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Conor McGregor has a long list of accomplishments. He is a successful businessman, a well-known boxing champion, and a mixed martial artist. At an early age, he started boxing as self-defense against bullying.

By the age of 18, he started competing in mixed martial arts.

He credits his careful adherence to his workout and nutrition plan for his incredible physique transformation. Conor McGregor follows the advice of his nutritionist, Georges Lock hart, and adheres to a strict regimen.

One would undoubtedly advance their exercise routine by adhering to The Eagle’s eating plan!

Conor McGregor’s Diet Plan

Conor McGregor's Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Conor McGregor has a balanced diet each day that contains a good amount of protein, certain types of carbohydrates, and beneficial fats.

Monitoring your protein consumption is important since protein helps develop muscle, as we all know. One should make sure their diet plan includes enough protein to suit their daily needs.

Consuming nutritious carbohydrates is what you should aim for since they will help you feel more energized throughout the day. Your food plan would undoubtedly include fruits and vegetables, which would satisfy your need for carbohydrates.

Conor’s diet plan would be a great resource if you want to bulk up, consume more protein, or lose the most weight. An example of Conor McGregor’s diet is provided here.

Conor McGregor’s Meal Plan

Pre-breakfast Water
Breakfast Coffee or Americano, eggs, smoked salmon, fruits and veggies
Snack Greek yogurt
Lunch Red meat or fish or chicken breast, salad
Snack (Pre-workout) Nuts, fruit
Snack (Post-workout) BSN shake, coconut water, sweet potatoes, rice, milk
Dinner Chicken or fish or steak, green beans, sweet potatoes, rice.
Late night Green tea

What  does Conor McGregor’s Eat?

  • ✅Fish
  • ✅Sweet potatoes
  • ✅Greek yogurt
  • ✅Whole grain rice
  • ✅Coffee
  • ✅Water
  • ✅Dark chocolate
  • ✅Herbal tea
  • ✅Coconut water
  • ✅Nuts
  • ✅Leafy greens
  • ✅Beef

What  does Conor McGregor’s Avoid?

  • ❎Soft drinks
  • ❎Artificial additives
  • ❎Fast food
  • ❎Energy drinks
  • ❎Refined foods
  • ❎Processed foods
  • ❎Hydrogenated fats

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Conor McGregor’s Supplements

Conor needs to take additional supplements in order to maintain his physique. He follows his nutritionist’s advice and includes a few vitamins in his diet.

Conor McGregor incorporates the following supplements within his everyday routine:

Whey protein shake

Conor needs to increase his protein intake to help him gain a muscular build. For this, he includes a Whey protein shake, which helps him make the most of his workouts by building extra muscle, preventing post-workout fatigue, and keeping him satiated throughout the day.

Conor McGregor’s Body Stats

Height 175 cm (5’9”)
Weight 155 lb
Age 155 lb 30 years old 
Birthday 155 lb 30 years old 14th of July, 1988
Birthplace Crumlin, Dublin, Ireland
Accolades 2015 Fighter of the Year, Former UFC Lightweight & Featherweight Champion

Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine

techniques to build stronger muscles and gain more muscle mass.

He knows when to stop, so he does not over train and attempt to push through the discomfort barrier. McGregor engages in many stretches and mobility work to increase his strength by enhancing his resistance to injury.

You can see that McGregor concentrates on dynamic and static stretching and boxing training below. Conor McGregor practices anaerobic exercise.

1.Variety is essential

McGregor is a man of many approaches, so it makes sense that his exercise regimen is as varied. This entails using various training techniques and concentrating on specific muscle groups.

2.Know when to stop

Conor McGregor is a man who, if anyone, knows a thing or two about going too far. But even he will advise you to be aware of your boundaries when working out.

3.Stay mobile

Staying mobile is essential to avoiding injuries and maintaining general vigor, even though it may sound like the slogan for a new cell phone plan. Starting with daily stretching, this entails.

