Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Plan & Workout Routine ❤️

The name Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction.

He is a well-known and dedicated football player who has come a long way toward realizing his goals. His strength and size are the most discussed and desired aspects of his physique.

He is well-known for his brand endorsements in the fitness and diet industries, both on and off the field. Cristiano Ronaldo was a thin youngster who, thanks to his rigorous program me, developed into one of the best athletes in the world.

He is a Portuguese native who has a huge passion for cuisine.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Plan

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Plan & Workout

Cristiano Ronaldo’s daily meal schedule is public knowledge because he enjoys sharing it with his followers on social media.

Along with exercises, he adheres to a very tight diet and nutrition regimen.When he isn’t exercising, he makes sure to eat something every two to three hours.

He consumes large quantities of multivitamins and protein shakes as well. He is regarded as one of the fittest athletes in the world thanks to his nutrition regimen.

On the soccer field, he most certainly demonstrates this, which aids in his team and nation’s championship victories. Fruit juices, eggs, steak, fish, poultry, and bread are all part of the Cristiano Ronaldo diet.

The Bacalhau a Bras, which is his all-time favorite dish.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Meal Plan

Breakfast Whole-wheat or Whole Grain cereal, egg whites, fruit juice

OR, cold cuts, coffee, European cheeses, Avocado toast, Fruit

Snack Tuna roll OR, Fresh bread and sardines
Lunch Whole-wheat pasta, green veggies OR, chicken with salad OR, fish with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes
Snack Protein shake
Dinner Rice with legumes OR, steak or chicken or turkey breasts and

What does Cristiano Ronaldo’s Eat?

  • ✅ Whole-wheat
  • ✅Whole Grain cereal
  • ✅egg whites
  • ✅Juice
  • ✅Whole-wheat pasta
  • ✅green veggies
  • ✅leafy greens
  • ✅chicken with salad
  • ✅Tuna roll with Fresh Fruit juice
  • ✅lemon juice
  • ✅Rice with legumes
  • ✅poultry or turkey breasts
  • ✅legumes
  • ✅ veggies

What does Cristiano Ronaldo’s Avoid?

  • ❌sugary foods

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Supplements


He eats protein shakes in addition to his normal fish and poultry meals to help build and maintain muscle so that it does not break down during exercise.


He takes this vitamin because it gives his joints and cartilage strength. This is crucial since playing soccer puts a lot of strain on joints.

Additionally, increasing flexibility helps guard against joint wear and strain. Additionally, it lessens post-workout muscle discomfort.


Cristiano Ronaldo uses multivitamins to make up for any nutrients lacking in his diet.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’S Body Stats

Height 1.86 m (6’1”)
Weight 183 lbs (83 kg)
Chest  43”
Waist 33”
Thighs  24”
Biceps 13”
Age 34 years old
Birthday 5 th February , 1985
Birth Place Hospital Dr. Mendoza , Funchal , Portugal
Accolades FIFA World Player of the year, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Workout Routine

The athlete warms up before the competition to reduce the danger of injury.

Ronaldo explains, “We conduct a few laps around the field, stretching, and aerobic warm-up activities during practice.

“Be sure to incorporate something comparable into your workout, even if it’s just a warm-up on the treadmill or bike or walking to the gym.”

Ronaldo primarily uses weights and aerobic exercises like jogging and rowing when working out in the gym. Ronaldo suggests, “Mix it up.”

In addition to making things interesting, it’s crucial to ensure that all body parts are targeted and that exercises increase strength and stamina.

The emphasis on the field is on intense workouts that simulate game circumstances. We practice a lot of sprinting drills.”


According to the Daily Mail, Ronaldo routinely swims and does hydrotherapy. After games or with his son Cristiano Jr., Cristiano reportedly swims at home before beginning hot-cold contrast hydrotherapy.

According to contrast water therapy, hot baths encourage blood flow through the body, vacillation, and to the limbs. In contrast, cold water causes blood vessels to contract, returning blood to the core.

Athletes use the contrast process to encourage blood flow, which aids in muscle regeneration.

Unexpectedly, Ronaldo’s engine is constructed for the water, given his abilities and physical condition on the land.

However, the advantages of swimming and hydrotherapy are very transferable to other sports, which helps to explain Ronaldo’s stellar record of injury-free play.

Cristiano Ronaldo sample hydrotherapy workout

Warm up for 400 meters while varying your strokes.

10 x 50 meters at 75% effort, with 30 seconds between each attempt

Breathing every three strokes for four rounds of breath exercises, then five, seven, and nine. For the four laps, repeat this process.

Five sets:

One lap of sprinting

Three times of recovery immediately after the sprint.

100 meters of cooling-off, alternating laps of backstroke and freestyle.

