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We all know Kim Kardashian’s as an American actress and Producer. Kim Kardashian’s healthy Diet plan and workout routine are simply a way of life. So, in this article, I will provide details about Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine.

I will tell you everything about Kim Kardashian’s diet and exercise routine in this blog post.


One of the largest social media influencers, reality television star Kim Kardashian is also a businesswoman.

She is gorgeous, successful, and comes from a loving and supportive family. Yet, Kim suffers with her weight and body image like most women do (including me).

kim kardashian’s diet plan


Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan

Kardashian diet is  maintains a “largely plant-based”  daily and is an ambassador for the US-based fake-meat company Beyond Meat. Since 2019, she has been somewhat vegan; however, she occasionally eats Meat.

Her social media posts have revealed her preferred breakfast choices, which include chia pudding, a smoothie, oats, and vegan sausage.

Kardashian prefers vegan tacos, vegan “meat” with salad, and felafel with rice and salad for lunch. She typically limits herself to vegetables and other whole foods for dinner.


The reality TV actress recently went on a crash diet to drop 7kg in three weeks before the Met Gala by avoiding all carbohydrates and sugar, eating “clean,” and drinking a lot of water.

kim kardashian’s diet plan

Kim Kardashian’s Meal Plan

Day 1 
Breakfast Scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and smoked Gouda

4 oz. Greek yogurt with 1/3 cup fresh blueberries

Snack Atkins Harvest Trail Dark Chocolate Cherry and Nuts Bar
Lunch Grilled lime chicken over spinach salad with a feta-ranch dressing
Snack 1 medium carrot and 4 tbsp. hummus
dinner Lemon thyme halibut with sautéed green beans
Day 2  
Breakfast Chicken chorizo and cauliflower sauté with cheese and salsa
Snack ½ small apple

2 oz. cheddar cheese

Lunch Turkey burger with chipotle aioli, tomato, pickles, and onions
Snack Atkins Harvest Trail Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bar
Dinner Slow roasted lemon rosemary chicken with asparagus

1/3 cup of wild rice

Day 3 
Breakfast Hatch green chili, cheese, and egg bake with arugula

1/8 of a honeydew melon

Snack Vanilla coffee frappe
Lunch Zucchini noodles with spicy chicken sausage
Snack Atkins Harvest Trail Vanilla Fruit and Nut Bar
Dinner Grilled chicken with cauliflower mac and cheese

What food does Kim Kardashian eat?

Kim Kardashian eats healthful foods. The Atkins diet helped her lose weight and boost her metabolism.

  • ✅ Olive Oil
  • ✅ Greek Yogurt
  • ✅ Meat
  • ✅ Avocados
  • ✅ Fish
  • ✅ Nuts
  • ✅ Poultry
  • ✅ Low starch veggies: leafy greens, etc.
  • ✅ Eggs

kim kardashian’s diet plan

What food does Kim Kardashian avoid?

She believes in clean and healthy eating, so she always avoids certain meals. List of foods she avoids at all costs.

  • ✖ Junk Food
  • ✖ Grains
  • ✖ Processed Foods
  • ✖ Sugar
  • ✖ Starches
  • ✖ Hydrogenated Oils

kim kardashian’s diet plan

Kim Kardashian’s Supplements

Diets without supplements are incomplete. What are Kim Kardashian’s supplements? Maintaining a glam figure is hard work, so she takes pills to aid her. Her supplement list:

    • Multivitamins:

    • protein:

    • Hair vitamins:

    •Weight loss supplement:

✦ Multivitamins:

Multivitamins enhance the diet by improving health and nourishing the body.

✦ protein:

Aids muscles and metabolism.


✦ Hair vitamins:

She takes a vitamin for healthy, luscious hair. It keeps hair smooth and healthy by providing protein and vitamins.

✦ Weight loss supplement:

Kim takes Garcinia Cambogia to reduce her appetite and burn fat.

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Kim Kardashian’s Body Stats

Height 5 ft 2.5 inch
Weight 56 kg
Age 39 years
Breast 38 inch
Waist 27 inch
Hips 42 inch

Kim Kardashian’s Workout Routine

Kim Kardashian workout

Kim Kardashian workout trainer is not too straightforward in her workouts because she enjoys adding variation.

• She incorporates cardio-based workouts, agility, HIIT, and weight training but focuses on weight training 85% of the time.

• Her exercise routine consists of 100 weighted ” jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and box jumps” on a smith machine.

• Regarding days and hours, she says she works out for 90 minutes six days a week. This post will go into great detail on Kim Kardashian’s workout routine.

? Kim Kardashian Cardio workout:

• Kim uses exercises like agility lasers, agility ladder jumps, and sprints for the cardio portion of her training.

• She also uses a lot of ropes to build endurance, which will undoubtedly deplete your stamina. It’s not easy at all, I assure you.

• She, therefore, performs a combination of all those challenging and competent exercises, including some burpees.

? Kim Kardashian Upper Body Workout:

Kim Kardashian does bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell flys, push-ups, biceps curls, pulldown, pushdown, and dips after cardio.

Kim Kardashian workout does three sets of each to contour her breasts and arms.

• Her trainer mixes these activities with cardio and weightlifting. Yes, this is one of her most-used exercises.

? Kim Kardashian Lower Body Workout:

Kim Kardashian’s figure is well-shaped. Everyone wants to know how she gets that butt.

• So her secret for having a butt like that is squats, such as front squats and ball squats, overhead dumbbell squats, left deadlifts, leg presses, hip extension, hip raises, and calf muscle exercise.

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Final Words:

• Kim Kardashian is health-conscious.

• We can’t guarantee a Kim K-like body; that’s up to you and your hard work.

• But don’t worry, this article contains all the details on her two famous diets. I’d advise everyone to give it their best shot.

 FAQ – Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine

? What is Khloe Kardashian’s diet plan?

Her nutritionist recommends green leafy vegetables, single-ingredient carbohydrates, lean red meat, fresh fruit, fatty fish, eggs, chicken, nuts, and water.

? What is Kim Kardashian daily routine?

Without cameras, I get up around 6 a.m. I try to exercise before my kids and spouse wake up, and then we eat breakfast together.

I strive to keep our meals as regular as possible. I start working.

After Saint’s delivery, Kardashian West lost 60 pounds by adopting the low-carb Atkins diet.

? How many hours does Kim K sleep?

Kim Kardashian wakes up at 5:30 am after five hours of sleep to work out. Martha Stewart and Jack Dorsey both sleep little.

For best cognitive efficiency and beauty, sleep experts recommend 7 to 9 hours nightly.

? What exercise does Kim Kardashian do?

Alcantara has Kim do ball slams, burpees, sprints, and ladder drills to get her heart rate up, per Life & Style.

Check out the Complete details of Kim Kardashian’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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