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Jake Paul is an American YouTuber, professional boxer, and social media personality. He first became famous as a star on Vine before becoming Dirk Mann on The Disney Channel’s hit show Bizaardvark.

After defeating Deji Olatunji, a British Youtuber, in the fifth round of an amateur contest, his boxing career started in mid-2018.

He is very serious about his diet as he will fight Tommy Fury in December 2021, his fifth professional fight. Jake Paul is very healthy and well-balanced in his diet.

Jake Paul, a Youtube star turned boxer, drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated. He tries to eat between 2500 and 3000 calories per day.

Jake Paul’s Diet Plan

Jake Paul Diet Plan & workout Routine

Jake Paul was a huge fan of junk food and unhealthy foods before he began boxing. After joining pro boxing, Jake adopted a healthy diet and started eating clean, healthy food.

Jake Paul ensures he is hydrated by drinking lots of water and other healthy liquids to keep him nourished.

Jake Paul’s meal plan provides a range of 2500 to 3000 calories per day. This is great for replenishing calories lost from intense boxing and training sessions.

His diet mostly consists of healthy foods like protein shakes and oatmeal, chicken, vegetables, and fish. He makes sure to keep his calorie count under control to maintain his boxer weight.

Let us look at Jake Paul’s diet chart in detail.

Jake Paul Diet Plan

Meal 1 Oatmeal with fruit
Meal 2 Protein shake
Meal 3 Salmon and Vegetables
Meal 4 Chicken and Salad

What does Jake Paul eat?

  • ✅Water
  • ✅Nuts
  • ✅Protein Shakes
  • ✅Rice
  • ✅Chicken breast
  • ✅Vegetables
  • ✅Salad
  • ✅Broccoli
  • ✅Salmon
  • ✅Eggs
  • ✅Fruit
  • ✅Oatmeal

What food does Jake Paul avoid?

Jake Paul must make some sacrifices to maintain his health. Here are some foods Paul avoids frequently:

  • ❌Junk food
  • ❌Fried foods
  • ❌Processed foods
  • ❌Sugar added
  • ❌Chemical ingredients
  • ❌Artificial additives.

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  • 👉Protein
  • 👉Multivitamins
  • 👉Creatine
  • 👉OMEGA-3S
  • 👉BCCA

Jake Paul Workout Routine🏋‍

Jake Paul has been a great athlete since high school. Jake Paul used to train in the gym and wrestle. His physique was always bulky and ripped. But, after learning boxing, he has seen a drastic change in his body. Jake Paul stated that boxing has made him feel in his best shape and in a better mental state.

Jake Paul Body Stats

Height 6 Ft 2 Inch
Weight 80 Kg
Age 23 Years
Chest 43 Inch
Waist 31 Inch
Biceps 14.5 Inch

Workout 1


  • 10 minutes jump rope
  • 20 squats
  • 20 pushups
  • 40 crunches

Shadow Boxing:

  • 3-minute round: Basic jab, cross, and hook punches
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • x5

Heavy Bag Workout: Basic Combinations

  • 3-minute round
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • x5

Workout 2


  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 50 jump lunges
  • 1 minute run in place
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 squats
  • 10 lunges
  • 5 minutes shadow boxing
  • Rest as little as possible
  • Rest 30 seconds

Footwork Drills:

2 minutes side steps:

  1. Start In your boxing stance, take 10 quick steps to the left, then 10 steps right, side to side.
  2. When moving to the right, push off the left foot, and when moving left, push off the right foot.

Rest: 30 seconds


  • 10 minutes jump rope as cooldown

Jake Paul Diet Plan & workout Routine

Workout 3


  • Jog 20 minutes

Shadow Boxing:

  • 3-minute round
  • x5

Rest: 30 seconds

Bag Workout:

  • 3-minute round on heavy bag
  • x3
  • 3-minute round on speed bag
  • x3


  • For 3 minutes, do:
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 jump squats
  • x3

Rest: 1 minute


  • 200 situps

Workout 4


  • 20 minutes jump rope, varying speed

Shadow Boxing/Conditioning:

  • 1-minute round shadow boxing, focusing on speed
  • x8

Rest: 30 seconds

20-yard sprint OR 10 burpees

  • 20 seconds shadow boxing
  • x10


  • 10 minutes jump rope


  • 5 pushups, focusing on speed
  • x10

Rest: 30 seconds

Workout 5


  • 3 minutes fast jump rope
  • x4

Rest: 30 seconds

Shadow boxing:

  • 3-minute round: Work basic jab, cross, and hook punches
  • 30 pushups as “rest”
  • x4

Heavy Bag Workout:

  • 3-minute rounds, as follows

Round 1: jabs only
Rest: 30 seconds
Round 2: double jab-cross
Rest: 30 seconds
Round 3: jab-cross-hook
Rest: 30 seconds
Round 4: any four punches
Rest: 30 seconds
Round 5: any punch combination, with 180-degree semi-circles around bag between combos
Rest: 30 seconds
Round 6: non-stop punching at 60% of full power. Focus on rotation of the body and using the legs.
Rest: 30 seconds


  • 20 hard hooks, lead hand
  • 20 hard crosses
  • 40 quality jabs


  • 200 situps
  • 20 pullups
  • 40 lunges

Final Words

Jake Paul believes that exercise is an important part of maintaining his brand. Jake Paul makes it a priority to exercise every day, focusing on boxing and core exercises.
You will struggle if you follow Jake Paul’s diet plan. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to keep a body like Jake Paul’s. It is possible to experiment with different diets, but you are not recommended to follow the intermittent fasting or keto diet.

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FAQs For Jake Paul Diet Plan & workout Routine

👉How fast does Jake Paul run?

Jake Paul sprints 40 meters in 4.54 second to prove his claim, as he trains for the NFL.

👉How much does Jake Paul weigh?

The YouTube star turned boxer then moved on to Rahman. Rahman is the son of a former heavyweight champion and had fought at heavyweight in 13 of his pro bouts weighing as much 278 lb.

👉How long has Jake Paul trained?

He said, “Jake Paul cannot get away with lying anymore.” According to my understanding, he has been training with professional boxers for over four years. You knocked out the basketball player. But you also knocked out Ben Askren, a UFC fighter.


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