Chris Hemsworth Diet Plan & Workout Routine ❤️


A strict diet and workout routine are a the mainstays of Chris Hemsworth’s routine.

Marvel super-hero Chris Hemsworth, better known as “Thor” is loved by everyone. While his massive build appears difficult to attain however, it’s not.


Despite his massive physique, he had to work very hard to build the body we see on television.

A weak person shouldn’t try Chris Hemsworth’s diet. From the initial Thor movie ? until this most recently released Avengers film, Chris Hemsworth was determined to eat well.

Chris Hemsworth is an American actor and producer. Exercise ?and diet are an aspect of Chris Hemsworth’s life style. This is why the aim for this post is to give you information about Chris Hemsworth’s eating regimen and workout routine.


Chris Hemsworth Diet Plan

Chris Hemsworth Diet Plan

Depending on the movie role he is preparing for, Chris Hemsworth changes. Hemsworth put on 20 pounds while getting ready to become Thor.

He consumed a lot of cheese ?, poultry, protein shakes ???, veggies, fruits and whole grains all of which were weighed out to keep him thin.


Chris Hemsworth’s Meal Plan



1 cup oatmeal, 1 banana, 1/2 cup sultanas, fat-free milk, 4 egg whites, 1 egg, 50 g cheese, protein shake, orange juice
Brunch Cottage cheese, turkey roll, mixed nuts, protein shake, yogurt
Snacks Beef jerky
Lunch 3 chicken breasts, 100 g brown rice, 1 cup broccoli, 1 cup kidney beans, 1 glass of fat-free milk
Dinner 3 salmon fillets, 100 g quinoa, 100 g asparagus, a glass of fat-free milk, yogurt
Supper 2 boiled eggs, 2 brown bread slices, protein shake

What does Chris Hemsworth Eat?

  • ✅chicken ?
  • ✅fish ?
  • ✅egg whites
  • ✅brown rice quinoa
  • ✅vegetables
  • ✅bananas ?
  • ✅oatmeal
  • ✅1/2 cup sultanas
  • ✅fat-free milk
  • ✅cheese
  • ✅protein shake
  • ✅orange juice

What does Chris Hemsworth Avoid?

  • ❌sugary foods
  • ❌white bread
  • ❌white rice
  • ❌junk food
  • ❌artificial additives
  • ❌soft drinks

Chris Hemsworth’s Supplements


Branched-chain amino acids are important for increasing our stamina making it easier to burn fat and making us feel less tired.


He drinks whey protein shakes every day because the protein in his diet is substantial. This promotes muscle growth.

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Chris Hemsworth’s Body Stats

Height 191 cm – 6’2″
Weight  91 kg – 200 pounds
Age 37 years old
Birthday 11th of August, 1983
Accolades G’Day USA Excellence in Film Award, Winner, 2015

Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine

Chris Hemsworth workout


Chris Hemsworth had to make some big changes to his body to prepare for his role as Thor in the Marvel movies.

He primarily targets several heavy lifting workouts as part of his varied workout regimen.

He gains muscle mass when he performs high-intensity, low-repetition lifts.

Workout ? Principles

Chris Hemsworth enjoys maintaining a fit body, so as he was getting ready to portray Thor, he added 20 pounds of muscle mass.

He does resistance training, bodybuilding, heavy weightlifting and lighter fitness programs.

⏩Monday and Thursday: Chest, Back, and Abs

Here is Chris Hemsworth’s chest, back and abs routine:

?Chest and Back:

  •  Cardio (15 minutes)
  •  Weighted Dips
  •  Weighted Pull-Ups
  •  Bent-over Lateral Raise
  •  Bent-over row
  •  Dumbbell Flys
  •  Barbell Bench Press


  •  Side Oblique Crunches
  •  Oblique Crunches
  •  Roman Chair Leg Raise
  •  Reverse Crunches
  •  Upper Body Ab Crunches
  •  Cable Crunch
  •  Forearm Plank with Leg Lift

⏩Tuesday: Legs and Cardio

Here is Chris Hemsworth’s legs and cardio routine:


  •  Stiff-Legged Dead lift
  •  Leg Extensions
  •  Barbell Squat
  •  Hamstring Curls
  •  Seated Leg Curls


  •  Surfing

⏩Wednesday: Abs and Arms

Here is Chris Hemsworth’s abs and arms routine:


  •  Mixed Martial Arts
  •  Cable Triceps Extension
  •  Bicep Curls
  •  Barbell French Press (triceps)
  •  Hammer Curls
  •  Weighted Chin-Ups


  •  Forearm Plank with Leg Lift
  •  Upper Body Ab Crunches
  •  Roman Chair Leg Raise
  •  Side Oblique Crunches
  •  Cable Crunch
  •  Reverse Crunches
  •  Oblique Crunches

⏩Friday: Legs and Abs

Here is Chris Hemsworth’s legs and abs routine:


  •  Stiff-Legged Deadlift
  •  Leg Extensions
  •  Barbell Squat
  •  Hamstring Curls
  •  Seated Leg Curls


  •  Forearm Plank with Leg Lift
  •  Roman Chair Leg Raise
  •  Upper Body Ab Crunches
  •  Cable Crunch
  •  Side Oblique Crunches
  •  Reverse Crunches
  •  Oblique Crunches


  •  Surfing

⏩Saturday and Sunday: Rest

Chris Hemsworth takes it easy and refuels with organic food on Saturday and Sunday.

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Final Words

Sleep is a component that is equally crucial to food and exercise. Without these your philosophy and aspiration for a Thor-like physique would be incomplete.

So if you follow Chris Hemsworth’s diet plan and eat a lot of protein and nutrients, you will see quick changes in the shape and size of your body.

You Will undoubtedly become a healthier, happier and better version of yourself as a result.

FAQs For Chris Hemsworth Diet Plan & Workout 

▶How many times a day does Chris Hemsworth work out?

Chris Hemsworth works out five days a week for 90 minutes to get the god like body he displays in the movie Thor. But to get you started, we advise that you work out three to four days a week for an hour each.

▶What does Thor eat in a day?

He now consumes five meals each day, each with much fewer calories and a heavy emphasis on the steak to fuel his exercise. “Steak, oats, eggs, and fruit are what I have for breakfast,” according to Bjornsson, Mirror Fighting My second dinner consists of zucchini, steak and rice. ” I had fish, potatoes and a variety of creams for my third meal.

▶What is a mountain diet?

Bjornsson often ate six meals a day, each consisting of 250 grams of ribeye steak, chicken or fish with a side of 200 grams each of rice, carrots and red bell peppers. For breakfast, he typically consumed six eggs, six pieces of bacon, and a cup of rice.

Check out the Complete details of Chris Hemsworth Diet Plan & Workout Routine

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