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Alan Ritchson has one of the most stunning physiques of any actor in Hollywood currently. He is extremely athletic and slim without appearing like a typical meathead. Therefore, I create this Alan Ritchson Workout you can make use of to build his kind of physique!

The show revolves around the football team at the college level, and it is apparent that they are more parties than they do football. But, that’s not the case off-set because Alan Ritchson needed to go through rigorous workouts to get an extremely strong and fit body.

Alan Ritchson put in a lot of effort during his training sessions and gained around 30 pounds muscle mass in eight months.

Alan Ritchson’s Diet Plan

alan ritchson diet plan & workout routine

Alan had to train hard but also eat well to get the best out of his training sessions. His diet plan called for him to eat like horses to gain decent muscle mass.

Alan’s genes are good enough to allow him to grow quickly, but he kept track of his daily caloric intake to build lean muscle mass. He used to eat 4500 calories daily and 300g of protein.

Alan needed to eat every couple of hours to maintain a caloric surplus. He ensured all his calories came from healthy and nutritious whole foods. Alan Ritchson’s diet consisted of rice and chicken, eggs, turkeys, fish, vegetables, and smoothies.

Let us look at Alan ritchson’s diet chart in detail.

Alan Ritchson Diet Plan

Meal 1 Chicken sausage,Avocado toast,Scrambled eggs
Meal 2 Smoothie with protein
Meal 3 Rice,Broccoli chicken breast grilled
Meal 4 Chicken and Salad
Meal 5 Sauteed vegetbles,Rice,Smoked salmon

What foods does Alan Ritchson eat?

  • Water
  • ✅Chicken
  • ✅Eggs
  • ✅Vegetables
  • ✅Turkey
  • ✅Pizza (cheat)
  • ✅Fish

What foods does Alan Ritchson avoid?

  • ❌Junk Food
  • ❌Refined Sugar
  • ❌Dairy Products
  • ❌Processed Carbs
  • ❌Fast Food
  • ❌Alcohol
  • ❌Drugs
  • ❌Artificial Additives

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Alan ritchson Supplements

  • 👉Whey protein powder
  • 👉Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
  • 👉Creatine
  • 👉Multivitamin


The majority all of Alan Ritchson’s training included lifting weights and performing cardio. The first one helped his weight gain, and the latter helped him remain slim and attractive.

Alan was once thin and athletic prior to when his weight gain in order to be Jack Reacher on screen. The way he lived his life was always training. He was a bodyweight yogi who did exercises such as pullups, pushups as well as dips, burpees, free squats and sit-ups etc. To maintain his body in good form.

However, just doing exercises with body weight did not suffice to build muscles. Therefore, he adhered to an exercise program carefully planned out which included intense weight-training sessions. He explained, “I put together a small home gym and I lift weights five times every week.”

Alan Ritchson Body Stats

Height 6 ft 2 inch
Weight 91 kg
Age 37 years
Chest 46-48 inch
Waist 34 inch
Biceps 16-17 inch

Day 1- Lower Body

  • Deadlifts supersetted with dumbbell sumo squats- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Hack squats supersetted with walking lunges- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Stiff leg deadlift supersetted with another squat variation- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Leg extension to curls- (3-4) x (12-15)

Day 2- Chest and Back 1

  • Push-ups supersetted with pull-ups- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Bench press- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Cable flys- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Lat pulldowns- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Barbell rows- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Cable rows- (3-4) x (12-15)

alan ritchson diet plan & workout routine

Day 3- Arms

  • Tricep pushdowns supersetted cable overhead extensions- 4 x (15-25)
  • Hammer curls supersetted with skull crushers- 4 x (15-25)
  • EZ Bar curl 21s x (4-6 sets) supersetted with EZ bar overhead extension- 4 x (15-25)
  • Dips- 4 x (15-25)

Day 4- Shoulders

  • Dumbbell shoulder press- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Lateral raises- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Front raises- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Upright rows- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Shrugs- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Rear delt flys- (3-4) x (12-15)

Day 5- Chest and Back 2

  • Push-ups supersetted with pull-ups- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Dumbbell Bench press- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench press- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Dumbbell flys- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • V Bar Lat Pulldowns- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Lat pushdowns- (3-4) x (12-15)
  • Dumbbell rows- (3-4) x (12-15)

Final word

That’s all you must be aware of regarding Alan Ritchson’s exercises and diet. However, to build a physique like Alan’s, which is strong and attractive, You must have patience.

To build a beautiful body, it is necessary to work hard and do laborious work. Whatever way you workout and consume food, your body will not alter overnight, no matter how well they perform. If you stay in the routine, you’ll see your desired results Desired.

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FAQs For Alan ritchson diet plan & workout routine

👉What does Alan Ritchson eat?

He adhered to the 80/20 diet. This means that 80percent of the time, he ate no dairy or refined sugars as well as a little red meat and plenty of fish and salads. For the rest of 1/5of the time, “I allow myself to allow myself 20% per week to eat what I like,” Ritchson stated. “I’ll take a bite of pizza and don’t feel guilty over it.”

That’s the formula for success. Ritchson was already an impressive 6’4″ and 235 pounds, but his weight gain boosted him even closer to the fictional Reacher, who reportedly stood at 6′ 5″ and weighed 250 pounds.

👉Is Reacher a steroid?

“To the people that keep asking,” Ritchson explains Ritchson, “- I’m not doing steroids, and I’ve never done it. If you’re aware of what they do, then it’s clear.” “Remain patient, and do what now that the in ten years will require you to complete. Don’t think that you in two months to be who you would like to be in ten years.”

👉When did Alan Ritchson get big?

When he got the part as Jack Reacher in Prime Video’s new show, “Reacher,” it was the first time the size of Alan Ritchson, who is 6’3, was a benefit.

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