matter what you want.

Planet Fitness Avon Members can go to their home club whenever they want and get help from the friendly and knowledgable staff.

PF Black Card Members get extra benefits, like being able to bring a guest for free and going to any of the more than 2,300 PF locations.

If you join PF, you can take advantage of their free fitness training.

Planet Fitness wants to give everyone who walks through their door a clean, safe, and friendly place to work out, as well as all the equipment, amenities and help they need once they’re there. If you are still confused, you can check the detailed planet fitness review.

Some Basic things to consider before joining Planet fitness

Planet Fitness Locker Rooms

Planet Fitness offers lockers at no cost. Planet Fitness gyms provide single-use lockers to members upon their visits. We all know how important it is for gym-goers to protect our wallets, phones, and gym bags.

For the locker, you must have your lock. Planet Fitness locker rooms policy allows locks to be removed after being closed, and some Planet Fitness lockers have combination locks. you can also check step by step information about planet fitness login.

Planet Fitness Showers

Exercise leaves us feeling hot and sweaty, and showering is the best way to relax. If you’re considering joining Planet Fitness, this is a common question. Does Planet Fitness Have Showers? The answer is yes; Planet Fitness offers showers for members at no cost.

Planet Fitness Squat Racks

Even though most gyms have squat racks, you may be wondering: does Planet Fitness have squat racks? There’s a sort of answer to that question. There are no squat racks at Planet Fitness, but there are Smith Machines that are useful for similar exercises.

Planet Fitness Basketball Court

Some gyms have basketball courts, and however, many do not. What’s the deal with Planet Fitness? Is there a basketball court at Planet Fitness? The simple answer is no. Planet Fitness gyms DO NOT have basketball courts.

Planet Fitness Sauna

you may be wondering: does Planet Fitness have Sauna? There’s a sort of answer to that question. There are no Sauna at Planet Fitness, most Planet Fitness branches do not have a sauna because they want to maintain low membership fees.

Planet Fitness offers another option to replace saunas. This is the Red Light Therapy. It’s the latest update to Planet Fitness amenities, and it’s a great alternative to an indoor sauna.

Planet Fitness Pool

Planet Fitness doesn’t have any pools. You might wonder why Planet Fitness do not have swimming pools.

Pool building, maintenance, and staffing costs are too high to maintain and remain affordable for their members.
However, Planet Fitness does offer other amenities to its members. Some of those amenities are only available to Black Card members.

If you consider paying more for your Planet Fitness gym membership, evaluate the amenities above.

Planet Fitness Free Weights

If you plan to incorporate weights as part of your exercise routine, you have to inquire, ” Does Planet Fitness have free weights?”. Short answer: “yes, Planet Fitness has free weights at their gyms.

Free weights will provide the best results in sculpting your muscles while also giving you total exercise for your body. Planet Fitness offers weights that come in various sizes to ensure that everyone is able to find the perfect size for their needs.

Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight

The robust and durable Smith machines at Planet Fitness have a strong bar fitted on them, and this bar is larger than the previous Smith machine. The bar’s weight for this Smith machine is about 35 pounds (15.9 Kgs).

The bar that is on the Smith machine could differ in weight. Contrary to Olympic barbells, which are rated at 45 pounds, the barbells on the Smith machine are usually not very heavy. They’re typically just heavy enough to support the capacity of the equipment.

Planet Fitness Rowing Machines

A Rowing Machine is among the most efficient exercise machines available, and it’s low impact fun and works most muscles in your body.

As with most, Planet Fitness offers a variety of gym equipment and exercise equipment. Also, does planet fitness have rowing machines? The answer is simple they have rowing machines within their gym.

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