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Adam Driver was born in San Diego, California, but relocated to Indiana when he was seven. He has sung in the church choir and played the piano as a youngster.

As a misfit, Driver established a combat club modelled on the film, peddled vacuum cleaners door-to-door, and worked in telemarketing as a young adult.

Adam Driver enrolled in the Marine Corps after the attacks on September 11, 2001, but was medically discharged a few years later. After being rejected by the Julliard School on his first attempt, he was admitted on his second attempt for theatre and graduated in 2009.

The Driver first obtained little jobs in theatre and worked as a waiter and busboy to make ends meet. His breakthrough came in 2012 on Girls, for which he got three Primetime Emmy Award nominations, although he is best recognised as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars trilogy.

The Driver continues to get recognition for her work on stage and television. He has received Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominations. He is an extremely private individual who does not use social media. A Driver is a married man with a son. He stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 195 pounds.

Adam Driver’s Diet Plan

Building a beautiful body necessitates significant attention to one’s food habits. Adam Driver follows suit and constantly makes sure to nourish his body correctly. His diet consists of foods rich in numerous nutrients that his body requires to appear and function optimally.

Adam followed a stringent eating regimen while preparing for his role in Star Wars. He used to eat 5-6 times every day. His meals were high in protein and included whole foods such as chicken, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts. He’s even stated,

He also drank a protein smoothie daily to increase his protein intake. His diet also included plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, which provided his body with additional nutrients. Adam used to eat peanut butter to get good fats into his body.

Adam ate a reasonable amount of carbohydrates to keep his energy levels up. However, he used to entirely quit eating carbs a few days ago when he had to film sequences where he had to go naked.

Adam Driver’s current diet consists of medium-high protein, medium carbohydrates, and medium fats. It permits him to keep his physique slim while also providing excellent calories to his body.

Adam Driver’s Meal Plan

Meal 1- Breakfast Oatmeal and eggs
Meal 2- Lunch Lean proteins and vegetables
Meal 3- Dinner Fish and sweet potatoes

adam driver’s diet plan & workout routine

What does Adam Driver eat?

Adam must incorporate various nutritious whole foods into his diet to maintain his lean body. His dietary plan’s most prevalent food components include:

  • ✅Chicken
  • ✅Fresh fruits
  • ✅Whole grains
  • ✅Peanut butter
  • ✅Nuts
  • ✅Fish
  • ✅Salads
  • ✅Cereals
  • ✅Meat
  • ✅Eggs
  • ✅Veggies
  • ✅Beans
  • ✅water

What food does Adam Driver avoid?

Adam Driver has kept his slim and powerful figure throughout his career. He abstains from consuming particular foods for this purpose. The following foods have no place in his eating plan:

  • ❌Processed foo
  • ❌Chemical ingredients
  • ❌Fast food
  • ❌Refined sugar
  • ❌Junk food
  • ❌Artificial additives

    Adam Driver’s Supplements

Adam has always been a firm believer in eating entire foods to meet one’s nutritional needs. However, there are several nutrients that might be difficult to obtain from entire food products. In such circumstances, the usage of supplements is required.

👉Whey Protein

Adam’s sleek and athletic figure results from his rigorous training sessions. He eats a whey protein shake after exercises to ensure his muscles recover properly.

Whey protein, a fast-digesting protein source, provides the muscles with a rapid supply of necessary amino acids. This improves muscle recovery and provides the body with the necessary calories.


Multivitamins are an excellent supplement for individuals who find it challenging to consume all their meals on time due to their hectic lifestyles. Adam Driver is no exception; he relies on a multivitamin pill to ensure his body receives all the necessary nutrients. Multivitamins also aid in improving the health of one’s bones and muscles.

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Adam Driver Stats

Height 6 feet  3inches (191cm approx..)
Weight 195 lbs(89 kg approx..)
Age 36 years
Eyes Brown
Hair color Black
Chest 44 inches
Waist 34 inches
Bicep 14 inches
Sexual Orientation Straight
Shoe size 5 US

Adam Driver Workout Routine

Simon Waterson, a London-based trainer, prepared Adam Driver for his role as Kylo Ren, the major villain of the First Order in “Star Wars.”

Driver’s military history as a Marine, according to Waterson, really showed throughout their exercises. The trainer stated that he did not need to force Driver to work hard. Instead, it became a question of controlling him because the Star Wars actor “had all of the drives” to do the strenuous workouts.
Plyometric exercise enhances muscular strength while also improving stability, agility, and balance [2], all of which are required for the character of Kylo Ren in Star Wars.

Here is Adam Driver’s training plan that has aided him in reaching his goals.

 Workout 1 :Chest, Triceps, Cardio and Core

Warm Up:


  • 3×15 Air Squats
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×20 Push Ups
  • 3×12 Pull Ups


  • 15-30 min jog


  • Tricep Overhead Extension 3×10
  • Barbell Bench Press 3×10
  • Skull Crushers 3×10
  • Skull Crushers 3×10


  • Planks 3×60 seconds

Workout 2: Only Cardio

  • He just devotes one full day to modest and steady cardio in the 1-7 mile range.

adam driver’s diet plan & workout routine

Workout 3: Back, Biceps, Cardio and Core

Warm Up:


  • 3×15 Air Squats
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×20 Push Ups
  • 3×12 Pull Ups


  • 15-30 min jog


  • Deadlift 3×10
  • Bicep Curls (EZ Bar or DBs) 3×10
  • Lateral Pulldowns 3×10
  • Hammer Curls (Cable or DBs) 3×10


  • Planks 3×60 seconds

Workout 4: Driver Cardio and Jedi Training

  • use this day for calm and steady cardio. 1 to 5-mile range

Workout 5: Legs, Shoulders, Cardio and Core

Warm Up:


  • 3×15 Air Squats
  • 3×10 Dips
  • 3×20 Push Ups
  • 3×12 Pull Ups


  • 15-30 min jog


  • Barbell Squat 3×10
  • Front Shoulder Raises (Cable or DBs) 3×10
  • Leg Press 3×10
  • Military Press (BB or DBs) 3×10


  • Planks 3×60 seconds

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Adam Driver is an American actor best recognized for his role in the ‘Star Wars film saga.

The driver made his feature debut in 2010 and has become one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors.

He joined the ‘United States Marine Corps after the 9/11 attacks and was subsequently dismissed due to an injury.

FAQs for Adam Driver’s diet plan & workout routine

➡How did Adam driver get in shape?

Adam Driver’s Go-to Recovery Methods
Driver’s days on set were highly rigorous, from the action to the wirework feats. The driver used dynamic stretching and trigger point precision instruments (like Theragun or Hypervolt) to relieve muscular tightness after days on set and training.

➡How do I get Adam’s Driver body?

1. Deadlift to Squat Thrust (12 reps)

2. Squat Thrust to Pull Up (12 reps)

3. Reverse Lunge to Biceps Curl Sequence (12 reps)

4. Pushup to Side Plank Twist (12 reps)

5. Clean and Jerk to Shoulder Press to Bent-over Row to Squat Thrust (12 reps)

➡What does Adam driver like to eat?

Driver’s Juilliard classmate Scott Aiello recalls Driver’s fondness of rotisserie chicken, to the point that he’d eat a whole one in class, in an episode of the podcast The Film Reroll. “He’d wander around campus with a whole chicken in one hand and a jug of water in the other,” he explained.

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