Post-match rituals

The outstanding post-game routines of Cristiano Ronaldo have received a lot of attention.

The 36-year-old places a high priority on his physical and mental health, with a particular emphasis on rehabilitation, which, in his opinion, is essential for maintaining greatness and extending his prime.

He adds to us via email that “it’s consistency and hard work with the usage of all the components that are available to me, like the Theragun, for example, that helps keep my body in the best shape.”

“It’s essential to work hard while still recovering effectively. Not only the day after a game, but also in the days, weeks, months, and years that follow.”

“Longevity is everything, and as you can see, I have excellent longevity. 36 years old.”


Additionally, it’s been said that Ronaldo incorporates up to five short breaks of 90 minutes each into his daily schedule to keep him rested and energized.

According to Ronaldo, the essential thing, in my opinion, is recovery.”In football, you have fundamental aspects — from training well to eating right to drinking right and so on.”

👉Cristiano Ronaldo’s Leg Warm-Up Routine

  1. Bird-dog – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  2. Side-lying clam – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  3. Hip twisters – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  4. Reverse lunge – 1 set of 40-second reps, followed by 10 seconds of rest.
  5. Body weight squat – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  6. Side-lying T-stretch – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.

👉Cristiano Ronaldo’s Quick Leg Workout

  • Part One: Quads, gluts, and hamstrings
  1. Reverse lunge (with dumbbells) – 1 set of 30-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  2. Single-leg glut bridge – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  3. Drop squat – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by 20 seconds of rest.
  • Part Two: Definition and strength-building
  1. Walking lunge (with dumbbells) – 1 set of 50-second reps, followed by no rest.
  2. Side-lying leg raise – 1 set of 50-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  3. Jump squat – 1 set of 30-second reps, followed by 20 seconds of rest.
  • Part Three: Finishing power moves
  1. Rear-foot elevated split squat (with bench) – 1 set of 40-second reps each side, followed by no rest.
  2. Body weight squat – 1 set of 30-second reps, followed by no rest.
  3. Cross back lunge – 1 set of 40-second reps, followed by no rest.
  4. Jump squat – 1 set of 30-second reps, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

👉Cristiano Ronaldo 5-Day Gym Workout Plan

Monday: Circuit Training

Repeat the following circuit three times

  • Lateral Bound (12 inches, reps: 10)
  • Broad Jump (reps: 8)
  • Barbell Squat (reps: 8)
  • Jumping Lunge (reps: 8 for each leg)
  • Box Jump (20 inches, reps: 10)


  •  Rest & Recover day.

Wednesday: Circuit Training

The entire circuit is to be repeated thrice

  • Bench Dips (reps: 20)
  • Push Press (reps: 10)
  • Bur pee Pull up (reps: 10-15)
  • Medicine Ball Toss (reps: 15)
  • Push ups (reps: 20-30)

Thursday: Quad and Cardio

Concentrate on Quads or Cardio workouts

  • Sprinting (sets: 8, reps: 200 meters)
  • Power Cleans (sets: 5, reps: 5)

Friday: Ab Workouts and Core Exercises

Focus on Stability and Core exercises for a tight and sculpted abs

  • Hanging Leg Raise (sets: 3, reps: 10-15)
  • One-Leg Barbell Squat (sets: 2, reps: 5)
  • Overhead Slam (sets: 3, reps: 10-12)
  • Knee Tuck Jump (sets: 3, reps: 10-12)
  • Dumbbell One-Legged Dead lift (sets: 2, reps: 10)
  • One-Arm Side Dead lift (for each arm sets: 3, reps: 5)


  • Rest & Recover day.

Sunday: Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise

  • Resistance Sprinting (sets: 10, reps: 50 meters)
  • Rope Jumping (sets: 10, rest: 1 min)

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Final Words

You may go for this meal plan if you enjoy eating and trying new healthy recipes.

Although it would need a lot of discipline, it is possible.So, stick to Cristiano Ronaldo’s food regimen if you want to display your toned abs and legs!

FAQs For Cristiano Ronaldo Diet Plan & Workout 

“I eat a high protein diet, with lots of wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary foods.” The Portugal international has a personal dietitian who has worked with him ever since his Real Madrid days, eating six small meals a day – or one every three to four hours.
When in the gym, Ronaldo’s main workout is split between cardiovascular training – such as running and rowing – and weights. “Mix it up,” Ronaldo advises – as well as keeping things interesting, it’s important to ensure all areas of the body are targeted and exercises improve both strength and stamina.

⏩Does Ronaldo eat fast food?

But Ronaldo’s countryman Font has now busted the myth that the striker avoids junk food entirely, revealing that the former Juveniles star has days where he eats whatever he wants. ‘I’ve seen him eating a little bit of everything,’ Font told Talk Sport.

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