Jackie Chan Diet Plan & Workout Routine


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Jackie Chan Diet Plan

Jackie Chan is an international movie star that has been loved and admired for many years. Many of us grew up watching Chan perform some amazing stunts on the big screen. Chan is still as active and fits as ever today. We can see his athletic body and know that no one will ever be able to match him.

Jackie Chan’s diet is designed to make him lean and fit. He follows a low-carb, high-protein diet. Chan isn’t a huge foodie. Chan eats three meals daily with high levels of protein and low carbs.

Jackie Chan is now in his sixties, but his work demands that he performs like a man in his twenties. His effortless moves are the result of a disciplined lifestyle. He is very careful about what he eats.

jackie chan diet plan

The following table will give you an overview of Jackie Chan’s meal plan:-

Jackie Chan Meal Plan

Meal 1- Breakfast Eggs and oatmeal
Meal 2- Lunch Lean protein and brown rice
Meal 3- Dinner Any kind of fish and vegetables

Consuming plenty of raw fruits and vegetables

Chan always includes raw fruits and vegetables in his diet. They supply his body with the necessary nutrients to keep him active and energized during his busy schedule. Consuming plenty of raw fruits and vegetables

What does Jackie Chan eat?

  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Whole Grains
  • Rice
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Steak
  • Ice Cream

What food does Jackie Chan avoid?

  • Sodium
  • Sugar
  • Refined Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Hydrogenated Fats
  • Simple Carbs

Jackie Chan’s Supplements

  • Protein
  • Multivitamins

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Jackie Chan Workout Routine

Chan is well known in Asia as well as in the West for his perfect comic timing and his impeccable fighting style. Even after breaking and injuring almost every part of his body, Chan is known to have performed all of his stunts on his own.

He has acted in more than 100 Hong Kong and Hollywood movies, out of which more than 10 were his own directorial ventures.

Current Stats

Height 170 cm – 5’7″
Weight 65 kg – 143 pounds
Age 65 years old
Birthday 7th of April, 1954
Accolades Academy Honorary Award, Winner, 2016


Jackie Chan’s workout routine

Monday Full Body and Core Variation One

On Monday, he performs a full body and core routine by doing 6 different exercises.

Here’s Jackie Chan’s full body and core routine:

1. Bench Press (4 sets, 25 reps)

2. Sit-Ups (4 sets, 25 reps)

3. Shoulder Front Raises (4 sets, 25 reps)

4. Weighted Lunges (4 sets, 25 reps)

5. Power Cleans (4 sets, 25 reps)

6. Tricep Pushdowns (4 sets, 25 reps)

Tuesday: MMA and Kung Fu

On Tuesday, Jackie Chan performs MMA or Kung Fu.

Wednesday: Full Body and Core Variation Two

On Wednesday, Jackie Chan performs a full body and core routine, where he hits every exercise with a total of 4 sets and 25 reps.

Here’s Jackie Chan’s full body and core routine: 

1. Front Squats (4 sets, 25 reps)

2. Hanging Leg Raises (4 sets, 25 reps)

3. Military Press (4 sets, 25 reps)

4. Cable Rows (4 sets, 25 reps)

5. Chest Flys (4 sets, 25 reps)

6. Tricep Kickbacks (4 sets, 25 reps)

Thursday: MMA and Kung Fu

On Thursday, he hits MMA and Kung Fu again.

Friday: Full Body and Core Variation Three

On Friday, he hits a full body and core routine again.

Here’s Jackie Chan’s full body and core routine:

1. Deadlift (4 sets, 25 reps)

2. Planks (4 sets, 60 seconds)

3. Arnold Presses (4 sets, 25 reps)

4. Leg Press (4 sets, 25 reps)

5. Dips (4 sets, 25 reps)

6. Close Grip Bench (4 sets, 25 reps)

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

On Saturday and Sunday, Chan rests and recover to bulk u.

FAQs For Jackie Chan Diet Plan & workout routine

Does Jackie Chan go to the gym?

He is an actor and often does stunts by himself and is a martial art professional. He has been trained in Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Kung-Fu, and Hapkido. And we can only express our praise and admiration to offer Jackie Chan and his devotion to fitness. To keep in shape as Jackie Chan (he is 61 years old, and you can see how well-fit he is!)

How did Jackie Chan train?

At the Peking Opera Academy, Jackie Chan trained in martial arts and acrobatics for over a decade . When he joined films, Chan mastered Hapkido and then earned Black Belt. He is also recognized for his training in different forms of martial art like Karate, Judo, TaeKwonDo, and Jeet Kun Do.

Did Jackie Chan lift weights?

Weightlifting. When he’s hit the limit of his daily cardio, Jackie Chan heads straight to the gym to complete his weightlifting routine that is set.

How did Jackie Chan learn to fight?

In a discussion of a chat with Robert Siegel, Chan says that he was taught to fight and to act — from an early age. At the age of 6 older, he began studying at a school located situated in Hong Kong where he received instruction in dancing, singing, and acrobatics, as well as fighting. In his account, he describes learning martial art to be “very painful.
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Final Words

So that was all about Jackie Chan’s diet plan. The bottom line of his diet plan is simple, ‘Eat healthy to stay healthy. Chan has always been disciplined about following his nutrition plan and also advises his fans and followers to do the same.

If you, too, want to stay fit and active like Chan, which you surely do, you will have to be cautious about how you are feeding your body. Healthy eating habits will surely reward you with numerous gains in both the short and long run.

Check out the Complete details of Jackie Chan’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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