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Charlie Cox Diet Plan & Workout Routine ❤️


➥ We all know  Charlie Cox   as an American actress and Producer. Charlie Cox  healthy diet plan and workout routine are simply a way of life. So, in this article, I will provide details about Charlie Cox  Diet Plan and Workout Routine.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ Playing a superhero required him to bulk up and become a larger-than-life demeanour. His health improved.


His diet plan didn’t call for huge servings, but he still needed to eat enough to bulk up. Keeping in shape takes discipline and determination.

Before this part, he wasn’t into bodybuilding, so he had to revamp his exercise routine.

Charlie Cox Diet Plan


Charlie Cox Diet Plan

Before Daredevil, he weighed 72 kgs. His producer wanted him to weigh 80kg (175 lbs). Charlie Cox ate chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, rice, and pasta. His protein shakes now include carbs.

Charlie Cox’s 5-to-7-meal-a-day diet regimen. His eating plan included as much protein as possible. Charlie Cox’s diet permits him a hamburger or steak once a week, but he prefers lean meat.

Charlie Cox Diet Plan & Workout Routine


Charlie Cox’s Meal Plan

Breakfast Eggs, banana, oatmeal
Snack Protein shake, eggs, oats
Lunch Chicken breast  Brown Rice
Snack Protein shake, oats
Dinner Chicken breast, Brown rice, broccoli

 What food dose Charlie Cox’s Eat ?

  • ✅ Fish
  • ✅ Oats
  • ✅ Fruits
  • ✅ Water
  • ✅ Sweet potato
  • ✅ Protein shake
  • ✅ Vegetables
  • ✅ Eggs
  • ✅ Brown rice
  • ✅ Chicken

 What food dose Charlie Cox’s Avoid ?

  • ❎ Alcohol
  • ❎ Fried food
  • ❎ Junk food
  • ❎ Sugar

Charlie Cox Supplements

Whey Protein shake

Charlie Cox drinks protein shakes between meals to bulk up. It gives him energy for intense gym workouts.

It helps prevent muscle loss and loss of weight. This helps him gain the bulk he needs.

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Charlie Cox Body stats

Hight 178 cm
Weight 78 kg
Age 37 year
Birthday 15 the of December, 1982
Accolades Screen Actors Guild Awards, 2012, Winner

Charlie Cox Workout Routine

Cox prepared for ‘Daredevil’ by building muscle, fighting, and acrobatics. His “awesome” trainer was Naqam Washington.

Cox had one month to prepare for ‘Daredevil’ before filming began.

He knew he didn’t want to do the easiest part of the job; he wanted to do as many stunts as possible.

He had to perform compound, multidimensional, and jumping moves.

After 5-6 days of intense training, he cut back to 4 days.

Charlie Cox Workout – Shoulders and Legs

3×15 Air squats

3×10 Air lunges

3×10 Wide grip pull ups


5 sets of Standard Military Press: 12-10-10-8-8

3 sets of Dumbbell Front Raises: 12-10-8

3 sets of Dumbbell Shrugs: 15-15-15

5 sets of Back Squat: 12-10-10-8-8

3 sets of Leg Press: 12-10-8

3 sets of Leg Extension: 12-10-8

Charlie Cox Workout – Bodyweight Exercise

3×5 pull ups

3×10 push ups

3×15 air squats

3 sets of Standard Bench Press at 65-75%: 15-12-10

3 sets of Front or Back Squats at 65-75%: 15-12-10

3 sets of Barbell Rows: 15-12-10

3 sets of Arnold Presses: 15-12-10

5 sets of 20 pushups

5 sets of 15 air squats

5 sets of 10 wide grip pull ups

Charlie Cox Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Charlie Cox Workout – Chest and Triceps

3×10 standard pushups

3×10 dips

3×10 diamond pushups

5 sets of Standard Bench Press: 12-10-10-8-8

3 sets of Incline Dumbbell Press: 12-10-8

3 sets of Decline Cable Flies: 12-10-8

5 sets of Skull Crushers: 12-10-10-8-8

3 sets of Tricep Extension (Dumbbell): 12-10-8

3 sets of Tricep Pushdown: 12-10-8

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Cox didn’t have a typical superhero physique when he played Daredevil. He had to eat a lot to gain weight. This meant 7 meals per day, every couple of hours.

Egg whites for breakfast, fish or chicken, vegetables, and complex carbs for other meals. During long workouts, he also drank water.

FAQ Charlie Cox Diet Plan & Workout Routine

? How much did Charlie Cox weight for daredevil?

It’s great. 72 kg is about 158 lbs, and he finishes at 175 lbs. I love that he started eating “chicken, broccoli, sweet potato, rice, and pasta.”

? What is Charlie Cox’s workout routine?

Charlie Cox’s workout:Charlie Cox does 6 pull exercises with 3 sets and 8 reps. Deadlifting.

? How did Charlie Cox get leaner and lose weight?

Charlie Cox’s training emphasised mobility. Charlie Cox did cardio to get leaner and lose fat. Charlie Cox’s lack of gym obsession is surprising. He never joined a gym.

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