4.Practice body weight exercises

“Machines don’t use machines. And I am a machine.” From McGregor’s lips to your ears (or eyes), mate.

5.Eat clean foods

If you didn’t scroll past the entire “Conor McGregor’s Diet Plan” section, you should be good to go on this one.

As you might guess, Conor McGregor’s workout routine is both intense and diverse. It covers a lot of material, so let’s get to the point without further ado. Conor McGregor uses the following workout plan:


Starting, we’ll do some stretching for 10 minutes. After you’ve finished stretching, we’ll begin the cardio exercise. There will be various activities, primarily running, but we’ll also include air biking and other activities. You’ll have more endurance to burn off the excess body fat or calories. So, adhere to this schedule;

  • 3 miles run with 5% incline
  • 5 minutes warm-up walk
  • 10 minutes of jump rope
  • 15 minutes air-bike
  • 15 minutes of rowing
  • 200-meter sprints x 15

Strength and Conditioning

We will perform various exercises throughout strength and conditioning workouts to gain power, strength, and endurance. It will feature lifting, core exercises, and full-body MMA routines that many fighters worldwide have adapted.

You are welcome to change any activities in these programs but talk to your trainer first. Also, remember to stretch both before and after your workout.

Dynamic warm-up

Sets: 3

Reps: 45 second

  • Air squats
  • Arm circles
  • High knees
  • Bear claws

👉Conor McGregor Monday Workout

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

Bur pee push-up jump

Spartan makers

8-min EMOM barbell complex

  • Snatch
  • Push press
  • Front squats
  • Power cleans

👉Conor McGregor Tuesday & Friday Workout

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

  • Squats to press-ups
  • Curls to shoulder press
  • Kettle bell swings
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Cable pulls
  • Zercher squats

👉Conor McGregor Wednesday workout

Rounds: 4

Reps: 4-6

Rest time: 30 seconds

Muscle activation SMR with a foam roller (Do it for 5 minutes and target as many muscles as you can)

HIIT routine (45 seconds on 15 seconds off for five sets)

  • Lateral leg swing
  • Lunge with a twist (weight plate)
  • Glute bridge (with barbell)
  • Arm swings

👉Conor McGregor Thursday Workout

Rounds: 5

Reps: 5-7

Rest time: 1 minute

  • Med ball overhead throw
  • Landmine push press
  • Barbell good morning
  • Med ball Rotational throw
  • Med ball slams
  • Rack pulls

👉Conor McGregor  Saturday & Sunday  Workout 

On Saturday and Sunday Conor McGregor rests and recovers to bulk u.

👉Conor McGregor  Workout (after every MMA routine)

  • Leg raises x 15
  • Cross crunches x 20
  • Crunches x 20
  • Russian twist x 20
  • Side plank x 40 seconds
  • Plank hold x till failure

That’s all for the Conor McGregor workout routine.

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Final Words

Persistence, discipline, and strenuous effort are all components of Conor’s workout regimen. While eating several times a day may seem tedious, following Conor McGregor’s diet plan as a starting point for your fitness quest will undoubtedly lead the way!

FAQs For Conor McGregor’s Diet Plan & Workout Routine

⏩How many times a day does Conor McGregor workout?

For his 2020 comeback fight against Donald “Cowboy” Coroner at UFC 246, the former champ stuck to two sessions a day, in the late-morning and evening, with planned sessions and programs. “The training camp is structured way better,” said Owen Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach.

⏩What time does Conor McGregor workout?

In one of his interviews, the MMA fighter said, “For me, I notice with other people, they have a set time – you need to be in the gym at 12, 12 to 1:30, then they go off and do something and come back at a set time. I don’t do that. I train when I feel like training. I operate on my own time.

⏩How many hours do pro fighters train?

Also, being in the gym and actually intensively training are two different things. That being said, an average UFC fighter trains 1.5-2 hours a day when they are out of training camp, and they do it 5-6 times a week, which sums up to about 8-12 hours of training a week.

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